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Lenten 6 - 11:00 a.m. & 6:15 p.m. PRELUDE HYMN

Not All the Blood of Beasts

March 16, 2016 2016 LSB 431

INVOCATION L. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. C: Amen. PRAYER L: O Lord, Jesus Christ, who for our sakes did undergo want and shame and pain, we confess most humbly that we have refused to share the burden of Your cross; that we have denied You rather than face mockery, and have sought comfort and security. C: Forgive us, O Lord. Help us to amend and give us courage to endure. Amen. L: From all misunderstanding of Your purpose in pain; from complaint of Your indifference to our sorrow, C: Deliver us, Good Lord. L: From refusing to share the sufferings of the world; from forgetting the pain and sorrow of others, C: Deliver us, Good Lord. L: From seeking comfort and pleasure by avoiding the burdens and neglecting the duties which are truly our own, C: Deliver us, Good Lord. L: Almighty Father, afflicted in the afflictions of Your people and full of compassion and tender mercy, hear us as we pray for those who suffer, C: We beseech You to hear us, O Lord. L: For those whose livelihood is insecure; and the overworked, the hungry, and the destitute; for those who have been downtrodden, ruined, and driven to despair, C: We beseech You to hear us, O Lord. L: Let us not pass by, on the other side, where any of Your children suffer want or care. C: Help us to deny ourselves, take up the cross, and look to You, O Christ. L: You who bore the pain, suffering, and sin of all, C: Grant us, O Lord, Your pardon and peace. Amen. ALL:  Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit; as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen. PSALM 130 A RESPONSIVE REFLECTION L: It was the will of the Lord that He should suffer; C: His death was a sacrifice to bring forgiveness. L: And so He will see His descendants; C: He will live a long life, and through Him my purpose will succeed. L: After a life of suffering, He will again have joy; C: He will know that He did not suffer in vain. L: My devoted servant, with whom I am pleased, will bear the punishment of many. C: And for His sake I will forgive them. L: And so I will give Him a place of honor, a place among the great and the powerful. C: He willingly gave His life and shared the fate of the Evil. He took the place of many sinners and prayed that they might be forgiven. PASSION HARMONY Luke 23:39-49 HYMN

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“It Is Finished”

OFFERING During the offering all worshippers are asked to fill out an ivory or blue card found in the pew rack. They will be collected immediately after the offering.

LSB 436 (John 19:28-30)

VOLUNTARY *THE OFFERTORY (LSB pg 192) Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me. Cast me not away from Thy presence, and take not thy Holy Spirit from me. Restore unto me the joy of Thy salvation, and uphold me with Thy free spirit. Amen. LITANY OF THE CHURCH L: O God the Father, from whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named; C: O God the Son, given to be Head over the Church; O God the Holy Spirit, the bond of peace; O Holy Trinity, eternal love: L: Have mercy upon us. C: By Your ministry of healing and forgiveness; By your seeking and saving the lost; By your words of eternal life: L: Help us, Good Lord. C: By Your calling and training of the twelve apostles; By Your promise to build your Church; By Your institution of the holy sacraments; L: Help us, gracious Lord. C: By the love shown in Your crucifixion; By the power of Your resurrection; By the glory of the ascension, and by the indwelling of Your Holy Spirit: L: Help us, merciful Lord. C: That it may please You to strengthen and enlarge Your Holy Church in every land, and to unite all those who profess and call themselves Christians, in faith and hope and charity: L: We beseech You, good Lord. C: That Your Church may proclaim the gospel throughout the whole earth and make disciples of all nations: L: We beseech You, gracious Lord. C: That You will give to all Your people grace to understand and to believe Your Word, and to show forth faith in their lives. L: We beseech You, merciful Lord. C: That You would guide us in all perplexities of belief and conduct, that we may hold fast that which is true, and faithfully confess You before others: L: We beseech You, sovereign Lord. C: That regardless of the praise or contempt of the world, Your Church may worship and adore You in spirit and truth: L: We beseech You, eternal Lord. C: And as we pray for the Church universal, so let us pray for giving blessing upon the Church in this place: Here may the faithful find salvation, and the careless be awakened. L: Amen. C: Here may the doubting find faith and the anxious be encouraged. L: Amen. C: Here may the tempted find help and the sorrowful comfort. L: Amen. C: Here may the weary find rest and the strong be renewed. L: Amen. C: Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, unto Him be glory in the Church and in Christ Jesus unto all generations forever and ever. Amen. LORD’S PRAYER HYMN (11:00) L: Bless we the Lord C: Thanks be to God.

“In the Cross of Christ I Glory”

LSB 427

BENEDICTION L: The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the communion of the Holy Ghost be with you all. C: Amen, amen, amen. CLOSING HYMN

Abide With Me (as lighting dims)

SILENT PRAYER / POSTLUDE + + + + + SERVING IN OUR WORSHIP: Preacher: Rev. Jerry Joersz Liturgists: Rev. Dennis A. Kastens & Rev. Jon C. Furgeson Organist: Burnell L. Hackman KFUO Broadcaster / Engineer: Christina Stackle / Dennis Gerfen

LSB 878 (st. 1 & 6)