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Robin Property Rental Application Form Applicant First Name* Applicant Surname* Sex Date of Birth No. of Adults and/or children intending to live in property* Marital Status Employment Type* (please tick any/all that apply)

Male  Female 

Singe/Married/Divorced/Separated/Widow Full Time  Part-Time  Retired  Student  Unemployed  DHSS 

Occupation Contact Number* Email Address National Insurance Number*

Will the tenant bring a pet? If yes, please state how many/type of pet


Do you, or any persons living in the property smoke?*


What is your current housing situation

Rent  Live with Parents  Sold house  Other 

If the answer above was rent, how much notice do you need to give? Provided copy of ID, passport or driving licence Provided 3 month’s payslips Provided evidence of housing benefit

Yes  No  Yes  No  Yes  No  N/A 

Address of Property applying for Affordable rent  I consent to providing my information that will be stored with Robin Property Rentals. Signed ________________________________________________________ Please return completed form to [email protected] or 114 High Street, Holywood, BT189HW.