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LIVE LIFE a healthy

September 1-30

Achieve $1,000 in Customer Sales & Earn: SEACRET SPORT TOWELS (2) $2,500+ in Customer Sales: SEACRET GYM BAG In SEPTEMBER, Agents who achieve $1,000 or more in customer sales will receive TWO SEACRET SPORT TOWELS. Agents with $2,500 or more in customer sales will also receive a SEACRET GYM BAG.

Earn TWO SEACRET SPORT TOWELS when you achieve $1,000 or more in customer sales. Perfect for just about any sports activity, each towel is made of extremely absorbent and quick drying microfiber; and arrives in a mesh/nylon bag with drawstring closure. Go ahead. Get your SWEAT on!

The SEACRET GYM BAG is the perfect companion for your next adventure. Whether you’re heading to the gym for a workout or out of town for a weekend event, this Seacret-branded gym bag is great for starting conversations about your favorite skincare and wellness products. Earn BOTH the towel and the bag when you have $2,500 or more in customer sales.

Who do you know? Browse through the contacts on your phone and social channels and book your SEPTEMBER Experiences today! Earners will receive their reward in OCTOBER. / Earners Announced on Facebook.

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