april 1998

1 Whole Grain Rich. Cereal w/milk. Bagel and Juice. 2 Goldfish Crackers &. Applesauce. Pretzel and Cheese Cubes. 5 Whole Grain Rich. Cereal with Milk...

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 Menu May Change 5 Whole Grain Rich Cereal with Milk

THURSDAY 1 Whole Grain Rich Cereal w/milk

FRIDAY 2 Goldfish Crackers & Applesauce

Bagel and Juice

Pretzel and Cheese Cubes

6 Juice and cheese stick

7 Cottage Cheese and Peaches

8 Toast with Cinnamon Sugar & Milk

9 Whole Grain Rich Cereal with Milk

Pretzels and Fresh Fruit

PB& J and Milk

Wheat Thins & String Cheese

Peanut Butter & Ritz Crackers

12 Animal Crackers & Milk

13 Whole Grain Rich Cereal with Milk

14 Fresh Fruit and Wheat Thins

15 Whole Grain Rich Cereal with Milk

16 String Cheese and Apples

Graham Crackers Milk

Cheez-its & Juice

Celery and cucumbers with saltine crackers

Bagel and Pineapple Tidbits

Pizza Crackers

19 Whole Grain Rich Cereal with Milk

20 Goldfish crackers and Juice

21 Toasted Crackers & Cheese Cubes

22 Animal Cracker and Milk

23 Whole Grain Rich Cereal with Milk

Ham & Cheese on Club Crackers 26

Carrots and cucumbers with Wheat Thins 27 Graham Cracker & Juice

Graham Crackers & Milk

Toast with cheese

28 English Muffin and Cheese

Tortilla Chips with Salsa & Milk 29 Toast w/Peanut Butter

Life Cereal and Milk

Turkey Tortilla roll-up

Pancake & Milk

Gorp & Milk

Cheez-its and Milk

Center Closed

30 Whole Grain Rick Cereal & Milk

Menu is available for viewing on our website at: www.trinityct.org