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LAITY CHECK-IN / REGISTRATION Credential/Attendance Certification Form - 233rd Annual Session – 2017 INDICATE YOUR CURRENT STATUS BY CHECKING ALL THAT APPLY

Check all that apply:

 Local Church Lay Member  Lay Member at Large  Youth

 Young Adult


 District

 Local Church Reserve Lay Member  Diaconal Minister  Active -DM

 Home Missioner

 Retired-DR

 Deaconess - DC

Voting privileges are based on the 2012 Book of Discipline

BWC Annapolis District: (If Applicable)

Central MD

Baltimore Metropolitan

Attendance:  Laity Session (Wed.)


Baltimore Suburban  Wednesday


Greater Washington

 Thursday

 Friday

Print Full Name (First, M.I., Last) Home Phone

Washington East

 Saturday

_____________________ Cell Phone




E-mail Address Home Street Address City


__________________ Church ID

Church City/State


Printed Name of Pastor Signing Below PASTOR’S SIGNATURE Lay Member’s credentials must be signed by the pastor of the church in which their membership resides.

Present form in person at the Annual Conference Laity Check-In Area (if pre-registered) or the Registration Area (if registering on-site) to pick up your badge, voting card and electronic voting unit. This form is NOT required to attend the Pre-Conference Information Session– Do NOT Mail Please use care when entering your information as it will be used to update our conference database