8-7-16 bulletin

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♥WELCOME♥ TOWNLINE MENNONITE CHURCH www.townlinechurch.com ~ Leadership Team ~ Dean Yoder, Amos Raber, Ryan Eash, John Miller, Garrett Martin, Robbie Royal, Andrew Royal Overseer – Eddie Graber Our Mission is to exemplify Christ's love to those we meet in our daily walk; and exalt the name of Jesus through teaching His Word, Praying, Singing, Encouragement and Admonition.

August 7, 2016 Chorister: Ryan Eash

Sunday School 9:30 AM “Called to Be Ambassadors” 2 Cor.5:14-21, 6:14-7:1

Faith Builders Class in Auditorium

Morning Worship Services 10:20 AM General Offering & Pastoral Offering Announcements ~ Dean Yoder 'WMP hand rising vote for Aug. 13,' Worship Time ~

Message: Victor Dodson Greeters Aug. 7: Mel Eashs, Steve Overholts Aug. 14: Ryan Eashs, Dean Yoders Aug. 21: Jonathan Royals, Wayne Yoders Piano/offertory: Heather Eash General:$1,285.00, Pastoral Offering: $180.00, Ethan: $165.00

Birthday Aug. 8: Erika Miller (10), Aug.12: Steve Overholt

This eve. No Services here --- 6 P.M. outdoor hymn-sing at Dr. Loren Helmuth's north of Westview High School, out on the lawn.

Announcements♦♦ 1. NEXT Sun eve. Aug. 14: ??? 2. The church camp-out will be August 26 - 28 at Garrett Martin's home. Sign-sheet on bulletin board.

3. The young ladies Radiant Purity Conference is August 26-27. For all of you gals who wish to attend, don't forget to register! 4. Townline Church is offering grief-share ( A thirteen week DVD series) each session is self-contained it so you are welcome to attend at any point starting Tuesday evenings August 23rd through November 15 for more info call Mary at 574 304 3276 5. Check the new MDS opportunities. Projects & employment. -North Bulletin Board 6. LAMPLIGHTERS: Remember to come to the ice cream social Friday evening the 12th here at church, 6:30. Bring snacks to go with ice cream. 7. Father and son breakfast and forenoon at Dean Yoder's place do not forget to sign up. August 13, 7 A.M.- Noon, ages 12 yrs. -18 yrs, 8. Creating a Charitable Legacy" held at Everence 1110 N. Main St. Goshen Aug 25.Respond by Aug.11 to [email protected] See bulletin on bulletin board

Dates to Remember ♥ August 12: 6:30 P.M. Lamplighter Ice cream social at church, ♥ August 13: Father & Son Breakfast ♥ August 16: Sewing ~ ♥ August 17: Church Business Meeting ♥ August 23: Grief-share ♥ August 26-27: young ladies Radiant Purity Conference ♥ August 26 – 28 - church camp-out

Prayer Reminder ♥ Widows, Widower, Brotherhood @ Townline Church ♥ Church Leadership Team ♥ Dean & Abby Yoder ♥ Our President Obama and his advisers ♥ Darlene & Stanley Yoder ♥ Ethan Royal ♥ Stan & Elvera Miller & Family ♥ Future leadership of our nation ♥ Wilma Slabach ♥ Amos & Margaret Raber & Family