2017-2018 Kids Ministry Event Calendar

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2017-2018 Kids Ministry Event Calendar VC=Valley Creek campus OH=Oak Hill campus LR=Liberty Ridge campus AC=All campuses

Kids LINK Every Sunday unless otherwise noted



10 LINK Open House AC 1 Pray and Play AC @ VC (for 3 year olds and their 17 Kids LINK begins AC

families 4 pm)



19 Big Give Sunday AC

3 Christmas Worship VC 1st-3rd grade students

19 Keepsake Family Christmas AC @ VC

7 Jubilee Fest AC @ VC 24 Offering Sunday AC

January 7 LINK resumes VC Bible University begins VC (3rd graders and a parent attend together 9:30-10:30 am)

14 Bible University VC 21 Bible University VC 28 Bible University VC Offering Sunday AC

16 Christmas Program Practice, 10:30-11:30am OH

26 No Kids LINK AC 20-21 FMSC mobile pack AC @VC

(Thanksgiving Break)

17 Kids LINK Christmas Program, 10:30am OH

29 Offering Sunday AC

17 Offering Sunday AC

29 Reformation Service 1 pm AC @ VC

24 & 31 NO Kids LINK AC (Christmas/New year’s Break)

February 4 Bible Sunday VC

3rd graders receive their Bible at 11:00 am service

14 Ash Wednesday VC/OH Lenten services begin Noon (VC) and 6:30 pm weekly

March 25 Palm Sunday AC Offering Sunday AC

April 1

NO Kids LINK AC Easter Sunday 29 Offering Sunday AC

30 Good Friday Family Prayer Stations AC @ OH

25 Offering Sunday AC

May 20 Last Kids LINK AC Offering Sunday AC

Summer Programs-dates tentative

Contact Information

Summer Day Camp June 25th –June 28th Valley Creek July 23rd-26th Oak Hill

Nancy Schubbe #651-587-0178 Kids Ministry Director AC

Activities Camp Valley Creek July 9th – 12th Art Camp July 9th -12th Valley Creek

Cindy Linert #651-331-9026 LINK Preschool - Kindergarten Vacation Bible School VC Sarah Dibbern #651-271-3741 LINK Grades 1-5 Activities Camp VC Molly Schulze #651-334-2740 Growth Ministries Coordinator OH Laura Stennes #651-503-6768 Growth Ministries Coordinator LR