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BATHROOM RENOVATION? “Is your bathroom outdated? Are you embarrassed to have guest over?” Like many of our clients, you may love the location of your home but its original fixtures/ design ‘quirks’ that once appealed are now driving you crazy. Try our test below to see if your home is suffering from the five most common “features” of outdated bathrooms. COLD AND DARK Do you struggle to get even a sliver of sunlight inside even on the brightest of days?

LACK OF SPACE/STORAGE Are you feeling claustrophobic inside your bathroom, Are you itching to move things around to allow for more space?

MINIMAL FUNCTIONS Are you getting the most out of your current bathroom? Does it cater to your specific needs? Eg suitable outlets

WEAR AND TEAR Is there a bit of wear and tear to your bathroom? Is there Mould accumulating? Creaking floors perhaps?

LACK OF MODERN LIVING Are you embarrassed to entertain your friends in a bathroom that was deemed ‘modern’ in the last world war?

If you suffer from one of the common “features” of an outdated bathroom,

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The team did a beautiful job with renovating our kitchen and bathrooms. They successfully turned my vision into reality by taking the time to really understand what I was going after. Our rooms look like they are out of a catalog and I couldn’t be happier! Danielle Xie Real Estate Agent at Barfoot & Thompson

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