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The most complete listing of college chemistry faculties in the U.S. and Canada

News $785, ACS members; $855, nonmembers Liquid Chromatography: Theory and Practice. Blacksburg, Va. Dec. 10-13. Harold McNair. $695, ACS members; $775, nonmembers

Start Your Oim Analytical Chemistry Refemtce Libmry

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College Chemistry Faculties Sixth Edition Covering 2,400 two-year and fouryear colleges and universities in the U.S. and Canada, COLLEGE CHEMISTRY FACULTIES lists the current affiliations and major teaching fields of over 18,000 faculty members. A multi-purpose reference, COLLEGE CHEMISTRY FACULTIES is an important tool for researchers, recruiters, industrial chemistry labs, students and teachers as well as college and high school counselors and libraries. It provides: 1. State-by-state listings of in­ stitutions snowing degrees of­ fered, staff members and their ma­ jor fields, department address and phone number. 2. Index of faculity members' names. 3. Index of institutions. Soft cover, SV2" χ 11". 204 pages...$34.00

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For Your Information A new FORTRAN program, called NBSGSC, has been developed at the National Bureau of Standards and is designed to be a fundamental param­ eter program for correcting X-ray ab­ sorption/enhancement phenomena. NBSGSC can be used in the analysis of alloys, pressed minerals, and fused specimens. It is intended for use in analyzing samples where direct X-ray tube excitation is used. A report on "NBSGSC—A FORTRAN Program for Quantitative X-ray Fluorescence Analysis" is available for $4.50 from the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Alfa-Laval are undertaking a cooperative venture to establish the Center for Bioprocess Separations Research at MIT. Its ma­ jor objective is to investigate new technologies and approaches to meet the future needs of the biotechnology industry. The research will focus on separations chemistry, process model­ ing, and separations science simula­ tion, control, and integration. U.S. op­ erations of Alfa-Laval are headquar­ tered at 2115 Linwood Ave., Ft. Lee, N.J. 07024 (201-592-7800). Chemical Abstracts Service will of­ fer 15 new topics in its CA Select? se­ ries of biweekly current awareness bulletins beginning in January. New topics to be offered are acid rain and acid air, ceramic materials, chemical vapor deposition, color science, con­ ductive polymers, electrically conduc­ tive organics, electronic chemicals and materials, free radicals, laser-induced chemical reactions, organic optical materials, phase transfer catalysis, photochemical organic synthesis, pho­ toresists, polymerization kinetics and process control, and spectrochemical analysis. For further information con­ tact Chemical Abstracts Service, 2540 Olentangy River Rd., P.O. Box 3012, Columbus, Ohio 43210.


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