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OCTOBER 15, 2017 Welcome to Lincoln! We are glad you chose to worship with us today! Call to Worship 9:00 am - Al Van Selow, Administrative Pastor 10:45 am - Tom BetGeorge, Director of Music / Worship Leader Worship Music Selection 9:00 am Good Good Father This Is My Father’s World Come Thou Fount How Deep The Father’s Love Worthy Is The Lamb

10:45 am Sing Sing Sing Good Good Father No Longer Slaves How Deep The Father’s Love Worthy Is The Lamb

Prayer of Praise / Pass the Peace My Story - Matt Kirkland, Spiritual Formation Pastor Announcements / Offering Introduction - Bob Mitchell, Senior Pastor (K-6th grade are dismissed to Sunday School) Offertory Morning Prayer - Tom BetGeorge, Director of Music / Worship Leader Sermon

“A Past Opportunity” Ephesians 5:16-17 Pastor Bob Mitchell

Benediction Prelude / Postlude - Tom BetGeorge, Director of Music / Worship Leader Worship Team Vocals - Ed Bates, Harry Ulep, Rebekah Thomas Worship Team Band - Harry Ulep, John Montalvo, Ian Brown, Tess Reynolds

Sermon Notes “Be very careful then how you live, not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity.” Ephesians 5:16 A Church Always Reforming • In the shadow of Martin Luther

What’s On The Other Side of Your ‘Opportunity’?

I Don’t Have A Say in Every Factor That Influences My Opportunities, But I Do Have a Say in A Great Number of Them

In Most Opportunities, God Is Incognito

Our Incognito God Works In The Intersections of Our Lives

Opportunities Are Often Disguised As Interruptions

Opportunities Are Not Without Obstacles

Next Sunday Pastor Matt Kirkland Upcoming Events Open House Farewell - October 29 Trunk or Treat - October 31 Classes on Sunday 7:25 am – "Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament" is a 10-week study giving insights and understanding of Jesus as the fulfillment of scripture, specifically in Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Join us in the Fireside Room at 7:25 a.m., includes continental breakfast. Led by Patrice Verhines and Carol Bedell. 9:00 & 10:45 am – KidZone Children, 1st through 6th grades - dismissed during Passing the Peace. Nursery care is provided for children ages 0-2. Preschool Class – Children, ages 2-6. 9:00 am - “My Story” Led by Merrilee Chapman in the Library. 10:20 am - “My Story” Led by Lise Karnes in the Pastor Matt’s Office. 10:20 am - “The Gospel of Luke” Led by Pastor Al Van Selow, in the Fireside Room. Youth Sunday School (7-10th grades) “Jesus Is”, meets in the Youth Room during 2nd service, after being dismissed during Passing the Peace. Wednesday 6:00 pm - A Book by Book Journey Through the Bible Led by Ed Miller in the Fireside Room.

Announcements Pastor Appreciation Month: We are promoting Pastor Appreciation in October. Each Sunday in October we will have a box at the information desk in our Lobby available for worshipers to place cards of appreciation addressed to individual Pastors: Al Van Selow, Matt Kirkland, Fred Jantz, and Bob Mitchell. Farewell Open House Reception: Sunday, October 29 from 2-4pm, in Agape Hall. Please drop by as we say good-bye to the Kirkland Family. If you would like to help with this event, please contact Lori DeMercurio @ 471-1998. Trunk or Treat: Lincoln will again be hosting this annual event on Tuesday, October 31 from 6-8pm. There are many ways you can help: Supplying and decorating a trunk with a game/candy, Cooking Hot Dogs, Donating candy or $$$ to purchase candy, Helping with cleanup, Helping with parking, Helping with treat distribution. If you would like to be involved in any way, please indicate it on the attached connect card or talk to Kristen, our Children’s Director. Help needed: We have an immediate need for 2nd service clickers to scroll through the words on the wall. If you can help, please note on your Connect Card or contact the office. Thank you: We would like to thank everyone who over the past few years has prayed for our daughter Laura. Three years ago today she had a kidney transplant, that was unfortunately followed by post-transplant lymphoma. Today however, her kidney is doing great and she is cancer free. We feel so blessed to have had so many people lifting her up in prayer and are eternally grateful to God for all that He has done. ~ Frank & Barbara Beasley

Please Pray for . . . • Nikki Lowery with The Pregnancy Help Center in Stockton • Loretta Pipes, Ina Moreno, Barbara Vallandingham, Angie Marulo, Babe Ennis, Irene Cromer, Irma St. John, Ron & Mary Bruegel, Shirley Grimes, Georgia Conner, Barry & Connie Baxter, Anna Woods, Harriet Myrick, Dorothy Swoverland, Charlene Nelson, Pat Winterberg, Joanna Stone, Suedee Howell, Bill Halboth, Art Mockler, Nadine Kuhlman, Nancy Alameda, the Knapp Family

Prayer Families . . . • Howard & Marjory Stokes…Praises and thankfulness for healing and looking forward to good health. • Ken & Cynthia Stoub…Prayers for the Knapp family and the rest of the families affected by the fires. • Steve & Sandy Stoddard, Jeremy & Amanda Stogner

To reach the Prayer Chain, call Terri Long, 957-3816 or email her at [email protected]

Worship Assistants Greeters: 9:00 am - Sandy Harmon, Jennifer Gutierrez Ushers: 9:00 am - Tim Sass, Howard Stokes, Dave Hungerford, Leroy Alford 10:45 am - Dave & Sharon Olney Video Tech: 9:00 am - Sandy Parker Security: 9:00 am - Jim Duncan 10:45 am - Bob Yamaguchi

Our Mission: To know and love God, to know and love people, and bring the two together through Jesus Christ. 900 Douglas Road ● Stockton ● 95207 ● 477-2783 Email: [email protected] Website: www.lincolnpres.org Office Hours: Monday — Friday, 8:30am to noon & 1-4:30pm