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Star Struck Lesson 5 April 20/21 1

Large Group Star Struck Series at a Glance for Elevate About this Series: Have you ever met someone who you had seen on stage or in a movie? Were they who you expected them to be? In this series, we’re going to look at the way God’s Son Jesus acted when He wasn’t in the spotlight. We’ll see why so many people have decided to follow Jesus and might learn some unexpected things about Him along the way. Key Verse: 2 Corinthians 5:17- “When anyone lives in Christ, the new creation has come. The old is gone! The new is here! Weekly Overview:



Big Idea:

Lesson 1: March 23/24

Star-struck Luke 19:1-10

I can be real with Jesus.

Lesson 2: March 30/31

On the Road Mark 5:25-34

Jesus always has time for me.

Lesson 3: April 6/7

On Break John 4

Jesus cares about my story.

Lesson 4: April 13/14

Dinner John 13:1-17

Jesus shows us what love is.

Lesson 5: April 20/21

Live John 18-21

Jesus gave everything for me.

Lesson 6: April 27/28

The Next Act Matthew 28:16-20

We are all part of Jesus’ story. Star Struck Lesson 5 April 20/21 2

Star Struck Series at a Glance for Elevate (continued) Lesson 1: Star-struck Have you ever acted like someone you’re not, just to fit in? This week, we’ll find out that Jesus’ friends weren’t perfect, and why that was ok. We’ll also discover that whatever is happening, whatever we’re feeling, we can be real with Jesus. Lesson 2: On The Road Imagine, you get the chance to meet two super star musicians. The first one gives you a signature, but then doesn’t listen to anything else you say. The second one, though, learns your name, listens to you, and asks you some questions. Who do you like better? Probably the person who has time for you. This week, we’ll see how Jesus made time for others, and how that changed one woman’s life. Lesson 3: On Break Have you ever wanted to just relax? Once, while Jesus was taking a break, someone bothered him. Instead of being annoyed, though, Jesus took the chance to show the person how much He cares about them. Find out what happened, this week! Lesson 4: Dinner You may have heard that Jesus loves you, but what does that mean? On one of the most difficult nights of His life, Jesus took some extra time to show how powerful His love is, even for his enemies. Lesson 5: Live Why do we talk about Jesus, two thousand years after He lived on earth? Jesus did one thing that changed everything, for his friends, for his enemies, for every person today, and for you. Find out why we celebrate on Easter, and why we can be free from fear, because of what Jesus did. Lesson 6: The Next Act What’s next? Jesus set the stage, but passed the next act on to His followers, including you! This week, we’ll discover our roles in the greatest story of all.

Star Struck Lesson 5 April 20/21 3

Star Struck Lesson Outline for Elevate Lesson 5: Live Lesson Segment

Total Running Time

Opening Song and Welcome (1:00) Team Time (9:00)

0:00 – 10:00

Media Part 1 (Video) (6:00) Group Time (12:00) Application 1 (3:00) Media Part 2 (Video) (9:00)

10:00 – 40:00

Application 2 and Prayer (7:00) Worship (8:00) Wrap Up (2:00)

Video Cue

40:00 - 57:00

Slide Cue

Audio Cue

Tech Notes

Star Struck Lesson 5 April 20/21 4

Opening Song and Welcome


(Roll when directed) Elevate Opener

Hey everyone, let’s get started! Come on down to the front, throw away your popcorn, and get ready for an awesome hour! (Auto advance) Elevate Slide and Underscore

Welcome, everyone! My name is __________. We have so much to do today. We’re celebrating Easter, which is a big deal! We’ll kick things off with a game, watch a team of kids create an underground newspaper known as “The Source,” we’ll have some music, and we’ll also hear the story of the very first Easter. I I think we should get started with our game! Can I get a boy and a girl volunteer? Do This: Choose two kids to play the game. Bring them up on stage and stand them behind a table.

Team Time


Game Title Slide: Star Stack and clear audio

This game is called “Star Stack.” People eat a lot of candy around Easter, but in this game, you won’t be eating candy, you’ll be stacking it! You two are going to see who can stack the most Starburst candies on top of each other in one minute. The winner is whoever has the tallest tower at the end of one minute. If your tower falls over and there’s time left, start again! Alright, before we begin, what are your names?

Do This: Allow each kid to say their name into a handheld microphone. Do This: Get the other kids cheering for who they think will win! You could build this up as a boys vs. girls game, asking “Who thinks the boys will win?” and “Who thinks the girls will win?” Then, start the game! Star Struck Lesson 5 April 20/21 5

Know This: Make sure each player has a large stack of Starburst next to them.

Let’s get stacking! Ready, set, go! 1:00 Countdown and fun game music! (Auto-Advance) Series Title Slide: Star Struck (and clear audio)

Great job, you two! It looks like the ___________ are the winners! You can both take some candy for playing. Do This: Make sure you have candy other than the Starburst for the kids to take. You may take the candy from the memory verse supply.

That game was called “Star Stack,” and we’re in a series called “Star Struck.” In this series, we’re getting to know someone who is super famous, a guy named Jesus. We’re not looking at his life when He was in front of huge crowds or in the spotlight, though. Instead, we’re learning what Jesus was like behind the scenes, at home, chilling with friends, and on road trips. We’re going to hear some of His story soon, but first, let’s get to know each other, with our question of the day! QOTD Video (Auto Advance) QOTD Slide: If you could meet any one person in the world, who would it be?

If you could meet any one person in the world, who would it be? It could be someone who is living now, or someone who lived a long time ago. Go ahead and talk about that with a couple people near you. Do This: Give kids about thirty seconds to talk with each other. Series Title Slide: Star Struck

In this series, we’ve been learning about one person whose life matters for every one of us. One person who changed our whole world.

Media: Part 1

6:00 Star Struck Lesson 5 April 20/21 6

To find out more about that, let’s check in with our friend Rue, and the Source news team! The Source: Part 1 (5:00) (Auto advance) Series Title Slide: Star Struck

Deciding to follow Jesus is a big choice, so why do people do that? You’ll get to talk to your group leaders about that in your group time. Look for the flag with your grade written on it and head over there! I’ll see you in a few minutes. Ready, set, go!

Group Time


Group Time Slide Do This: Make sure each kid finds their group. Help group leaders if there is a need. Know This: Leaders will be sharing the story of how they decided to follow Jesus. There isn’t a countdown this week, so kids are better able to focus on what their group leaders are sharing. Do This: Give the groups a warning about one minute before this time is up. You could arrange a signal ahead of time with the group leaders, such as turning the stage lights on, walking around to each group, or changing the slide to the Series Title Slide.

Application 1


Series Title Slide: Star Struck

Do This: Bring a guitar with you onto the stage. Make sure the scissors are nearby.

Star Struck Lesson 5 April 20/21 7

In a minute, we’ll find out what happens to the Source team, and we’ll hear the greatest story ever. It’s the story of our whole world, from the beginning. Before we watch that, though, there’s a part to the story that you need to know. God made our world. He made it so amazing, and He made every one of you with a great purpose. In fact, we were made to have a relationship with God, to be connected to Him, like the strings on this guitar are connected to the top. Do This: Show kids the guitar. Pluck one string and focus in on it.

This string is connected to the top of the guitar, so when I play it, it makes a musical note. Do This: Pluck that one string.

The problem in our story is, we’ve disobeyed God. We’ve lied, cheated, hurt others, been disrespectful, and done so many other things that we know are wrong. Those things are called sin, and they separate us from God. It’s like we cut ourselves off from Him. Do This: Using the scissors, cut the guitar string you’ve been plucking (only cut one string). Cut it near the top of the string. Show the kids the cut string.

This string can’t make music anymore, because it’s separated from the guitar. When we’re separated from God, it keeps us from living the way we were made to. Also, I can never put this string back exactly the way it was. I can’t work hard enough or do just the right thing to make this string work again. It’s like this with the wrong things we’ve done, too. We can’t fix them on our own. We can’t do enough good things or work hard enough to make the wrong things we’ve done go away. That’s why God had a plan. He loves us. He loves you and wants us to be connected to Him. He made us to live for Him, to follow Him, and love Him, so He wanted to do all He could to be connected to us again. The Source team is learning about that, too. It doesn’t seem like they’ll be able to fix what happened, but let’s find out what they do next.

Do This: During the video, put the first guitar backstage, and bring out a second one that has all of its strings.

Media: Part 2

9:00 Star Struck Lesson 5 April 20/21 8

The Source: Part 2 (9:00) (Auto advance) Series Title Slide: Star Struck

Jesus gave everything, His whole life, for you and me.

Application 2 and Prayer


Jesus gave everything for me.

Everything Jesus did shows how much God loves you. He gave His life so that every person could have a friendship with God. Remember our guitar? The first string was so broken, there was no way for me to fix it. I needed a new one. Do This: Show kids the guitar with all the strings.

Replacing a guitar string is easy but forgiving all the wrong things we’ve done is impossible to do on our own. That’s what Jesus did for us, though. When Jesus died, He did something no one else could do. He took the punishment for all of the sins, the wrong things we’ve done. Jesus could do this, because He is God’s son. When He came back to life, He proved that nothing could stop God’s love for us. He would do anything for you, even give His life. That sacrifice changes our lives, because now we can live for God, the way He made us to live. Jesus shows us how to live the best possible way right now, and He promises that if we follow Him, one day we’ll live in heaven, where God is. That’s why following Jesus is the greatest choice you could ever make. He loves you, and helps you every day to be who God created you to be. Do This: Strum the guitar.

It’s like our verse for this series says. 2 Corinthians 5:17- “When anyone lives in Christ, the new creation has come. The old is gone! The new is here! Do This: Read the verse from the screen. Star Struck Lesson 5 April 20/21 9

That means, when we choose to follow Jesus, He makes us like new. Do This: Strum the guitar.

He takes what we broke, our relationship with God, and makes it like new again. He wants every person to have that friendship with God. All we have to do is decide to trust and follow Him. Some of you have already made that choice, and that’s awesome. You can share what Jesus did with others, and Easter is a great time to remember how much He loves you and what He did for you. If you’re not sure about making the decision to follow Jesus today, that’s ok too. I’d love to talk with you about any questions you might have or explain more about God and Jesus. Your questions are important to us, and to God. For some of you, though, this is your day. It’s the day you decide to trust Jesus with your whole life and follow Him. Now, that doesn’t mean you’ll never do anything wrong again, but when you do, Jesus will always be with you to lead you, love you, and forgive you. In a moment, we’re going to talk to God. If you want to decide to follow Jesus, you can do that right here, right now, by telling God these things: that you are sorry for the wrong things you’ve done, that you believe Jesus died and came back to life for you, and that you want to follow Him with your whole life. Let’s all close our eyes, to help us stay focused on what we’re saying to God. If you want to decide to follow Jesus, you can pray this with me either out loud or think the words to yourself. God hears you either way. God, I know that I have sinned. I’ve made bad choices, and I am sorry. I believe that Jesus is your son. I believe that he died on the cross, took my punishment, and came back to life, so that I can be forgiven. Jesus, I ask you now Star Struck Lesson 5 April 20/21 10

to be my Leader, Savior, and friend forever. I choose to follow you. Amen. Congratulations!

If you just made the choice to follow Jesus, congratulations! I am so excited for you, and I’d like to invite you to do something special. We have these books for you that are all about following Jesus. Do This: Show kids the Following Jesus book.

If you’ve gotten one of these before, you might notice that this one has had a couple changes. If you’ve already decided to follow Jesus before, and are interested in getting this book, come and talk to me after we’re done. If you just decided to follow Jesus for the first time, though, we’d love to talk to you and give you one of these to help you start living for Jesus. Right now, I’m going to have everyone stand up! Do This: Allow everyone to stand.

If you just made the choice to follow Jesus, you can go with _____________, to get a book and learn more about what following Jesus is like! Worship Slide



The rest of us are going to spend some time singing about God and thinking about how amazing His love is. We usually do some actions with the songs we sing here, but sometimes, you might see others doing things like raising their hands when they sing to God. That’s not a dance or an action, instead, people raise their hands to show that they love God and want to be totally open to Him. You can do that with me, or simply stand and think about all that Jesus did for you, as we sing this next song. Song #1: Reckless Love

Star Struck Lesson 5 April 20/21 11

(Auto-Advance) Worship Slide

God is amazing. Let’s keep worshipping Him with another great song about following Jesus! Song #2: I Will Follow You (EBC) (Auto advance) Series Title Slide: Star Struck

It’s great singing with you all. You can sit, but let’s take a moment to talk to God. God, thank you for sending your Son, Jesus, to show us what real love is. Thank you for loving us that much and saving us. In Jesus’ name, amen.



I’m so glad all of you could be here to celebrate Easter with us! If you have any questions, feel free to ask, and if you just decided to make Jesus your leader, I want to say congrats again. That is such an awesome choice. If you come back next week, we have something special to give you. Everyone who is here next weekend will get a few gifts from us. What are they? You’ll have to come back to find out! I’ve had a lot of fun hanging out with you all today. I hope to see you all again next week! Elevate Slide

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