2018 SuperBird Entry Form and Guest Registration Form

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2018 SuperBird Entry Form Participating Member: _________________________________________ Member Signature: ____________________________________________ Dear Country Club of Colorado Member, We are delighted to have you as a participant in the SuperBird Member-Guest tournament held at The Country Club of Colorado from July 26 - July 28! The entry deadline is July 20, 2018. Please return the entry form as soon as possible. If the field of 54 teams fills up before 7/20, requests will be placed on a waiting list. Teams on the waiting list will be slotted into the event based on the order of placement on this list. The entry form may be delivered to the Golf Shop in person, or scanned and emailed to [email protected] All members and guests must have an established and recognized USGA, R & A, or Canadian Golf Association handicap index, with a minimum of five scores posted for the calendar year (2018). The maximum handicap that will be awarded for this event is 36 for any participant. Members and Guests must play within 10 handicap strokes of one another. No exceptions will be made to any of these guidelines. Recreational members are allowed to play in the SuperBird as guests.

2018 SuperBird Guest Registration Form With the event dates rapidly approaching, please help us to expedite the information retrieval process by providing some information about your guest. Please return this form by July 20th to the Golf Shop, or email to [email protected]

Member: _________________________________________________ Guest Name & GHIN Number: _________________________________________________ Guest’s Hometown and State: __________________________________________________ Guest’s Home Club or Facility where Handicap is Established: _____________________________________________________________________________ Guest’s Home Club Phone Number: ______________________________________________ Guest’s Email: ________________________________________________________________