Baxley-Appling County Chamber of Commerce

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April 7th – Until Location: Farmers Market Pavillion (next to Water Works Park)

Sponsored by: Baxley-Appling County Board of Tourism For more information contact the Chamber of Commerce at (912) 367-7731

Market Rules 1. The market is open from Daylight to Dusk. 2. Vendor Spaces are not assigned. They are on a first come, first serve basis. 3. Absolutely NO PARKING under the shelter. 4. It is required that vendors unload their product and move their vehicle to the parking area to allow for better visibility & accessibility to the Market. 5. Do not block handicap access. 6. The applicant is required to provide their own tables, chairs, tent and any other booth items. 7. All items and remains of items must be removed from the premises before leaving. 8. All processed items must be labeled with the following: 1) name, address and phone number of producer, 2) common name of the food, 3) a list of ingredients (using common names) 9. Flea market, yard sale and craft items are NOT to be sold at this market. 10. It is the responsibility of vendors to uphold the integrity and reputation of the Farmers Market. Approved Sale Items  Produce (fruits and vegetables)  Homemade baked goods (wrapped and not requiring refrigeration)  Fruit preserves (jam & jelly)  Honey, Syrup  Other Agriculture based items. (gourds, goats milk soap, etc.) Please use common sense. Specialty Sale Items: These items may be sold with proper license and processing requirements from the State of Georgia

   

“Organic” Produce and Vegetables i. Produce may be labeled “Organic” ONLY if you have completed the state certification program. Otherwise, it may be labeled as chemical free, natural, etc. Homemade packaged gourmet food products, Eggs, dairy Low acid/acidified canned goods (salsa, pickles, vegetables) i. These items may be sold if made in a certified kitchen, and if the producer has completed the licensing and class procedure required by the state.


Farmers Market Application Date: _____________

Grower’s Name: ________________________________________________

Farm Name: __________________________________________________________________________ Address: _____________________________________________________________________________ City: ___________________________________ State: ____________ Zip: _____________________ Contact Phone #: __________________________ Contact: ____________________________________ Email address: ________________________________________________________________________ Fee Amount: $25

(Per Year)

Method of Payment: ________________________________

Items to be sold at Appling County Farmers Market: PRODUCE:


_____ _____ _____ _____

_____ GEORGIA Home-made bakery goods _____ GEORGIA home-made bread _____ GEORIGA Raided eggs/ other dairy

GEORGIA home-grown produce Certified organic produce Broker, selling locally grown produce Broker, selling produce from wholesaler



_____ _____ _____ _____ _____

_____ _____ _____ _____ _____

GEORGIA home-grown bedding plants GEORGIA home-grown flowers GEORGIA home-grown trees/shrubs Broker, selling flowers from wholesaler Broker, selling plants from wholesaler

FOOD prepared and sold at market OTHER:_____________________________ OTHER:_____________________________ OTHER:_____________________________ OTHER:_____________________________

Acknowledgement Statement: By submission of this application, I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understood the Rules for participating in the Appling County Farmers Market. I agree to comply with the Georgia Department of Agriculture Guidelines for Food Products Sold at Events Sponsored by Non-Profit Organizations and the rules and regulations provided by my local farmers market sponsor. I take full responsibility and liability for the food items I sell during the Appling County Farmers Market. The Baxley Appling County Board of Tourism, Chamber of Commerce, City of Baxley, County Commissioners or any supporting organization will not be held liable for any food items sold by vendors of the Appling County Farmers Market. ________ (Initial)

_______________________________________________________ Grower’s Signature

__________________________ Date

_______________________________________________________ Authorized Representative

__________________________ Date