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DISPLAY TIPS People make a split-second decision whether or not to follow you, so keep these tips in mind: • USE A RECOGNIZABLE PICTURE. Make sure that your profile image clearly represents your business. • CHOOSE A STRAIGHTFORWARD NAME. It’s one of the first things that people see. • BE AUTHENTIC. The bio on your profile page should be clear and informative, and you should post fresh and engaging Tweets. Did you know? Followers that you gain from Promoted Accounts appear along side followers that you gain organically. Visit to see a list of your followers. The newest ones will appear at the top.


• TWEET REGULARLY. Because of the real-time nature of Twitter, Tweets become stale pretty quickly. Try to post fresh content daily. • BE INTERESTING. Users come to Twitter to discover and share useful and interesting information. • BE CONVERSATIONAL. A genuine, approachable tone goes a long way. • SHARE EXCLUSIVE CONTENT. Launch catchy promotions and give exclusive access to information. Did you know? Instead of writing an ad, you simply post regular Tweets to your timeline. Twitter analyzes the engagement rate of each of your Tweets to determine the most engaging ones to promote.

MONITORING IMPACT TURN ON ACTIVITY NOTIFICATIONS. One of the best ways to see the impact of Promoted Accounts and Promoted Tweets is to get an email notification when someone new follows you or when someone you follow retweets your Tweet. These notifications will include both organic and promoted activities. Go to to change these settings.


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