10 tips

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10 tips

to help you craft the perfect environment for community.

Conversation happens best when people are all seated at the same level. So, try not to have some people on chairs and others on the floor.

Start and end the group meetings on time. People are more comfortable when they know the schedule.

Be sure to have enough seats for everyone in the group. If the space feels crowded, consider subgrouping for part of the gathering and using two rooms.

If you have decorations that are so valuable it makes you nervous to have other people around them, put them away for the group meeting.

Make an effort to greet people as they come through the door. Take their coats, and help them feel welcome.

Your home should be clean and picked up, but you really don’t have to go overboard. If it takes you longer than 30 minutes to do the cleaning, you may want to scale back.

Drinks and snacks are conversation starters and conversation fuel. Make sure you’ve got food, coffee or tea, and water available.

Lamplight is more visually soothing and pleasant than overhead lighting.

Keep your temperature at 67 degrees.

Remember to pray before the group meeting. The best group environment is one that includes the Holy Spirit.