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Digital Signatures & Graphical Signatures in InfoPath 2007/2010 (Including Discontinued Support for InfoPath 2000/2003) Technical Alert No. 39 February 20, 2012

Product CoSign® digital signatures for Microsoft® InfoPath®

Description The former support for InfoPath 2000/2003 was removed from the CoSign client. This also includes the form designer functionality that was invoked from the CoSign control panel. The latest CoSign client release (version 5.6) supports digitally signing InfoPath 2007/2010 forms using the InfoPath 2007/2010 application.

More information CoSign enables generating and validating graphical signatures in InfoPath 2007/2010 forms using the InfoPath 2007/2010 built-in support for digital signatures. The InfoPath 2007/2010 digital signature mechanism supports multiple digital signatures and sectional signing. The solution is based on placing digital signature fields inside an InfoPath form template. This task is usually performed by the designer. When a user uses an InfoPath 2007/2010 form, the user can sign the form’s contents using CoSign. Signature Standards in InfoPath The main difference regarding signatures between InfoPath 2007 and InfoPath 2010 is that in InfoPath 2007, the digital signature is based on the regular XML digital signature standard, while in InfoPath 2010 the digital signature is based on advanced XML digital signatures (i.e., XAdES). Using Graphical Signatures in InfoPath Graphical signatures are supported for InfoPath 2007/2010. However, the available graphical signature is not retrieved from the CoSign appliance or the software token/MiniKey, but can be selected only from the signer’s local disk. If you wish to use a graphical signature stored in CoSign, you can use the CoSign graphical signature utility to copy graphical signatures stored in the CoSign appliance or the software token/MiniKey over to the local disk. You can then incorporate the graphical image from the local disk during the InfoPath signing ceremony. For more information, please refer to the CoSign User guide, Chapter 6: Signing InfoPath 2007/2010 Forms, available here: http://www.arx.com/files/DOCUMENTS/Support/CoSign_5.6_User_Guide.pdf

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