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2016 FIESTA FOOD VENDORS Thank you for your interest in participating in the 2016 Fiesta Hermosa sponsored by the Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau (HBCCVB). The 2016 Fiesta will take place over the three (3) day Labor Day holiday beginning Saturday, Sept. 3rd, 2016 thru Monday, Sept. 5th, 2016. We welcome new food court vendor (FCV) applicants and those who wish to apply once again to participate.

The goal of the HBCC is to have Fiesta Hermosa remain the largest and the most celebrated Arts and Crafts Festival in Southern California. The guest experience in the food court is paramount to our success in achieving this goal. We are committed to providing a healthy mix of dining options in an aesthetically pleasing environment. Accordingly, please make note of the following food court vendor selection process and procedures effective in 2016:

FOOD COURT VENDOR (FCV) APPLICATION PROCESS Selection Process The Fiesta Hermosa committee will evaluate all FCV applications and food items proposed for sale. The Fiesta Hermosa committee must approve all food items and the prices for the food being sold in the food court in writing. Note: Food vendors that have participated in prior Fiestas are not guaranteed acceptance.

Food Court Vendor Applicants MUST submit the following:

 Complete and legible “Food Court Vendor Application”  Business Description - this must include a business bio as well as a detailed description of the food you desire to sell

 Submit a copy of the entire proposed Menu with the price of each item  Submit color photographs of the following: a. Two (2) color photographs of each food item b. One (1) color photograph of the proposed booth set up

 Complete Health Department Application  Proof of $1M Liability Insurance-Including additional insurers: a. City of Hermosa Beach b. Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau c. Bell Event Services d. County of Los Angeles Payment from Vendor Fee Schedule (Credit Card, Cashier’s Check, Money Order) (No business or personal checks accepted) Your signature verifies that all of the above items have been included. Signature: _________________________ Title: ______________ Date: _________

Fiesta Hermosa Food Vendor Application and Addendums


FOOD VENDORS APPLICATION LABOR DAY SEPT. 3, 4, & 5th FOOD VENDOR APPLICATION Legal Company Name: ____________________________ DBA: __________________________ Contact Name during Event: _____________________ Cell Phone: ________________________ Business Address: _______________________________________________________________ City: ________________________________________ State: ______ZipCode:_______________ Phone: _____________________ Fax: ___________________ E-mail:_____________________ Emergency Contact: _______________________________ Cell Phone: _____________________

APPLICATION DEADLINE: FRIDAY, July 29, 2016 RETURNING VENDORS WILL RECEIVE PRIORITY SPACES IF AVAILABLE No spaces will be held after the application deadline above Payment: Credit Card, Cashier’s Check or Money Order only. (No personal or business checks)

Calculate payment amount on the “Food Court Vendor Fee Sheet “ on next page

Payable to: Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce Attn: Food Manager 1007 Hermosa Avenue Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

Note: A separate Cashier’s Check is required in the amount of $200 for a mandatory clean-up fee. This fee is refundable.


FOOD COURT VENDOR FEES Food Court Vendor Application Deadline: Friday, July 29, 2016 Space fees in the food court are based on 10-foot width increments. Note: Booth fees include a $30 Hermosa Beach temporary business license fee



Booth fee for one food item *



Booth fee for multiple items*



Electricity of 110 volts/20 amps



For each additional plug in of 110 vols / 220 amps



Electricity exceeding 20 amps



Electricity of 220 volts / 30 amps



Electricity of 220 volts / 50 amps



Non-refundable late fee



Mandatory clean up fee



City temporary business license









LA County Health License


Note: Restaurants with brick and mortar footprints using the same DBA and menu items within the City of Hermosa Beach will receive a 25% discount on the booth fee and do not pay the Hermosa Beach temporary business license fee.

Date: _____________________ Legal Company Name: __________________________________ DBA: ____________________ Vendor Officer Signature: __________________________________________________________




Type of Card Card Number Security Code Expiration Date (mmyy) Amount Authorized

CUSTOMER BILLING INFORMATION First Name Last Name Company Name Company billing address Phone # Email Address ( For Credit Card Receipt)




MENU SUBMISSION Item: Price: ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ SUBSTITUTIONS OR ADDITIONS ARE NOT ALLOWED AFTER APPROVAL Note: You will not be allowed to sell food items that are not pre-approved in the above menu. Fiesta staff will be monitoring your booth throughout the event. If you are found selling any unapproved food item, you will be fined $100 per food item and that food item will be removed immediately from your menu. Date: _____________________ Legal Company Name: ______________________________DBA: ______________________ Vendor Officer Signature:_______________________________________________________

Note: Incomplete applications will not be considered


Fiesta Hermosa Green Initiative Food court vendors (FCV) must use bio-degradable paper products for all service items. Bio-degradable paper products include: Cutlery, plates, napkins, paper boats, straws, plastic cups, paper liners and to-go bags STYROFOAM IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED ON THE VENUE. Vendors found to be in violation of the Hermosa Beach environmental rules will be closed down indefinitely until bio-degradable products are sourced by the FCV and available for use in the Food Court. The HBCC will not refund any fees or loss of revenue. Food Court Vendor Tents The HBCC will provide white high-peaked tents for the front of each food court vendor booth. The tents are for food court vendor booths that are adjacent to the public walking space. The tents for the food court booths will be provided by the HBCC at no additional cost for the 2016 Labor Day Fiesta. The tents provided by the HBCC for the front of the booths are exactly 10 feet wide and 10 feet deep (standard). The maximum depth permitted is 20 feet. The FCV will be responsible for installation of Los Angeles County Health Department certified screens with the appropriate sized windows for the front of the food court vendor booth at its own expense. The canopy and screening provided by the FCV must be clean, free of dirt, grime, and grease. Vendors found to be in violation of this policy will not be allowed to open and sell its items until clean replacements are sourced by the FCV. The HBCC will not refund any fees or loss of revenue. Banners Banners and structures holding banners may not exceed 15 feet above ground level. All banners must be clean and designed professionally. Banners that appear to be old, worn, torn, dirty, discolored or have holes will not be permitted.


Food Court Vendor Area Maintenance Trash Removal FCV are not permitted to utilize public trash cans for disposing of their trash. The HBCCVB will advise you of the correct trash removal procedures on the first day of arrival.

3-Compartment Sinks The HBCCVB will advise you of the correct procedures for use of the 3-compartment sinks on the first day of arrival

Violation Remedy Failure to follow the “food court vendor area maintenance procedures” provided will result in the FCV being shut down. Additionally, the FCV will be banned from participating in future Fiesta Hermosa events for a period of three years. (The HBCCVB will not refund any fees or loss of revenue.)

Food Court Vendor Logistics The HBCCVB is scheduled to have the Food Court ready to load by 3:00 pm on Friday, Sept. 2, 2016.

Vendors that have been accepted will be contacted with load information.

Note: In order to avoid congestion, vendors must load at their prescribed time.


FOOD VENDORS TERMS AND CONDITIIONS REQUIRED: READ AND SIGN Please return with your application and retain a copy for your files. Please sign below to indicate that you have read this page and agree to adhere to the Terms and Conditions listed: 1) All food vendors are required to remain open for sales during ALL show hours, no exceptions will be made. 2) Only pre-approved items may be sold. No last minute additions without approval. 3) City of Hermosa Beach licensed restaurants will only be allowed to sell items regularly offered for sale in their establishments. No exceptions. 4) Vendors or organizations that have applied for the booth must staff all food booths. 5) Participants are responsible for Set-up, Clean-up and security of their own booths. 6) All food vendors MUST comply with all Los Angeles County Health Department regulations and produce a valid Health Department permit. The Health Department strictly enforces this rule. Health Department approved floor covering, 5-Gal hand wash set-up (water container, soap, disposable towels and receptacle) is mandatory in every food booth. Six inch pallets are required to elevate perishables. 7) Proof of a $1M liability insurance policy is mandatory and required to participate in Fiesta Hermosa. Please send proof of insurance with this application. Additional insurers of Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau, City of Hermosa Beach, County of Los Angeles and Bell Event Service. NO INSURANCE = NO ADMITTANCE


8) Participating food vendors MUST have a minimum of (1) 2A10BC certified fire extinguisher in booth at all times and be in compliance with all Fire Codes. 9) SPACES WILL BE ASSIGNED UPON ARRIVAL. DO NOT REMOVE YOUR SPACE INDICATOR TAPE OR CHANGE NAME ON TAPE. NO EXCEPTIONS without permission of the Fiesta Hermosa Food Court Manager. 10) Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in booth and attractions. Consumption of alcohol before or during the show hours by food vendor participants and / or all staff members is strictly prohibited. 11) NO drug-related items to be sold or brought onto Fiesta Hermosa premises. There is a zero tolerance policy for this condition. A violation of this condition will result in immediate removal from the show and NO refund will be given.

12) No children, no dogs or pets of any kind are allowed in your food booth. 13) REFUND POLICY: No refunds due to bad weather or acts of God. Refunds will be made ONLY if a written request is received two weeks prior to the event. A cancellation fee of $100 will be deducted from all refund checks. 14) Green Bio-Products: The green bio-products requirements still apply. Please be prepared to present your purchases receipts for your green products at set-up Friday afternoon before the event. You will not be allowed to set-up your booth space until you provide proof of purchase. This is a zero-tolerance rule with the City of Hermosa Beach and the Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau.

15) All food vendor staff clothing will be family appropriate at all times.