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Adult Education Monday nights, 7pm in Laughlin Hall September 11—December 11 In this series we will explore a diverse and exciting array of topics, featuring a study on Women in the Bible. Our full schedule is below. September 11: Bible Study

October 30: Guest Speaker | VK McCarty Prisca & Paul: Fellow Tent-Makers & Missionaries September 18: Guest Speaker | Richard Kigel Acts 18:2-3, 18, 26; Rom 16:3-4; 1 Cor 16:19; 2Tim 4:19 “Becoming Abraham Lincoln” With her husband, Aquila, Prisca is witnessed in ScripThis vivid, authentic account of Abraham Lincoln in his ture as a supporting presence throughout the ministry of formative years is told by those who were there—his Paul, opening her home and tent-making workshop to friends and family. We see Lincoln as he was, according him, and she is acknowledged as a teacher, even of the to law partner William “Billy” Herndon, “just as he lived, philosopher, Apollos. breathed, ate and laughed in this world.” November 6: Guest Speaker | Dr Andrea Weiss September 25: Guest Speaker | VK McCarty Nevertheless She Persisted: Abigail and the Power of Persuasion Lydia: „The Lord Opened her Heart‟ As part of the story of King David, in 1 Samuel 25 we meet Abigail, a clever woman who confronts David in Acts 16:14-15; 16:40 The purple-fabric dealer from 1st C Philippi, Lydia, is de- order to right a wrong committed by her husband. We scribed in Scripture at the moment of her Christian con- will explore how she effectively wields the one weapon at version, which offers exciting questions to ponder about her disposal—language—to save the day. belief in Jesus Christ and how one women responded in faith. November 13: Guest Speaker | VK McCarty Phoebe: Paul's Sister in Gospel Leadership Rom 16:1-2 What does it mean that Phoebe is the first person to be October 2: Bible Study cited in the New Testament as a Deacon? We will examine Paul's praise of her and the intriguing possibilities of October 9: No Adult Education her leadership in ministry. October 16: Bible Study November 20: No Adult Education October 23: Guest Speaker | Dr. Deirdre Good November 27—December 11: Bible Study 1 Timothy 2:11-14 Biblical injunctions against women may in fact tell us more about the writer than about the social position of women in the New Testament. The focus in the text is on the problem of "women,” and by means of such texts we can see the ideological uses of interpretation to authorize and sustain certain relationships of domination, and the way that a male author in a position of power uses gender categories at a certain time and place to support women‟s subordination.

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