Allan, Danny, and Daniel

Allan, Danny, and Daniel -

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Allan, Danny, and Daniel

From left to right, Allan, Daniel, and Danny enjoying the patio in the back yard.

Dear Expectant Parent, Thank you for taking the time to consider our letter, and for the brave and generous decision you are considering making. We hope this letter gives you a chance to learn about us and see the abundance of love we offer to one another, and will share with a child.

Celebrating a big day with Daniel!

Daniel is happy to have us home from work!

So happy to have his Easter Bunny!

About Us Enjoying a parade with Mr. Peanut!

Post dinner walk on a Florida beach!

Danny and Allan in Provincetown

ABrief History of Us

Danny competing in yet another marathon!

We’ve been together for almost 11 years, and have done so much growing together. We’ve rescued two dogs and one cat, love our careers, and we bought a house and made it a home. We also got married in 2010, celebrating with family and friends.


Danny was raised a country boy. Along with his siblings, he spent many years raising animals for a local 4-H club. He moved to Columbus for college, graduated, and is enjoying teaching elementary school students. Danny is also quite a runner. He ran cross country in college and has a goal of running a marathon in every state! He’s run 14 so far, including the Boston Marathon. When he’s not running, he enjoys baking desserts, hosting parties for friends and family, and trying to take care of our yard despite our dogs’best efforts to destroy it.

So much to be thankful for on Thanksgiving!

We were lucky enough to adopt Daniel in summer 2016. We both took paternity leave, and enjoyed the 3 months we had to adjust to parenthood and get to know this sweet little boy. Daniel is kind, smart, and loves to laugh. He’s going to be a great big brother.



Allan grew up with his twin sister and parents in Cleveland, where they all still live and he still manages to talk to at least one of them pretty much every day. He moved to Columbus to attend law school and is now a practicing attorney. InAllan’s downtime, he finds comfort on the tennis court, as he tries to recapture his tennis glory from his youth. When working and tennis aren’t keeping him busy, he likes to read nerdy fiction, closely follow current events, and enjoy a good laugh with our large circle of friends.

Allan hitting another winner!

Allan Says

A few pictures of Danny being Danny!

I knew very soon after meeting Danny that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. He is the most unique person I have ever met, and his insistence on being himself makes it easy for people to feel comfortable with him. Whether he is training for a marathon, building tables out of reclaimed wood for our house with my dad, or cooking a Friends-giving meal for a large group, Danny throws himself into life. His enthusiasm, combined with the love he always shows Daniel and me, show me what a great dad he is and will be our future children.

Danny Says

Celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary!

Daniel Says Well, not really. He’s not quite up to talking in sentences or writing yet. But, when he can talk, we hope he will tell you that he feels safe and loved every day. That his home is one of fun, games, doggies, a kitty, and two dads who think the world of him. How he is excited to be a big brother and to have a sibling to learn with, play with, and share his infectious laugh and curiosity with. And how he knows our family is full of love and ready to grow.

Allan is hands-down one of the greatest men on earth. Allan is a champion in many areas of his life: in his tennis league, in a friendly board game, and in the court room. What sets him apart though, is his affection for his family, friends, and me that shines through in both joyous times and times of sorrow. He has an ability to love and listen without passing judgment and he views the world with an open lens. Allan has accepted my family as his own, without reservation. Allan is a terrific father, and there is not a doubt in my mind that he will continue to be a fantastic father to future children. Allan truly is the total package.

Allan reading with a niece, on a hike, and being silly with one our nephews.

A family picture with Allan’s half of the family!

Helping to make dinner time fun!

Our parenting style Our parenting style will focus on providing unconditional love and support for our children, while also providing them the space and freedom to develop individual interests and dreams. We envision a childhood filled with friends and family, time to play outside and develop a curiosity about the world, and all of the educational opportunities that we have been so lucky to experience. We plan to teach our children the importance of hard work, the value of community, and the necessity of thinking critically about the world we live in. Most importantly, our children will always know they are loved and supported, and always have a place to call home.

Thank you As you think about this decision, there is one thing we can promise you. We promise to provide your child a wonderful life filled with love, family, friends, learning, and fun. We have had the desire to be parents from very early on in our relationship and it is one of the cornerstones of our relationship. We are very grateful you have considered us in your decision making. We would love for our child to know his or her mother or parents, if that is something you are open to. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little bit, and for considering us as you make that decision.

Celebrating Thanksgiving with Danny’s Grandma, siblings, and their better halves.

Frosting spring themed cookies Danny made with good friends.