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Sermon series: The Doctor’s Cure Text: Luke 24:44-49 Description: Jesus gives every believer/church the mission to proclaim the gospel message to the world; it is the priority of our lives. Delivered: September 13, 2020

Jesus’ Mission for Us A task takes _________________ ____________ and matters for a ______________; a mission takes a ___________________ and matters ___________________.

1. What’s our Mission and by what Power will we Accomplish it? Luke 24:46, 49 a. Mission: _______________ the _______________ _______________. 46-47

b. Power: _____________ _____________. The Christian Mission is to proclaim the message that Jesus died and rose again so that people who repent and trust Him will be forgiven of sins.

2. Do both lines matter? (start & finish lines) Luke 24:47 a. Jerusalem b. Nations (“people groups”) i. Is there still a need for the mission? Of 7.8 billion people, over 2 billion still wait for a messenger.

Application •

So, how are we doing with Jesus’ mission? Is that ours? Or is another one ours? ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

Begin praying for—and supporting one of Keystone’s missionaries Tell God you’re open to being sent as a missionary Begin praying for HS to nudge you when there’s someone for you to speak to Begin reviewing every past week to see where you missed opportunities to talk about Jesus. Pray each morning for the chance to point someone to Jesus.


To think about… • Read the various eyewitness accounts of when Jesus assigned His mission in Matthew 28:18-20, Mark 16:8b, and Luke 24:47. How are they alike, and what unique points does each make that the other/s don’t? • Can you state the Christian mission in your own words? Would you say it’s your mission? If so, how does it affect you? • How have you tried to keep Jesus’ mission your priority? • Reread Luke 24:49 and explain why you think Jesus didn’t want them to move out until they had the Holy Spirit? Does that say anything to you? How do you personally try to access the Spirit’s power? • What scares you most about proclaiming the gospel message?