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Worth It Lesson 4 November 10/11 1

Large Group

Worth It Series at a Glance for Kid-O-Deo About this Series: If you had ten dollars, what would you do with it? Spend it? Save it? Give it away? It might be wisest to do all three! Whether you are four or forty-four, the choices you make with money are a big deal! In this series, we’ll learn why being wise with our money is totally worth it! Memory Verse: Proverbs 13:11- Money gathered little by little grows.

Weekly Overview:



Big Idea:

Lesson 1: October 20/21

Work The Ant: Proverbs 6:6-8

I can work to earn money.

Lesson 2: October 27/28

Giving The believers give- Acts 4:32-37.

I can help others by giving.

Lesson 3: November 3/4

Saving Joash- 2 Kings 12.

I can save money.

Lesson 4: November 10/11

Spending Timothy- 1 Timothy 6:6-10.

I can spend money wisely.

Lesson 5: November 17/18

“Golden” rule Jesus’ Advice: Matthew 7:9-12.

I can treat others the way I want to be treated.

Lesson 6: November 24/25

Debt I can choose to spend only Solomon’s wisdom- Proverbs 6:1-5, what I have. 13:11, 22:7.

Worth It Lesson 4 November 10/11 2

Worth It Series at a Glance for Kid-O-Deo (continued) Lesson 1: Work Working for your own money is totally worth it! This week, we’ll hear how Solomon learned that lesson by watching some of the smallest animals around. Lesson 2: Giving When we give, even a little, it can change our world. The people in the first churches saw how awesome giving can be. Their generosity made church a place where everyone had what they needed. Lesson 3: Saving To get something important, you must save money. If you want to buy a toy, have money to spend on a trip, or get a gift for a friend, you can start by saving up. This week, we’ll hear how a king named Joash re-built a beautiful temple, and it all started with a savings fund. Lesson 4: Spending When we use our money wisely, spending it is a lot of fun! This week, we’ll look at some advice a young man named Timothy got about using money, and talk about what we can do to use our own money well. Lesson 5: “Golden” rule If you dropped money and lost it, what would you want the person who found it to do? This week, we’re talking about how important it is to treat other people the way you want to be treated, especially when it comes to money. Lesson 6: Debt It’s tough to be a good friend to someone if you owe them money. This week, we’ll see why using someone else’s money is a bad trap to fall into, and learn how we can keep ourselves and our friends out of debt.

Worth It Lesson 4 November 10/11 3

Worth It

Lesson Outline for Kid-O-Deo Lesson 4: Spending Lesson Segment

Total Running Time

Kid-O Playtime (10:00)


Transition Time (2:00) Opening Song (3:00) Introduction and Rules (2:00) Worship Song: Gonna Serve (3:00) Bible Adventure (6:00) Memory Verse (3:00) Worship Song: Go (3:00) Try it Out (5:00) Big Idea Video (2:00) Kid-O-Whampus (2:00) Prayer (2:00)


Transition Time (2:00) Group Time (15:00)

Video Cue


Slide Cue

Audio Cue

Tech Notes

Worth It Lesson 4 November 10/11 4

Transition Time


Do This: 10 minutes after the start of the Adult Service, walk into every Pre K Room and introduce yourself. Tell kiddos to follow the directions of their room leaders, clean up, line up, and that you will see them in a little bit in the large group room. Know This: You are these Kid-Os experience of church! Your tone, attitude, and actions are forming the way these kids think about God, church, and even people in general. You have the opportunity through what you do and say to create an environment where they feel welcome, included, and valuable!

Opening Song


(Roll when directed) Kid-O-Deo Theme Song Video (Auto advance) Kid-O-Deo Slide

Introduction and Rules


Welcome to Kid-O-Deo! My name is _______, and I’m super excited to be here, and see all of you. We have got so much fun stuff ahead, songs, a great story, and even a fun game called Kid-O-Whampus! Before we get started, though, there are three things you need to know: our three Kid-O-Deo rules. Rule #1: When I’m talking you are listening! Everyone put on your listening ears, and on the count of three, let’s practice listening! Rule #2: Keep your hands and feet to yourself! Do a little clap and place your hands in your lap! Rule #3: Stay in your spot! Let’s take our special glue sticks and put some glue on our spot to help us stay in the right place! Great job learning the rules, Kid-Os. Those rules help us pay attention and keep us from distracting others, so we can all have fun.

Worth It Lesson 4 November 10/11 5



Next, we get to worship God, and sing about a way we can do good things for God and help others, by serving! Let’s stand up and sing together. Song 1: Gonna Serve

(Auto advance) Series Title Slide: Worth It

Bible Adventure


It’s so fun singing with you, Kid-O’s! You can sit down. This series is called “Worth It,” because we’re talking about how we can be wise with money. Making wise choices with our money is totally worth it. Know This: Be sure to place all of the forest creatures and their letters before the hour begins. (They are: Rocky, Tweet, Mr. Bear, Ollie Owl, and Ellie Elephant.)

Kid-Os, there are forest creatures all around this stage, who want to help us learn today. The first one we need to find is Rocky the Raccoon. Do you see Rocky around here? Do This: Find the Rocky figurine. Open the letter underneath him.

It looks like Rocky has a letter for us! This says it’s time for our Bible Adventure! Let’s go! Bible Adventure Jingle Do This: Show kids the Bible.

Kid-Os, the Bible is a book all about God. Since our world began, people have been learning about God, and when they saw God do something amazing, or learned something new about him, they wrote it and put it in this book. Today we get to hear about a young man named Timothy. Do This: Get the Bible storybook out and sit down in the chair.

Worth It Lesson 4 November 10/11 6

This story you are going to hear comes from the Bible, but we use this storybook because the pictures help us imagine what it might have looked like back when the Bible was written. The pictures you see in here are the same as the ones on the screen. Let’s get started!

Do This: Have kids help you “turn” the pages on the screen with an exaggerated arm wave. Picture 1: Timothy

Timothy was a young man when someone named Paul told him about Jesus. Before long, Timothy loved Jesus, and wanted to live like Jesus did. Timothy learned so much and was so wise, that Paul even trusted him to lead a church. Picture 2: Timothy writes to Paul

When Timothy had problems, he would write to Paul for advice. One time, Timothy asked Paul what to do about some people who were being mean and making unwise choices, especially with their money. Picture 3: Paul writes to Timothy

Paul gave Timothy some great advice. He wrote that people should trust God more than money. Paul wrote that people who have money should do good things with what they have. They should be willing to share with others. Picture 4: Timothy talks to the church.

Paul knew that being kind and wise is more important than having a lot of money. We don’t know exactly what the people in Timothy’s time decided to do, but Paul’s advice is still really important today. Series Title Slide: Worth It

Great job listening, Kid-O’s! The way we spend our money is super important. Let’s see, Tweet has the next letter for us, do you see a blue bird named Tweet up here? Do This: Find Tweet, and open up the letter underneath her.

Tweet’s letter says it’s time to learn our Memory Verse! Worth It Lesson 4 November 10/11 7

Memory Verse


Memory Verse Jingle (Auto advance) – Memory Verse: Proverbs 13:11- Money gathered little by little grows.

This memory verse tells us something important about the way we use our money. Here’s what it says! Do This: Read the verse from the screen.

What we do with our money is important. When we give and save it, those are wise choices, but we also need to be wise when we spend our money, like Paul told Timothy in our Bible Adventure. Let’s practice saying that verse together!

Do This: Practice the verse with the Kid-Os 2-3 times. Begin with your “quiet voices,” then do it in your normal voices, and finish with your super-duper loud voices! Know This: The verse with actions goes like this: Proverbs 13:11 (Open your Bibles). Money gathered (Bring hands together in cupping motion) little by little (put fingers up in “little” motion) grows (arms out wide).

Great job practicing your Memory Verse, Kid-Os! Let’s stay on our feet and get ready to sing and worship God!



This song is about how we can share God’s love with others. Song 2: Go

(Auto advance) Series Title Slide: Worth It

Worth It Lesson 4 November 10/11 8

Try it Out


It’s awesome to share God’s story with others. You can sit down, but look around for Mr. Bear, because he’s got our next letter! Where is he? Do This: Find Mr. Bear, and open his letter.

Mr. Bear’s letter says it’s time to practice what we’ve been learning. Let’s get ready to try it out! Try it Out Jingle (Auto advance) Series Title Slide: Worth It

This is the time where we get to try out what we’ve learned today. Mr. Bear sent us something else, too! It’s in our box over here. Do This: Go to one of the boxes on stage, and take out the teddy bear. Teddy Bear picture

This is a teddy bear! It’s kind of cute.

Do This: Point out the price tag on the teddy bear.

Oh, what’s this? This bear is for sale. Kid-Os, have you ever bought something with your own money? Kid-O buying something picture

When you want to buy something, you need money. Some things are more expensive than others, because they are harder to make, or are just worth more. If you have enough money, you can give it to the worker at the store, and they’ll give you the thing you are buying. If you don’t have enough money, you might just have to wait and earn some more, then come back and buy the thing you want.

Worth It Lesson 4 November 10/11 9

It can be a lot of fun to buy things, but remember our Bible Adventure? It’s important to spend our money wisely. Let’s think about it. If what I say is a wise choice, give me a thumbs-up! If it’s not a wise choice, give me a thumbs-down. Candy picture

You have ten dollars, and you spend it all on candy. Then, you eat all the candy right away. Is that a wise choice? NO. No, it probably isn’t. Kid-O buying something.

You’ve been saving up money, and have enough to buy a special toy at the store! You have a little left over, so you decide to save it. Is that a wise choice? YES! Yes, it feels good to buy something with your own money, and saving what’s left is a very wise choice, too. Movie picture

You want to buy a new movie, but your grown-ups say you shouldn’t. You decide to buy it anyway while they’re not looking. Is that a wise choice? NO. No, even if you have your own money, you should obey your grown-ups if they say not to buy something. Series Title Slide: Worth It

You can make wise choices when you spend money. We can buy nice things, and choose not to buy things that aren’t good. That’s what Timothy learned in our Bible adventure, too! When he had questions, he asked Paul, who was a grown-up he trusted a lot. Your favorite grown-ups are great people to help you when you have questions about money, too! Way to go Kid-O’s, you were such great listeners. We have another wise friend, Ollie Owl, who has a letter for us! Do you see Ollie Owl up here? Do This: Find Ollie Owl, and read his letter.

Worth It Lesson 4 November 10/11 10

Big Idea


This says it’s time to meet another friend of ours, Ranger Ron! He’s going to help us learn our Big Idea for today. Big Idea Jingle

Get on your feet, and get ready to learn with Ranger Ron. Know This: The Big Idea is, “I can spend money wisely.” Big Idea Video (Auto advance) Series Title Slide: Worth It

Thanks Ranger Ron! You can spend money wisely, on good things, Kid-Os! We have one more friend, with another letter! Do you see Beatrice the Bee around here? Do This: Find Beatrice and read her letter.



Beatrice’s letter says it’s time to stand, dance, and go Kid-O-Whampus! Kid-O-Whampus: Animal Moves (Auto-Advance) “Let’s Pray.”



That was a lot of fun! You can all sit down. Worth It Lesson 4 November 10/11 11

God loves us all so much. He loves it when you make wise choices, and when you spend time talking to him. Let’s do that right now! Let’s put our hands in our laps and close our eyes to help us focus on what we’re saying to God. If you want to, you can repeat this prayer after me. Dear God, we love you. Thank you for loving us. Help us spend our money wisely. Amen. Kid-O-Deo Slide

I have loved spending time with you, Kid-Os. Now it’s time for you to go back to your classrooms where you will get into groups with your leader and other Kid-Os, have a snack, and do a fun activity. See you later!

Worth It Lesson 4 November 10/11 12