11-8-15 bulletin

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♥ Welcome ♥ TOWNLINE MENNONITE CHURCH www.townlinechurch.com ~ Leadership Team ~ Mel Eash, Dean Yoder, Amos Raber, Ryan Eash,John Miller, Garrett Martin, Robbie Royal, Andrew Royal Our Mission is to exemplify Christ's love to those we meet in our daily walk; and exalt the name of Jesus through teaching His Word, Praying, Singing, Encouragement and Admonition.

Nov. 8, 2015 Chorister:

No Sunday School Funeral Services (Alayna Anne Yoder) 10:00 AM Message ~ Andrew Eversole General Offering

Announcements ~ Garrett Martin Greeters Nov. 8: Marvin Hochstetlers, Menno Mullets Nov. 15: Wayne Yoders, Steve Overholts Nov. 22: Ryan Eashs, Elmer Bylers General: $1,355.00, Pastoral Offering: $662.00, Children: $7.38, SS Att 78, Worship Att. 85

Birthdays * Anniversaries Nov. 9: * Garrett & Audrey Martin, Nov. 12: Jalen Yoder (15yrs.), Nov. 13: Ora Lehman

This eve. ~ No Services

Announcements♦♦ 1. NEXT Sun eve. Nov. 15: No Services

2. November 22 is Harvest Sunday. Food brought in will be

given to needy people in our community. If you know of any family's in need, please let Freeman or Debbie know. Thank you 3. CMC Conference pastor, Steve Swartz along with his

wife Phyllis, are giving a presentation during the Sunday school hour on December 6th. We are needing for a room for Steve and Phyllis to stay on the evening of December 5th. If you have one available, please contact Garrett. Date to Remember ♥ Nov. 17 ~ Sewing (re-org) ♥ Nov. 22 ~ Harvest Sunday ♥ Dec. 10 ~ World Missionary Press ♥ Dec. 13 ~ Faith Mission

Prayer Reminder ♥ Widows, Widower, Brotherhood @ Townline Church ♥ Our President Obama and his advisers ♥ Darlene & Stanley Yoder ♥ Louise Shrock & Family ♥ Barbara Miller & Family ♥ Ethan Royal ♥ Stan & Elvera Miller & Family ♥ Future decisions regarding leadership change ♥ Calvin Borntrager ♥ Abby & Dean Yoder (death of daughter Alayna) ♥ Mary Mast