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My Benefits- To Do List


To Do

Buy As You Earn

If you want to stop buying shares or change the amount deducted, contact Equiniti or complete the BAYE changes form on OurTesco. Remember it takes around 30 days for changes to be implemented.

Fuel Card

Complete your mileage log as normal

Childcare Vouchers Make alternative arrangements for any additional payments you were making from your pay after tax.



Privilege card

If you want to stop your contributions while you’re on leave, go on line at Do this well in advance to allow for the notice period required. Decide if you want to use your holiday instead of being paid for them at the end of the holiday year. If you don’t want to be paid for them, tell your Manager by the beginning of March Don’t forget to register your baby within 12 weeks of the birth. If you want to remove your dependents from your health-care scheme (and stop deductions from your pay) contact Aviva on 0800 046 8303 who will change your cover and inform payroll. If your card expires while you’re off your new card will be posted to your home address

Save As You Earn

If you want to continue paying into the scheme when your deductions stop contact Equiniti in advance

Trade Union Membership

To stop paying contributions to USDAW contact your local USDAW/Sata office, Union Representative or on the USDAW website.

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