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ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP COMMITMENT LEVELS The Texas Healthcare and Bioscience Institute (THBI) is a statewide organization of all academic and research institutions interested in working together to build the healthcare and bioscience industries and partnerships in Texas. The Council will collaborate on public policy focused on innovation and preserving a steady business climate for job recruitment and retention. Select one: ______ $1,000 Academic Member • Access to BIO purchasing program offering a nationwide network of savings opportunities • Invitation to monthly President’s calls featuring discussions on current policy issues • Invitation to THBI member events • Opportunity to provide content for THBI’s weekly newsletter and social media channels • Company name on THBI website ______ $3,000 Academic Member + BIO • Participation (for one person) as a recognized sponsor in the Texas delegation at the Annual BIO International Convention • Registration for one person to attend the annual THBI Summit • All benefits above ______ $5,000 Academic Member + Committee • One seat on a Policy Committee. Meet quarterly and drive the calendar of events and agenda for the year. • Opportunity for seat on the THBI Board of Directors (by invitation) • Registration for two at annual THBI Summit • Access to providing topics of discussion at THBI policy events hosted throughout the year. o THBI will facilitate planning and help bring together staff and legislators you want for an audience. You will lead the discussion/provide information. We invite you to use this opportunity to amplify what your government affairs efforts and highlight your public policy agenda, and/or to allow this opportunity to one of your member companies or board members o Opportunities may include: Site visit/facility tour, discussions at the Capitol (THBI’s Taco Tuesdays hosted with select group of Capitol staff and/or Legislators), round table discussions and receptions. • Subscription to THBI legislative bill tracking and committee/regulatory hearing briefing updates. (Exclusive to communities and EDC organizations at this price- all other THBI members pay $15k+ annually.) • All benefits above To become a THBI member, please fill out details on the reverse side and email to [email protected]

MEMBERSHIP COMMITMENT FORM Sign up to participate on a Policy Committee (for members at the $5k level and above only). Eligible members can join as many committees as desired. ______ Research and Development Committee Focus areas:  Higher Education  Ag. Bio  Manufacturing  Commercialization ______ Access to Innovation Committee Focus areas:  Value of prescription drugs and health prevention efforts  Medicaid  Patient access ______ Economic Development/BioTexas Committee Focus areas:  Tax and business policy  Workforce  BIO Convention * If you would like to host a public policy briefing or site visit, contact Julia Perkins at [email protected]

Company/Organization ______________________________________________________________________ Contact Name______________________________________Email___________________________________ Address___________________________________________________________________________________ City___________________________State__________Zip______________ Phone_______________________ To pay by credit card, please complete the below (all credit card payments are subject to 5% service fee). Type of Card_________________________ Credit Card Number_____________________________________ Expiration _____________ CVC______________Signature__________________________________________ For questions or information, contact Julia Perkins at 512-236-1001 or [email protected] All dues are required paid in full by January 31, 2018