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SUMMER TENNIS CAMP AGENDA Our Camp goal is for your child to have fun while learning new skills. We will be focusing on all facets of the game including grips, strokes, footwork and fitness. This camp is geared toward recreation, fun and fundamentals of the game.


● Please arrive 5-10 minutes before camp starts each day. ● Tennis Racquets - Due to COVID we can no longer provide loaner racquets so please make sure your child brings their own tennis racquet. We do have some racquets for sale at the club. You can purchase at the club or purchase online and then pick it up at the club (Racquet for Sale, click here). ● Clothing - Students can wear work-out clothes and non-marking tennis shoes on the court. ● All players & parents must follow our COVID Return to Play Guidelines. During camps and group lessons parents and/or spectators that are allowed to watch can watch their child from outside the courts (parents are not allowed on the court while teaching). Items to Bring/Tennis Attire: ● ● ● ●

Water bottle Sunscreen (apply before camp & during break) Hat or visor Light colored clothing, t-shirt/gym shorts, soft sole non marking tennis shoes.

Daily Camp Agenda: ● ● ● ● ● ●

Introduction/Rules/Safety Dynamic Stretching/Warm-up Break into groups based on age and playing levels Footwork Drills / Conditioning Each day we teach/practice/review the proper technique for tennis strokes - Forehand, backhand, volleys, & serves. Point Play Development Strategies - Strategic education of sportsmanship, scoring, court positioning & shot selection.

Thank you for participating in a tennis camp with us! 39405 Murrieta Hot Springs Road, Murrieta CA 92563 (951) 698-6774 | [email protected] | www.murrietatennisclub.com