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American Chemical Society 2017 Committee Information Sheet Committee

Committee on International Activities (IAC)


Joint Board-Council Committee Appointed by the President and Board Chair The International Activities Committee is a resource for proactively advocating, catalyzing, initiating, and implementing ACS international activities, conferences, and initiatives pertaining to education and research & development of broad scientific understanding, appreciation of chemistry, and promotion of the image of chemistry. This will happen in collaboration with other national and international organizations. Semiannually, at each national meeting. The full Committee generally meets all day on the Saturday proceeding the meeting week.

Mission Statement

Normal Meeting Schedule

Reimbursement Policy

Staff Liaison

ConC Liaison Website

IAC Subcommittees (Americas and Africa, Europe and the Middle East, and Asia / Pacific Basin) convene throughout the year in telephone conference calls. ACS will reimburse non-Councilor committee members, associates, and consultants for reasonable, ordinary and necessary transportation, lodging, and meal expenses incurred by attending meetings of Council-related committees at national meetings, up to an amount equal to 50% of the amount Councilors can be reimbursed under the Non-Councilor Travel Expense Program. For Councilors, reimbursement is provided through the Councilors Travel Expense Program. If necessary, ACS will reimburse certain travel expenses incurred due to authorized committee meetings and work performed outside of national meetings. Bradley Miller Tele: (202) 872-4088 Email: [email protected] Christopher J. Bannochie