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Worth It Lesson 4 November 10/11 1

Large Group Worth It

Series at a Glance for Elevate About this Series: Picture yourself going on a school field trip, and having enough money to buy something awesome from the gift shop, and a big cinnamon roll, too. Imagine seeing a kid who needs a coat, or food, and being able to buy it for them. The way you take care of your money will change the way you live tomorrow. Join us for this series to find out why being wise with your money is totally worth it. Key Verse: Proverbs 13:11- Money gained in the wrong way disappears. But money gathered little by little grows.

Weekly Overview: Lesson:


Big Idea:

Lesson 1: October 20/21

Work The Ant- Proverbs 6:6-8

I can choose to earn my own money.

Lesson 2: October 27/28

Giving The believers give- Acts 4:32-37.

I can give to help others.

Lesson 3: November 3/4

Saving Joash- 2 Kings 12.

I can save for what’s important.

Lesson 4: November 10/11

Spending Timothy- 1 Timothy 6:6-10.

I can choose how I spend my money.

Lesson 5: November 17/18

The “Golden” Rule Jesus’ advice- Matthew 7:9-12.

I can treat others the way I want to be treated.

Lesson 6: November 24/25

Debt I can choose to spend only Solomon’s wisdom- Proverbs 6:1-5, what I have. 13:11, 22:7. Worth It Lesson 4 November 10/11 2

Worth It Series at a Glance for Elevate (continued) Lesson 1: Work A tiny ant helped king Solomon realize that working hard is totally worth it. We can learn a lot from this proverb, too! This week, we’ll learn about where money comes from, and how we can start earning it ourselves. Lesson 2: Giving The first churches showed everyone around that the best gifts are the ones you give. Their generosity created a place where everyone had what they needed. When we give, we can change the world we live in, too! Lesson 3: Saving Saving money can help us buy what’s most important. How can you get enough money for a car, a college fund, or even a game you want? Saving money is the place to start. This week, we’ll hear how a boy named Joash re-built a beautiful temple, and it all started with a savings fund. Lesson 4: Spending How do you spend your money? If you don’t know, you probably should find out. The more we pay attention to where our money is going, the more we’ll be able to decide where it should go, and the better it will feel when we spend it. Lesson 5: The “Golden” Rule Imagine: you’re walking down the hallway at school, and your savings envelope slips out of your backpack with your hard-earned 132$ inside. What happens next is decided by the person who finds it. Will they do what’s best for you, or only think of what’s best for themselves? What would you do? Lesson 6: Debt It’s easy to borrow money, but a lot harder to pay it back. This week, we’ll discover how you can keep yourself, and probably some of your friends, out of the trap of being in debt.

Worth It Lesson 4 November 10/11 3

Worth It Lesson Outline for Elevate Lesson 4: Spending Lesson Segment

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Opening Song and Welcome (1:00) Team Time (14:00)

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Media Part 1 (Video) (6:00) Group Time (15:00) Media Part 2 (Video) (9:00)

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Application (6:00) Worship (8:00) Wrap Up (1:00)

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Worth It Lesson 4 November 10/11 4

Opening Song and Welcome


(Roll when directed) Elevate Opener

Welcome everyone! You can throw away your popcorn, come up here to the front, and find a place to sit down. (Auto advance) Elevate Slide and Underscore

This is going to be super fun, let’s get started!

Team Time


Series Title Slide: Worth It

Have you ever done something, and thought “That was totally worth it”? You have to wait for cookies to bake and cool, but it’s totally worth it when you get to eat them. Caring for a plant is worth it when it produces fruit you can eat. This series, we’re talking about things we can do with our money that may not seem easy, like earning money, spending money wisely, and saving money. These things won’t always be easy, but they will always be worth it. Today we get to talk about something I know is fun: spending money! In a minute, you’ll head over to your team flags for a game. Before you get up, though, I’ll tell you how the game is going to work. Game Title Slide: “Building Costs”

This game is called “Building Costs.” Your group leader has some building supplies, for you to build a tower with. They’ll put you in groups of three or four, and give each of your groups forty building dollars. You have to buy some materials from your group Worth It Lesson 4 November 10/11 5

leader, and build the tallest tower you can in seven minutes. You may have to get creative. If you’ve run out of money, you can’t buy any more materials, so be careful! Know This: You may have to adapt this game for your kids. Younger kids will probably do best if their group leader walks them through the process of buying the materials, and helps them build the tower as a group activity. Older kids can decide what to buy for themselves, and compete with the other groups of 3-4 within their small group to see who can build the tallest tower.

There are only two materials you can use. The first is spaghetti. The second is marshmallows. A strand of spaghetti costs one dollar, and a marshmallow costs two dollars, so use them wisely! Ready? You can go find your groups by the flag with your grade on it. I’ll let you know when time is up. Fun background music! Series Title Slide: Worth It and clear audio

Great job, everyone! Those are some cool towers. It was interesting to see what all of you bought. Did anyone spend way too much on marshmallows? How about on spaghetti? You had to be pretty wise with your money to build a tall tower. We’ll talk quite a bit about spending today, but first let’s get to know each other better, with a quick challenge! Challenge Wheel Video (Auto Advance) Challenge Wheel Slide: Find someone with the same number of brothers and sisters as you, and learn their name!

Find someone with the same number of brothers and sisters as you, and learn their name! You have one minute, ready, set, go! Great job everyone. You can sit back down!

Media: Part 1

5:00 Worth It Lesson 4 November 10/11 6

The Source team has learned some important things over the past few weeks. Let’s find out what they’re writing about today! The Source: Part 1 (5:00) (Auto advance) Series Title Slide: Worth It

Spending money is fun, but it can get out of hand quickly. How do we spend money wisely? You’ll get to talk about that more in your groups! You can head to your group flag now, and I’ll see you again after group time.

Group Time


15:00 Group Time Countdown (Auto advance) Series Title Slide: Worth It Do This: Make sure each kid finds their group. Help group leaders if there is a need. Encourage kids as they work to answer the question. Know This: This is a time for kids to see how they can use the Bible to investigate and better understand life. This time is designed for kids to interact and deepen their understanding. They won’t get all the answers, but allow them to question and discover as much as possible. Be ready to support group leaders in any way needed. Do This: Give the groups a warning about one minute before this time is up.

Media: Part 2


Hey everyone! You can come back to the front. Let’s find out what The Source news team decides to do next! The Source: Part 2 (9:00)

Worth It Lesson 4 November 10/11 7

(Auto advance) Series Title Slide: Worth It

That was some great advice. Timothy and the Source team both had some tough choices to make about spending money.



Our money looks different than it did back in Timothy’s time, but we still spend money today, just like they did then. We still have to make choices, and decide what’s most important to spend our money on. That is a really important thing to remember. Big Idea Slide: “I can choose how I spend my money.”

I can choose how I spend my money.

Do This: Indicate the “spending” section of the big budget. Budget image

Most of our money goes to spending, after we put some in savings, and give some away. What we do with this money is really important. One day, there will be things you have to spend your own money on, like a house or food, but right now someone probably buys those things for you. How can you make wise choices with your spending money right now? Let’s try an example! I’ll need all of your help with this. Spending Budget slide: Categories “Games: 5$, Rides: 5$, Food: 5$.”

We’re going to pretend that you’re at the fair. We have been really responsible, and budgeted the money we’ve made. We want to spend five dollars on games, five on rides, and we have five for something good to eat. That should be plenty, right? So, we run over to the games section.

Do This: Bring out the ring toss carnival game. Worth It Lesson 4 November 10/11 8

This game costs two dollars to play, but I could win a giant stuffed animal! I’ll play this one, and take two dollars out of my games budget. Do This: Throw the ring, and miss.

Spending Budget slide: Categories “Games: 3$, Rides: 5$, Food: 5$.”

Oh, I missed! I still have three dollars for games, do you think I should try again? Do This: Allow kids to answer.

I really want that stuffed animal. I’ll try again. Do This: Throw the ring, and miss.

Spending Budget slide: Categories “Games: 1$, Rides: 5$, Food: 5$.”

I missed again! Now I only have one dollar in my games budget. I really want to win, though. Should I take money out of my rides budget? I’m so sure that I’ll win this time. Spending Budget slide: Categories “Games: 0$, Rides: 4$, Food: 5$.” Do This: Throw the ring, and miss.

That’s ok, I’ll try again.

Do This: Throw the ring, and miss. Spending Budget slide: Categories “Games: 0$, Rides: 2$, Food: 5$.”

Just one more time.

Do This: Throw the ring, and miss. Spending Budget slide: Categories “Games: 0$, Rides: 0$, Food: 5$.”

Come on! I can do this.

Do This: Throw the ring, and miss. Spending Budget slide: Categories “Games: 0$, Rides: 0$, Food: 3$.”

Worth It Lesson 4 November 10/11 9

This time for sure.

Do This: Throw the ring, and miss. Spending Budget slide: Categories “Games: 0$, Rides: 0$, Food: 1$.”

Oh no! I’m totally out of money. Now, imagine having to sit around and watch my friends go on rides. I didn’t stick to my budget. Maybe I could buy some fries for 1 dollar, but I’ll still be hungry. Sticking to our budgets isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it. If you don’t plan how you’re going to spend your money, or you don’t stick to your plan, you might miss out on other things. You can plan how to spend your own money, and you can stick to your plan! Worship Slide



It’s a very wise choice to plan out how you’re spending your money. It’s not what everyone does, but having a budget is different in a very good way. God challenges us to be wise with the things we do, the things we say, and even with our money, because he cares about us so much. When we are making a tough choice, sometimes we just need Him to remind us of what’s right. That’s what this song is all about! Song #1: Remind Me (Auto-Advance) Worship Slide

Let’s keep on worshipping God with another song! Song #2: Jump (Auto advance) Series Title Slide: Worth It



Worth It Lesson 4 November 10/11 10

When you go today, there is something you should grab. Do This: Show kids the budget page.

If you don’t have one of these, be sure to grab one on your way out. It’s a budget page, to help you plan how to use your money. It’s the same as the board we have up here on stage, just not quite as big. Alright, let’s finish by talking to God! You can talk to Him anytime and anywhere. Here, we usually close our eyes and put our hands in our laps, to help us focus on what we’re saying to God. Let’s do that now. God, we love you. Thank you for teaching us to make wise choices. Help us to use our money wisely. Amen. I’ve had a lot of fun hanging out with you all today, I hope to see you again soon! Elevate Slide

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Worth It Lesson 4 November 10/11 11