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The Tutorial System

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rpHE TUTORIAL SYSTEM at Oxford and Cambridge has been for several A centuries the preferred method of education in Britain. Its excel­ lence has rarely been questioned. However, developments in Britain since World War II expressed by a lack of industrial growth and effici­ ency and the present phenomenal growth of technological colleges have caused considerable discussion in educational circles as to the aims of education in Britain. Industry reports that the traditional narrow specialization at Oxford and Cambridge is poor preparation for the young man entering business or industrial research. In addition, it is extremely difficult to enter these two institutions. It is not surprising therefore, that the technical colleges are flourishing and new ones are be­ ing founded as it appears they are needed for training in the neglected fields of applied science. It is significant that Oxford has appointed a commission headed by Lord Franks, Provost of Worchester College, to examine the aims and results of the tutorial system as related to modern needs in education. This self-examination by such a venerable institution founded in the 12th century is a commendable project. They are not only looking at their own procedures but are asking prominent people in all segments of British life to give opinions that they hope will permit constructive adaptation of the tutorial system to present-day British professional and industrial needs. The study is not undertaken to solve a crisis for there is none; hence, the commission intends to gather and digest its in­ formation over a period of two years. Unfortunately in education today there seems to be widening gap between the scholar and the technical expert and it is hoped that with skill and understanding this gap can be narrowed to the benefit of education and research in all disciplines.



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