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Accelerate your advantage. ThingSpace Ready

Staying ahead of the competition is not just a figure of speech. Gaining—and keeping—a competitive edge sometimes means literally getting your Internet of Things (IoT) device to market faster than the next person. If you’re getting slowed down during device development and deployment, we can help give you the boost you need. Our ThingSpace platform has already been a valuable resource in helping OEMs prototype, test and connect IoT ideas and quickly get them to market. That process has just gotten even faster with ThingSpace Ready.

But ThingSpace Ready simplifies this process with: • Prenegotiated, transparent pricing for popular cellular modules only on Verizon ThingSpace. • Design-house partnerships that can help simplify cellular design. • New, global-capable SIMs tailored for IoT. • Free device certification to help reduce risk (through December 31, 2018). • Advanced life-cycle features such as diagnostics, location and security.

Take the fast track. ThingSpace Ready is an accelerator program that enables easier cellular IoT onboarding with Verizon, the nation’s most reliable wireless network. Instead of the challenging and time-consuming effort of working with individual vendors to design and assemble components for your IoT devices, ThingSpace Ready has carefully curated partnerships with design houses, module providers and SIM manufacturers. So you get easy access to the hardware and solutions you need to create your IoT device, all with upfront and transparent pricing.

Traditional IoT device development can be time consuming because it requires you to:

Save time. Gain value. Beyond the time you’ll save getting your IoT device to market faster, ThingSpace Ready also comes with these valuable benefits: • Credit for up to 100 hours of free consulting to use with our experienced design house partners • Per-device rebates when new end devices are activated on the award-winning Verizon 4G LTE network (terms and conditions apply) • Access to self-serve portals and application programming interfaces (APIs) for IoT device life-cycle management

• Review extensive selections of modules. • Negotiate module pricing.

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• Select a SIM distributor.

For more information on how Verizon ThingSpace Ready can help you get on a fast and affordable path to IoT device development and deployment, contact your Verizon Wireless business specialist or visit

• Negotiate price and fulfillment. • Build the device. • Certify the device. • Activate the device on a cellular network.

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