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CONTENTS We hope that the following pages will convey our passion for creating the very finest bathrooms. If they do, then perhaps treat yourself to a visit to one of our showrooms where you can appreciate to the full the tactile, sensuous desirability of a C.P. Hart bathroom.

Introduction ........................................ 5 Basins, Bidets & WC’s ....................... 7 Taps & Shower Controls................... 35 Baths ................................................. 59 Showers............................................. 73 Furniture............................................ 79 Heating .............................................. 95 Accessories ...................................... 101 Contracts .......................................... 111 Website ............................................. 112 Clearance Centres ........................... 113 Showrooms ...................................... 115

© C.P. Hart 2013 E & OE - Feb 13 Edition


PRINCIPLES CLOSE TO OUR HART Every bathroom and every customer is unique. We’ll work with you, your tastes and needs and create a bespoke design with you at its heart.

REAL EXPERTISE We have one of the most experienced, understanding and highly trained design and sales teams in the industry.

HIGHEST QUALITY SERVICE We’re here to make life easier for you every step of the way. Our desire is for you to be delighted with your C.P. Hart bathroom today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

PERSONAL GUARANTEED C.P. Hart is known for its high standard of service and is often praised for dedication to our customers’ cause. Our service is supported by a sophisticated infrastructure, designed around our customers’ evolving needs. As the largest retailer of designer bathrooms in the UK, we have strong relationships with our manufacturers. We offer more exclusive ranges from recognised brands than anyone else, as part of a portfolio that now exceeds 50,000 products. At any one time, we carry around £4 million worth of products, housed in our 36,000 sq ft Dartford facility. Stock products are normally delivered within 72 hours, with a QuickShip programme available for more urgent needs. Staged deliveries are also available, so that the right components of your new bathroom arrive at the right time. What’s more, we have our very own fleet of lorries and vans. Our drivers know how to look after your products and continually strive towards customer satisfaction.

Opposite page John Hart - 1982.




Hayon Diamante Basin






Designed by internationally acclaimed designer Jaime Hayon for Bisazza Bagno. Although clearly influenced by Art Deco, Hayon has taken advantage of cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to create a strikingly contemporary collection.

Spanish artist, industrial designer and darling of the European design and style media, Jaime Hayon describes himself as non-conformist and perfectionist. His neo-Baroque Organico collection, includes a truly magnificent double-width bath - combining elegance, decadence and style in a way that perhaps only the new Spain is capable of. Accessories and basins are available in gold, platinum, black or white finishes.

Top left: Hayon Diamante basins with large table frame Bottom left: Hayon Diamante basin

Top left: Hayon Organico basin with lamp on small table Bottom left: Hayon Organico basin with mirror

Bottom right: Hayon Diamante roomset

Above: Hayon Organico basin with mirror on large table




Bowls and basins by Italian manufacturer Glass Design come in almost infinite permutations of shape, colour and materials. Versatile alloys, polymers, ceramics and resins allow full expression to the designer’s art.

The TOTO NEOREST Series LE & SE is a whole new way to rest, refresh and clean. Automatic lift and close, heated lavatory seats, are just one example of the way in which this collection extends the boundaries of what is possible in the bathroom.

MUSE You’ll be inspired by these high-quality Italian glazed ceramic basins – available in green, black or white. They are designed to minimise water usage without compromising on either the joy or the practicalities of cleansing and relaxing.

Top left: Venice bowl gold/silver Bottom left: Alumix Bowl


Top centre: Venice bowl silver/blackBottom centre: Muse free standing basin

Bottom right: Muse wall hung pan

Top left: TOTO Neorest roomset Bottom left: TOTO Neorest basin & mixer

Bottom centre: TOTO Neorest wall hung pan & remote control

Bottom centre: TOTO Neorest pan washlets




Warm wooden elements contrast with the clean white ceramic surfaces of the 2nd Floor collection of baths, basins, WCs and bathroom furniture. Personalise your bathroom. Match it precisely to your design vision with an infinite range of coloured wood panels.

A reputation for breathtaking and pioneering design precedes every creation by Alessi. The effortless curves and sensuous forms bear the unmistakable hallmark of a design house committed to creating the ultimate in bathroom design.

COLONY A large program of sanitary ware that has four types of basin design and a large selection of pans and bidets. The circle & the oval are the the two geometric shapes that drive the design of this range which offers solutions for any size of space.

Top left: 2nd Floor roomset Bottom left: 2nd Floor washbasin


Centre bottom: 2nd Floor close coupled pan

Bottom right: 2nd Floor washbasin with inner basin stainless steel

Centre left: Colony wall hung pan & bidet Bottom left: Colony Washbasin

Top centre: Alessi One table top wash bowl Centre: Colony console basin Centre bottom: Colony counter basin

Top right: Alessi One free standing basin




Space-age materials enable designers to create sharp, dynamic shapes that wouldn't be possible in ceramics. Composite basins with ultra-resistant polymer surfaces are smooth to the touch, effortless to clean and exceptionally durable.

New Darling is the evolution of a collection which has led contemporary bathroom design. Stylish and sleek, with harmonious circular forms. A versatile range, suitable for small cloakrooms and grand master bathrooms, designed and manufactured with German precision.

Top left: Stone Two basin Bottom left: One by One basin


Centre: Cube basin Bottom centre: One by One basin

Top right: Ove basin Centre right: Cube basin Bottom right: One by One basin

Top left: New Darling vanity basin with vanity unit

Top right: New Darling handbasin Centre right: New Darling basin with syphon cover and wall hung WC & bidet Bottom right: New Darling pedestal basin




A simple, clean collection of basins and sanitaryware that will complement any contemporary bathroom.

Taking the simple symmetry of the letter D as their starting point, the award-winning Sieger Design has created a distinctive collection of sanitaryware, baths and furniture with matching panels. Featuring an exceptionally wide range of sizes, look out for the unique D shaped opening of the under-basin cupboard.

Top left: Giro rectangular basin with towel rail


Centre bottom: Giro wall hung pan & bidet

Top right: Giro round basin Centre right: Giro rectangular basin Bottom right: Giro close coupled pan

Top left: Happy D washbasin Centre left Happy D wall hung pan & bidet Bottom left: Happy D close coupled pan & bidet

Centre top: Happy D range Centre: Happy D basin with chrome stand Centre bottom: Happy D wall hung pan

Top right: Happy D console basin & unit Centre right: Happy D basin and unit Bottom right: Happy D pedestal basin




The more complex life becomes, the more people seek simplicity. Duravit’s PuraVida collection by Phoenix Design, is minimal and delicate. The soft, elegant curves asking to be touched. The high-gloss furniture finishes dignified but not flashy. PuraVida’s graceful appearance, inviting surfaces and subtle luxury make the collection ideal for people who value timeless and pure enjoyment.

Probably the best known and most successful of the New Design generation, Philippe Starck has created a streamlined ceramic and wood masterpiece. The Starck collection is an opportunity to style your bathroom throughout using the timeless, coherent forms of design.

Top: Puravida roomset Bottom left: Puravida basin with 2 drawer vanity unit


Centre bottom: Puravida counter basin

Bottom right: Puravida close coupled pan

Top left: Starck Handbasin Above: Starck Roomset

Centre top: Starck floor standing pan & bidet

Top right: Starck handbasin with vanity unit




Inspired by the spiralling vortex of flowing water, Starck 2 is defined by clarity of form and fluidity of line. Philippe Starck continues to win awards worldwide for his startlingly original and simple designs. This Starck 2 collection is yet another example of his mastery of form, function and aesthetics.

Outstanding and unmistakable, complete and ideal for large and small projects, The Starck 3 collection offers suitable solutions for offices, hotels or your home.

Top left: Starck 2 roomset Bottom left: Starck 2 back to wall pan & bidet


Bottom centre: Starck 2 handrinse basin

Bottom right: Starck 2 wall hung pan

Top left: Starck 3 wall hung pan Above: Starck 3 roomset

Top centre: Starck 3 vanity basin

Top right: Starck 3 washbasin



URQUIOLA Take advantage of Patricia Urquiola’s liberating design philosophy to create your own personal retreat. With Patricia Urquiola, the line between bathroom and living area is fluid, offering an invigorating freedom that awakens your senses.

Top left: Urquiola roomset Bottom left: Urquiola basin


Bottom centre: Urquiola brassware

The Vero collection of ceramics includes simple, rectangular basins and WCs in an exceptionally broad range of sizes.

Bottom right: Urquiola basin

Top left: Vero close coupled pan Above: Vero basin with chrome basin stand

Top centre: Vero plain washbasins

Right centre: Vero double washbasin with towel rail Right bottom: Vero wall hung pan & bidet




The ultra modern Zone range represents the best of Italian bathroom design. Each of the pieces has a designer feel when viewed from any angle and has a purity of colour derived from using only the finest materials. The sharp lines and sturdy appearance give each piece real presence and an aura of style that is modern with a hint of traditional form at the core.

A modern classic range, the clean lines and subtle detail evoke a sense of history in stylish minimal portrayal. Roma delivers timeless product to achieve the fusion between old and new.

CANOVA ROYAL The soft and elegant shapes of the Canova Royal collection create a traditional bathroom inspired by neoclassicism.

Top left: Zone rectangular double basin with towel rail Bottom left: Zone wall hung pan & bidet


Top right: Zone Domino basin Centre right: Zone square basin Bottom right: Zone offset rectangular basin

Left top: Roma countertop basins Centre left: Roma washbasin with towel rail Bottom left: Canova Royal basin with towel rail

Centre: Canova Royal basin unit & two drawers Centre bottom: Canova Royal free standing pan & bidet

Top right: Roma wall hung bidet & pan Bottom right: Canova Royal basin


WANDERS Designer Marcel Wanders needs no introduction. He describes his latest collection for Bisazza Bagno as ‘deriving from a fantasy of mine, taking a bath immersed in soap: the apotheosis of clean!’ With its mix of baroque and pop influences, the collection showcases Wanders distinctive elegance and wit.

Above: Wanders large basin & free standing large table


Top right: Wanders small basin and mirror Centre right: Wanders bidet & WC Bottom right: Wanders small basin & mirror cabinet

Top left: Wanders roomset Bottom left: Wanders free standing bath

Above: Wanders small basin & free standing table




In a world of mass production, choosing a C.P. Hart exclusive is an opportunity to own something unique; an example of true British craftsmanship. With C.P. Hart's exclusive Henley range you will invest in a modern yet timeless classic - guaranteed to bring you pleasure for years to come.

Made exclusively for C.P. Hart, Kew is a modernist retro collection that takes from the splendour of American deco design. A classically proportioned and rounded suite, full of special detail; from its curvaceous pedestal allowing the basin to sit slightly taller than usual to the basin overflow shroud which disguises the necessary function without detracting from the form. Kew delivers the perfect timeless product for any home.

Bottom left: Henley basin with stand


Bottom centre: Henley console basin

Top right: Henley basin Bottom right: Henley black basin & WC

Top left: Kew handbasin Centre left: Kew roomset

Centre top: Kew close coupled pan

Right top: Kew washbasin


LONDON Georgian. Edwardian. Modern. Post-modern. Formal. Structural. There are as many architectural styles as there are streets. That’s why we commissioned the London collection exclusively for C.P. Hart. These bathroom ceramics are adaptable, understated and varied.

Top left: Washbasin with pedestal Centre left: Low level wc Above left: Back to wall wc


Above: Close coupled wc and floor standing bidet

Top: London roomset Bottom right: Handbasin with pedestal

Above: London roomset




Bold, decorative octagonals. An original Art Deco design, Series 1930 has a bold geometric theme and a strong individual presence.

A few of our favourites, but just a tiny selection from our extensive range. Visit one of our showrooms or our website to see more.

Top left: Series 1930 floor standing pan Centre left: Series 1930 washbasin Bottom left: Series 1930 wall hung pan & bidet


Top centre: Series 1930 roomset

Bottom right: Series 1930 washbasin with pedestal

Top left: Architec underbowl with overflow Centre left: Architec with overflow Bottom left: Architec square countertop basin

Top centre: Bagnella washbowl Centre: Bacino washbowl Bottom centre: Santosa underbowl

Centre right: Bacino round washbowl Bottom right: Oval underbowl



Gessi Goccia Basin Mixer





Celare and its complementary range, Libero, are brand new brassware collections by C.P. Hart. Designed with architects and interior designers in mind, they add flair to minimalist contemporary bathrooms.

A new contemporary collection designed by C.P. Hart, Meandro’s sleek and elegant lines can provide any modern bathroom with a dramatic centrepiece.

LIBERO Libero is the Italian word for ‘open’, and refers to the open spout which creates a waterfall effect. Its sister range, Celare, has a covered spout.

Top left: Celare Mono basin mixer Bottom left: Libero mono basin mixer


Top centre: Celare bath spout Centre: Celare 3 piece basin mixer Bottom centre: Libero 3 piece basin mixer

Top right: Celare wall-mounted basin mixer

Top left: Meandro floor standing bath filler Bottom left: Meandro dual control valve

Top centre: Meandro 3 piece basin mixer Centre: Meandreo small basin mixer

Top right: Meandro wall-mounted basin mixer




French designer Jean-Marie Massaud was inspired by nature to create The Axor Massaud collection. His design philosophy places human feeling and needs right at the centre resulting in highly original bathrooms.

The simple, clean lines of C.P. Hart’s Moto range look effortless, but they are the result of clever design. New to the market is the Bath Mixer with integral diverter, a discreet button to switch between filler and hand shower. Quality is all about attention to detail, and the Moto taps have a beautifully smooth and precise lever, giving them a tactile appeal in use.

MEM The multi award-winning Mem collection comes from the renowned German design house, Sieger. The restrained combination of curves and flats is a triumph of aesthetics, form and function. The flow of water enhances the intrinsic elegance of taps, shower-heads and spouts.

Top left: Moto bath shower mixer Centre left: Moto wall mounted basin mixer Bottom left: Moto basin mixer


Centre: Moto triple control shower valve Bottom centre: Moto bath filler

Top right: Moto tall basin mixer Centre right: Moto bath filler

Top left: Massuad single lever basin mixer Centre left: Massuad floor standing bath shower mixer Bottom left: Mem basin mixer

Top right: Massuad single lever basin mixer Bottom right: Mem wall mounted basin mixer




From the technology of the machining process that gives them the smoothest action, to the highly crafted finishing by experienced hand polishers, this exclusive stainless steel tap range will withstand the test of time for many years.

Designed by renowned Italian architect and interior designer Antonio Citterio, the angular, structured chrome fittings will give your bathroom a sense of strength and permanence.

GENTLE A stylish example of brassware design inspired by the shapes and curves of nature. Organic in style, gentle to the touch.

LULU Lulu combines slender, smooth surfaces and simple geometric shapes with a design joie de vivre.

Top left: MGS 3 piece basin mixer Centre left: MGS mono basin mixer Bottom left: MGS wall mounted bath shower mixer


Centre top: Minimal Beauty wall mounted basin mixer Centre: Minimal Beauty spout basin mixer Bottom centre: Minimal Beauty tall basin mixer

Top right: MGS bath & shower mixer Bottom right: Minimal Beauty basin mixer

Top left: Citterio 4 piece lever bath shower controls mixer & plate Centre left: Gentle basin mixer

Top centre: Citterio M single lever basin mixer Centre: Gentle wall mounted basin mixer Centre bottom: Lulu tall basin mixer

Top right: Citterio M tall single lever basin mixer Bottom right: Lulu bath filler


GESSI Gessi’s exceptional range of brassware highlights the company’s passion for innovation and luxury. From the minimalist elegance of the wafer-thin Tremillimetri showers to the hands-free simplicity of the Rettangolo, Ovale and Tondo sensor taps.

Top left: Goccia mono basin mixer


Top right: Goccia wall mounted basin mixer Centre right: Mimi basin mixer Bottom right: Goccia shower heads

Top left: Tremillimetri shower head Centre left: Mimi tall basin mixer Bottom left: Rettangolo Cascata basin mixer

Top right: Segni shower heads Bottom right: Rettangolo basin mixer




The minimal, contemporary styling of Ocean taps and shower heads is subtle and understated .

The more complex life becomes, the more people seek simplicity. Duravit’s PuraVida collection, by Phoenix Design is minimal and delicate. The soft, elegant curves asking to be touched. The high-gloss furniture finishes dignified but not flashy. PuraVida’s graceful appearance, inviting surfaces and subtle luxury make the collection ideal for people who value timeless and pure enjoyment.

Top left: Ocean deck mounted 3 piece mixer Bottom left: Ocean mono basin mixer


Bottom: Ocean mono lever basin mixer

Top right: Ocean bath shower mixer Centre: Ocean 5 piece bath shower mixer Bottom right: Ocean wall mounted 3 piece bath mixer

Top left: Puravida handshower Centre left: Puravida single lever basin mixer

Top centre: Puravida shower set

Top right: Puravida tall lever basin mixer Bottom right: Puravida floor standing bath filler and baton handshower




Axor Starck bathroom fittings are slender in form, clear in function, and uncompromisingly minimal. With no unnecessary decoration these shapes are designed to be permanently fashionable.

A tall and elegant arc provides a strong focus, emphasised by other styling detail being kept to a minimum.

Above: Starck SL floor standing bath shower mixer


Top centre: Starck 2 tall basin mixer Centre: Starck twin handle bath shower mixer Bottom centre: Starck wall mounted 3 piece basin mixer

Top right: Starck 3 piece basin mixer Centre right: Starck bath shower mixer Bottom right: Starck mono basin mixer

Top left: Charleston Arc 3 piece basin mixer Centre left: Charleston Arc deck mounted bath shower mixer

Top: Charleston Arc mono basin mixer Centre: Charleston Arc concealed valves and bath wall spout Bottom: Charleston Arc wall mounted bath shower mixer

Top right: Charleston Arc wall mounted mixer Centre right: Charleston Arc mono lever basin mixer




Take advantage of Patricia Urquiola’s liberating design philosophy to create your own personal retreat. With Patricia Urquiola, the line between bathroom and living area is fluid, offering an invigorating freedom that awakens your senses.

With its archetypal design and its high standard of quality, Tara clearly concentrates upon form and function. Designed by Sieger Design.

Top left: Urquiola free standing bath shower mixer Bottom left: Urquiola wall mounted single lever basin mixer


Bottom centre: Urquiola exposed single lever shower valve

Top right: Urquiola tall single basin mixer with glass & holder Bottom right: Urquiola single leave basin mixer

Top left: Tara mono basin mixer Centre left: Tara single-hole basin mxier with raised pillar base Bottom left: Tara three-hole basin mixer black edition

Centre top: Tara bath filler and handshower Centre bottom: Tara three-hole basin mixer




Designed by John Hart, Admiral was inspired by a ship’s wheel. It was the first 5-pronged basin tap in the market, and adds a subtle point of visual interest to your bathroom.

Arc brassware for basins, baths and showers is exclusive to C.P. Hart. Arc features traditional build quality with modern, quarter-turn ceramic disc technology. The beautifully clean, curvaceous chrome can be complemented with optional ceramic handles which are included with every set.

Top left: Admiral bath pillar taps Bottom left: Admiral tap head


Top centre: Admiral bath filler

Top right: Admiral mono basin mixer Centre right: Admiral basin pillar taps Bottom right: Admiral bath shower mixer

Top left: Arc mono basin mixer with black handles Centre left: Arc wall vavles & wall mounted bath spout Bottom left: Arc bath shower mixer & handshower cradle

Top centre: Arc mono basin mixer Above: Arc low spout 3 piece basin mixer




Traditional brassware and accessories with an unconventional, Art Deco twist in the form of hexagonal design detailing. The Empire collection consists of taps, basin mixers, bath-shower mixer, concealed wall valves/bath spout and a matching heated towel rail.

A range of classic taps, mixers and showerpieces for the bath. Each piece exhibits individual character, a result of graceful lines and rounded edges. This charming, elegant range is a harmonious blend of traditional form and modern design.

Top left: Empire mono basin tap Bottom left: Empire mono basin tap


Centre bottom: Empire wall mounted bath spout & wall valves

Top right: Empire basin pillar taps & pop-up waste Centre right: Empire 3 piece basin mixer Bottom right: Empire bath shower mixer

Top left: Leonardo wall mounted spout & wall valves Centre left: Leonardo bath shower mixer & floor standing legs Bottom left: Leonardo bath shower mixer

Top centre: Leonardo mono basin mixer Centre bottom: Leonardo 3 piece mixer

Right top: Leonardo 3 piece mixer




The combination of hexagonal and circular detail creates the impression of nuts and bolts on tall, impactful valve pillars, giving this traditional style of design a quirky individualism.

Original bathroom brassware - exclusive to C.P. Hart - is popular choice of tap and shower fillers today because it merges classic proportions with modern 1 /4 turn technology. It was launched in 1988, updated in 1991 and is now available in chrome, new brass, nickel and matt platinum.

Top left: Mallard mono basin mixer Bottom left: Mallard mono basin mixer


Centre top: Mallard bath filler

Top right: Mallard bath pillar tap Centre right: Mallard wall mounted bath shower mixer Bottom right: Mallard bath shower mixer

Top left: Original 3 piece basin mixer Bottom left: Original basin pillar taps

Centre bottom: Original mono basin mixer

Right top: Original low spout 3 piece basin mixer Centre right: Original bath shower mixer & wall unions Bottom right: Original 4 piece bath shower mixer


WATERLOO Classic elegance and sturdy designs are the hallmarks of the Waterloo shower range. The high performance progressive valve can be combined with a gentle shower rose or a pulsating 6-prong shower head

Above: Waterloo concealed shower set


Top: Waterloo easy clean 8” shower rose Centre: Waterloo 8” shower rose Bottom: Waterloo 6 prong shower head & arm

Top: Waterloo dual control valve Centre: Waterloo concealed thermostatic valve Bottom: Waterloo diverter

Above: Waterloo exposed shower set



Stone One Bath



BATHS As the centre-piece of the modern bathroom, the bath is the focus for some of the most innovative design and manufacturing work across all of our products. There is a huge variety of colours, materials, shapes and sizes here.

Above: Stone One Bath


Top: Organico Centre left: Ove Bottom left: Cube

Top: Wanders Centre left: Ove Bottom left: BE



Top: Silhouette Above: Bette One Highline

Above: Ispa

Goccia Bath





The versatility of acrylic has given designers greater scope in developing unconventional and appealing baths in a wide range of shapes and styles. And as this modern material is so light, it allows for indulgently large sizes, and enables models to be fitted in applications that wouldn’t be strong enough to support a cast iron bath when full of water.

Pressed steel is equally suited to conventional and contemporary styles and, like acrylic, the manufacturing processes involved, combined with the light weight of the material, enable a greater variety of shapes and design detail than traditionally possible.

Manufactured from premium quality acrylic and reinforced with a thick wood and glass fibre base, our baths are extremely rigid, strong and well insulated. .

Top right: Urquiola Centre left: 2nd Floor Bottom left: Happy D


Top right: Foster Centre right: Starck 2 free standing Bottom right: Blue Tide Oval

Steel baths also offer a choice of edge shapes; rounded (R), standard squared (N) and thick squared (T), and some models offer aprons; integrated panels which give a co-ordinated and neat finish.

Top left: Basic Centre left: Waltz Bottom left Ocean

Top right: Jazz 4 Centre right: Free Bottom right: Plan One


CAST IRON BATHS The quality and stylishness of cast iron baths is unmistakable, and the glossy, white enamel, with its ever so slightly uneven finish, gives them their unique character. A painstaking manufacturing process ensures each bath is crafted and finished to the highest standard. The result is a solid and durable bath, resistant to scratching and staining with exceptional heat retention, making cast iron a truly luxurious option. A conventional free-standing cast iron bath is available either single or double ended. However, if you’re looking for a more distinctive option, our collection includes a striking slipper bath. We also offer a range suitable for setting under a surface, such as marble or wood, or panelling (see opposite).

Centre: Lincoln Above: Greenwich


Top: Winchester Centre: Rolltop Bottom: Cambridge Slipper

Top left: Basic Centre left: Waltz Bottom left: Siesta

Top right: Bavaria Centre right: Winchester Inset Bottom right: Rolltop inset


CONTEMPORARY BATHS BY C.P. HART C.P. Hart’s new collection of contemporary baths have clean, sculptural lines that evoke natural and sensual shapes. Each is named after an English lake or river, befitting baths that are designed and manufactured in England.





The Elter bath





Bring the health-giving properties of water into your bathroom with a Multizone hydrotherapy bath. Relieve tension and pain with the massaging, healing properties of water.

Natural therapy has evolved over the centuries to help alleviate stress, provide relaxation and clear out impurities from our bodies and skin. Home Spa allows you to create the experience of a Turkish bath within your own home. Sophisticated design hides clever technology that is effortless to operate. Installation is straightforward. The Home Spa is the natural centrepoint of a sanctuary bathroom.

THE HEALTH BENEFITS OF HYDROTHERAPY Promotes Healing & Reduces Stress The same overall feeling of relaxation and peace felt during a massage is created by a soak in a hydrotherapy bath. A calm mental state helps to promote healing and relief of stress-related pain. Relieves Muscle Pain The water massages the muscle tissue relieving pain, cramp and stiffness and aiding the speedy recovery of sprains and ligament damage. Stimulates Flow of Blood & Lymph The force of the water on the body increases the flow of blood and encourages lymph flow, increasing oxygen in the body and flushing out waste products. Helps to balance the fluid level in the tissues and defend the body against disease. Rejuvenates the Skin The jet of water against the skin stimulates the sweat glands, which helps to flush out unwanted oil leaving the skin with a youthful glow. Acupressure and Reflexology By directing the jet of water to specific pressure points believed to correspond to internal organs, healing of ailments in these areas of the body is expedited.

THE COLOURS OF CHROMOTHERAPY Violet (the crown) Promotes enlightenment, revelation & spiritual awakening whilst soothing the internal organs, relaxing muscles and calming the nervous system.

Yellow (the solar plexus) Stimulates wisdom and clarity, and is thought to have decongestant and antibacterial action whilst invigorating both the digestive and lymphatic system.

Indigo (the brow) Acts as a calming sedative,

Orange The benefits of red and yellow together provides a feeling of serenity and happiness as well as motivating.

promoting intuition.

Blue (the throat) Encourages communication and knowledge. Thanks to its detoxifying effect, it is used to treat liver disorders and jaundice.

Red (the base of the spine) Imparts energy, empowerment and motivation, and is believed to improve circulation and stimulate red blood cell production.

Green (the heart) Produces a feeling of calm that is considered effective in ulcer treatment and because of its seemingly antiseptic properties, the alleviation of bacterial infections.

HYDROTHERAPY SYSTEM OPTIONS & FEATURES The Multizone Hydrotherapy system offers the most comprehensive range of jets currently available. Each jet has adjustable flow control, from a gentle conditioning massage to a powerful toning jet. Jets are easily removable for cleaning or action style substitution. This is the most powerful performing micro jet on the market. Multizone systems can be fitted to any bath. Further information and a full list of system options is available on request.

Blue Tide bath with 24 jet hydromassage system


Top left: Ommia Centre left: Ommia Bottom left: Touch & Steam

Top centre: Sky sauna Bottom centre: Sky sauna

Top right: Sky sauna



Glass Design bespoke shower enclosure






Innovative frameless glass can be used to stunning effect in the bathroom. Glass Design is a series of breathtaking designs, including Power Glass, which incorporates light emitting wireless LED didoes that appear to float within the glass.

Bath screens provide a much more enjoyable shower experience than shower curtains, as well as having a more stylish and subtle appearance.

From compact, space-saving showers to luxuriously large options, our range of shower trays offer something for everyone. A wide selection of sizes and shapes is available in a choice of materials; steel, fireclay and composite.

Top left: Glass Design bespoke enclosure Centre left: Glass Design type 8 pivot door Bottom left: Glass Design type 3


Centre top: Walk in enclosure

Top right: Corner enclosure Bottom right: Walk in enclosure

Top left: Type 17 Centre left: Type 16 one pivot door plus fixed side panel

Above: Hart floor traysl Bottom: Fireclay

Top right: Steel shower tray Centre right: Slim 60 shower tray Bottom right: Hart slim shower tray




High-quality glass and aluminium luxury shower enclosures in a range of sizes and configurations ensure complete versatility, with highly effective seals and door-catch to ensure a perfect water-tight fit.

The Eauzone luxury shower enclosure fuses exceptional construction quality with a clean minimalism. A bold slab floor, sleek glass walls and a sophisticated, stylish shower column combine into a single integrated module that is enhanced by a stunningly contemporary chromed shower head, mixer and fittings.


EAUZONE PLUS Eauzone Plus features numerous design options and a vast range of standard panel and door sizes to suit almost any configuration; the choice is endless. If this still doesn't provide you with the perfect solution we can produce a bespoke size to meet your exacting requirements.

A curved shower enclosure including semi-floating glass and chrome edging; a typically elegant and durable construction by leading manufacturer Matki.

Top left: Colonade infold corner with side panel Bottom left: Radiance corner sliding door with side panel and slimline tray


Top centre: Colonade offset bowed surround

Top right: Colonade curved corner Bottom right: Radiance corner pivot In-line door with side panel

Top left: Eauzone enclosure Bottom left: Eauzone Plus 3 sided enclosure

Bottom centre: Eauzone Plus inline corner

Top right: Eauzone enclosure Bottom right:Eauzone Plus corner door



Fontane furniture







Born in Spain, trained in Italy, working in London, Jaime Hayon draws on all his influences to create this exquisitely elegant neo-baroque range of furniture.

The beautiful cylindrical curves of Kimono are possible thanks to new 3-dimensional glass moulding techniques. Available in both polished and satin finishes and in 36 different colours.

There is a hint of baroque elegance in this Italian-designed vanity unit that will give your bathroom the character of an 18th century powder room. Metafora is available in gleaming black or white or offset with coloured tops and can be combined with inset basins or washbowls.

Top left: Hayon Organico large glass cabinet

Above: Kimono furniture various colour options

Above: Metafora furniture various colour options




PROFILE: Offering the ultimate in flexible storage, Modulnova Profile furniture has been created to transcend the boundaries between bathroom and bedroom furniture design.

The Monolite collection introduces numerous combination options with integrated washbasins, over and under level basins using crystal corian, and ceramics with elegance and functionality.

TWENTY: Catering for every possible décor, the Modulnova Twenty furniture is available in over 50 colour options ranging from bold red to milky caramel as well as four wood finishes. All designed to withstand the demanding conditions of a family bathroom.

Top: Twenty furniture Bottom left & right: Profile furniture


Above: Monolite glass furniture





Artelinea’s crystal surfaces, created through a fusion of technology and craft, allow for a unique freedom of expression and design. The clean lines and subtle detailing of the Decor collection epitomise Artelinea’s approach to furniture design.

Intelligently designed to enable maximum customisation, the Domino furniture range combines many individual elements to create stunning, personalised installations. This beautiful adaptable collection is made exclusively for C.P. Hart.

Above: Decor furniture with floor & wall options

Above: Domino furniture





The counter tops of Artelinea's new Regolo collection created in Opalite allow for maximum freedom of expression and design, not only in terms of the choice of dimensions and wash basins, but also of combinations with other furnishings.

These glass surface basin surrounds and cabinet fronts are wonderfully elegant. The nature of the material ensures that each surface is rendered unique by the particular reflections, colours and light of the individual space in which it is installed.

Above: Regolo furniture options

Above: Wall glass furniture with various colour options





The Delos range of bathroom furniture sets new standards in terms of both minimalist and comfortable bathroom design. There are no handles to interrupt the clear aesthetics: the cabinets have slightly over lapping doors and the drawers are opened by tip-on technology.

The natural wood furniture is waterproofed with a coating normally used for the decks of boats making this perfect for wet rooms. With both natural and composite stone used for surfaces and basins there’s a lovely variety of texture here.

Above: Delos furniture options

Above: Fontane furniture with finish options





This minimalist modular furniture collection with a dual wood/lacquer finish is designed and manufactured in Italy – combining fast delivery with very competitive price-points.

Wetstyle's M Collection is a minimalist, modular design, with a clear Japanese influence. The line is crafted from renewable hardwoods, which are selected, assembled and stained by hand. The beauty is in the detail. The cabinetwork has bevelled edges and concealed hinges, with slow-closing drawers made of solid, dove-tailed maple, and the interiors of the drawers and cabinetry are fully finished.

Above: Plaza modular furniture

Above: Wetstyle M modular furniture


HOXTON Labelled after the cosmopolitan London streets that are favoured by designers, architects and photographers alike, the name HoXton truly represents the artistic foundation of this design. Mixing traditional ceramics with antique furniture inspired this exclusive addition to C.P. Hart’s already extensive furniture portfolio. Hoxton is British craftsmanship at its best, combined with innovative materials and cutting edge technology.

Above: Hoxton free standing bath surround & Hoxton furniture tall unit


Above: Hoxton furniture drawer unit with London console basin



Stefania Cordivari radiator



TOWEL RAILS Stepping from the shower or bath into a soft, warm towel is a wonderful experience, and a heated towel rail is a must for anyone looking for that bit of extra luxury. A wide range of styles and sizes are available to suit any bathroom, and we also offer a choice of decorative valves to enhance the look. Both oil and electric models are available.

Top left: BJ4 Towel horse floor fixing Centre left: BJ3A Towel and wall fixing Bottom left: BJ6 Floor and wall fixing with steel radiator


Top centre: Grill Bottom centre: Dona

Top right: EM2 Floor and wall fixing Bottom right: EM3 Floor and wall fixing

Top left: CT1 Plain wall fixing Bottom left: Ieri towel rail

Top centre: RA1 Right angled rail Bottom centre: Panpipe radiator

Top right: Skycraper radiator Bottom right: Urban Steel Mimimal ladder rail




Italian design meets innovative technology. High performance radiators made from stainless steel, fine polished to create a mirrored surface as reflective as chrome but with better heat output.

Top left: OJ1 ladder rail Bottom left: OJ4 ladder rail


Top centre: D-rail wall fixing towel warmer Bottom: LR2 wall fixing ladder rail

Top right: D-rail towel warmer Bottom right: D-rail towel warmer

Top left: Lucy Bottom left: Blow

Top centre: Stefania

Top right: Blow VT Centre right: Stefania Bottom right: Frame



Plus accessories





Designed to complement our Original tap range but equally will work in combination with many of our traditional tap ranges.

Each accessory is made in England with a combination of precision engineering and time honored craftsmanship and finally plated in up to 34 individual processes for a beautiful and enduring finish.



The bath life range consists of functional every day accessories that speak volumes in design. From the simple but effective spring action toilet roll holder to the magazine/toiletries rack, the range extends to offer various solutions to your lifestyle.

Precision manufactured in brass, Legato flatters traditional and contemporary bathrooms. The simplicity and balance of the components give the range an effortless elegance.

CARNABY Carnaby symbolises geometric, simple form without ornate or obscure distractions. A minimalist and timeless design; form and function at its most pure.

Top left: Original towel ring Centre left: Original mirror Bottom left: Bath Life object holder


Top left: Original tumbler Bottom left: Bath Life floor/wall toilet brush set

Top right: Original toilet roll holder Centre right: Bath Life toilet roll holder Bottom left: Bath Life floor standng towel rail

Top left: Regent toilet roll holder Bottom left: Carnaby spare toilet roll holder

Top centre: Regent soap dish Centre: Legato towel rail & ring Bottom centre: Carnaby toilet roll holder

Top right: Regent towel ring Centre right: Legato glass & soap dispenser


LOOK The minimal styling and pure shapes are designed to symbolize the grand arches of the coliseum in Rome.

STARCK Philippe Starck has applied his back-to-basics approach to a range of accessories, enabling you to co-ordinate the entire room.



Cool and contemporary, simple and stylish, Architect combines glass, chrome and opaque plastic to create a strong individual presence.

From Italian designers Efram Bonacina and Giovanni Moro, the Nordic collection is our most striking contemporary range.

Top left: Look toilet roll holders Bottom left: Plus wall mounted soap dispenser


Top: Look glass holder Centre: Architect range Bottom: Plus towel ring



Complete your bathroom vision in style with the pure polished chrome and minimalist lines of the Plus collection which includes towel ring, soap dispenser and many other accessories.

Designed to match our Empire tap collection, this range of accessories uses hexagons as its main focus, with a porcelain soap dish and cut glass tumbler adding eye-catching touches.

Top right: Look towel ring Centre right: Architect shelf

Left centre: Nordic towel ring

Top: Starck towel rail Centre: Nordic toilet roll holder with cover Bottom: Empire towel rail

Top right: Starck range Bottom right: Empire range


MIRRORS A small selection from C.P. Hart's exceptional range of bathroom mirrors. From simple and unadorned to the elaborate and baroque, a well-chosen mirror will enhance the light and mood of any bathroom. Visit one of our showrooms to see more.

Bottom left: Wanders framed mirror


Top: Ornate gilt framed mirror Bottom centre: Hoxton rectangular mirror

Top: right: Ornate bevelled framed mirror Centre right: Ornate bevelled mirror Bottom right: Kueco elegance mirror

Top left: Margot T 321 Centre left: Bistro T 323 Bottom left: Empire round tilting mirror

Top left: Retro T 460 Bottom centre: Riflesso T 320

Bottom right: Riflesso T 303




Combining practicality with design, mirrored cabinets provide useful shelf storage for toiletries and bathroom essentials. A choice of styles are available to co-ordinate with the overall look, and some incorporate lighting.

Top left: Splashline mirror Bottom: Primeline mirror with halogen light


Top centre: Elite mirror Centre right: Peakline mirror Bottom centre: Primeline mirror with florescent light

Bottom right: Box mirror


C.P. HART CONTRACTS C.P. Hart Contracts is a division of C.P. Hart dedicated to building and refurbishment projects, from luxury apartments through to hotels and commercial developments. Working directly with architects, interior designers and builders, C.P. Hart Contracts offers a service from conception through specification and costing to project management and aftercare. A bespoke service, tailored to your needs. COMMERCIAL DEVELOPMENT Every commercial development has a different set of challenges. Logistics, regulations and budget can matter as much as design or product specification. The development team may be large, and it is essential that the developer works with a supplier that can handle the complexities of project management and effective communication. The Contracts team has huge experience in successfully addressing these challenges.

RESIDENTIAL Covering redevelopment and new build, single properties and entire estates, C.P. Hart Contracts manages bathroom projects from ten rooms to over a hundred. We work closely with the developer on timescales and budget, and follow through on contract completion with snagging issues and aftercare.

HOTELS C.P. Hart Contracts works with international hotel businesses with major London hotels and small boutique hotels operated by individual entrepreneurs. If scale and standardisation are required, we have a wider product range and greater buying power for designer ranges than almost anyone. If every space needs its own character and charm, we have experience creating unique bathrooms for award-winning hotels.

THE C.P. HART CONTRACTS OFFER Access to the world’s most inspiring designers and the best manufacturers ‘One-stop shop’ - Broad product range from cast iron baths through to high-tech hydrotherapy systems

CAD image files and technical instructions Staged delivery of products and parts by our own drivers £4M inventory for 24 hour order and delivery

Professional project planning

Dedicated account manager

DDA and environmental compliance advice

Premier Account Membership for preferential pricing, credit and fast ordering

Specialist bathroom design and integration Multi-million pound contract experience Technical support


The Wheatsheaf Inn Hotel, Northleach, Gloucestershire




All the products in this catalogue and many others are featured on our website, where additional information on size and fitting can be found.

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