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Valued Hank's Specialties Customer, We are sending this...

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P.O. Box 120150 - New Brighton, MN 55112-0013 (800) 444-2657 - (651) 633-5020


Valued Hank’s Specialties Customer,

We are sending this letter in response to an email/letter you may have already received from FlorStar. To be honest, we were as surprised as you may have been, since zero communication was given to us regarding dual distribution in our markets. As a partner with Tarkett for over 40 years we expected more, but here we are. In any case, we wanted to send this to clarify what products from Tarkett Hank’s Specialties will be selling, supporting, and shipping.

Hank’s Specialties will continue to be a full-line commercial distributor of Tarkett products. This includes Johnsonite, Azrock, Commercial sheet goods, LVT, and accessory products. As you are all aware these commercial installations require a high level of knowledge, expertise, and stock to service your needs. Nothing on that side is changing with Hank’s. We will continue to provide same high levels of service, stock, and experience that you have come to count on. We are here to support you, the customer! On the Tarkett residential side, as of October 6th, 2021, Hank’s Specialties and Tarkett Residential will no longer be in a partnership. Hank’s is already in the process of bringing new, innovative products to your markets and we will share those in the upcoming weeks and months.

Please reach out to your local salesperson, branch location, anyone at Hank’s in New Brighton, MN with any questions or concerns you have. We value our partnership with our customers above all else and wanted to get you this information as quickly as we could.

Thanks again for your continued support and we hope everyone is having a great summer.

Regards, Bruce and Randy Grachek