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God's grace reverses our yesterday, empowers our today, and secures our tomorrow. GET THINGS STARTED. Think about God's amazing grace and about your ...

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How Sweet the Sound | Amazing Grace God’s grace really is amazing! Think about it: we have all been lost, blind, and wretched. However, when we say yes to Jesus through faith, we receive grace. Through His grace those who are lost are found, who are blind can see, and who are wretched are called a child of God. Grace allows us to know that we are forgiven, that our old self is gone, and that we are made new. God’s grace reverses our yesterday, empowers our today, and secures our tomorrow. GET THINGS STARTED Think about God’s amazing grace and about your personal testimony of faith. How did God show you His grace and draw you to Himself? Who was instrumental in you surrendering your life to Jesus, and what were the circumstances? What are some ways that He has completely transformed you through grace into who you are today? GO DEEPER 1. From Ephesians 2:1-7, what does Paul say that we once were without Jesus? How do these verses describe God’s heart for us? 2. According to Ephesians 2:8-10, grace is a gift we receive through faith. Why do you think Paul is so intentional in emphasizing that grace is a gift and not the result of works (so that no one may boast)? What is faith, and how do we receive or appropriate God’s grace through faith? MAKE IT PERSONAL 1. What is your reaction to John Newton’s story, composer of the hymn Amazing Grace? When you hear the words to the hymn, how do the words relate to your own salvation story? How were you lost and blind, and how are you now found and can see? 2. How does grace describe who God is and what He gives? How can we practically show grace – who God really is and what He gives – to a lost and dying world? 3. What hinders you from receiving the fullness of grace that God offers you? In what ways have you possibly diluted or cheapened God’s grace? PRACTICE IT NOW Take some time as a group to purposefully thank God for His amazing grace. Thank Him for sending Jesus to this earth, to show us how to live, to die in our place, and then to rise on the third day victorious over death, hell, and the grave. Thank Him for the salvation that He has given to you. Ask God to give you courage, boldness, and strength to approach someone you know this week to share His grace with them. CONNECT WITH GOD’S PEOPLE. VISIT WWW.BELTWAY.ORG/GROUPS.