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Organization: Wisconsin Public Radio Category: Best Use of Social Media Title: WPR Facebook Strategy Contributors: David Hyland, John K. Wilson, Andrea Anderson, Courtney Kueppers, Jeffrey Potter, Judith Kovalic, Staff URLs: Narrative: WPR has deployed a complicated Facebook strategy based on a network of Facebook pages that have unique missions, but are also thoroughly interrelated so as to galvanize an increasingly diffuse social media audience. First, we follow standard Facebook best practices for our posts -- use of links with images, blurb text, punchy headlines and occasional hashtags to facilitate content going viral. We also have experimented with Facebook Live Video, photos and "audiograms" to reach audience -- increase the likelihood that content will appear in users' News Feeds -- and to engage them. At the hub of our social media approach is the WPR Facebook page, which has the largest audience and the most consistent engagement. This page serves as a clearinghouse for all our activities. Our page managers embrace the concept of content curation and seek to highlight the very best of what WPR does -- articles, video, audio, slideshows -- to feature. Our goal is to create a jumping off point for people deeper into WPR's work, which includes news stories, talk shows, music programming and other content. Particularly on weekends, we seek to highlight content that might be worth a second look when our social traffic tends to be higher. At the same time, we also have a news-oriented Facebook page, WPR News, which is geared towards the news junkies. The updates are more frequent and highlight the very best news work that WPR creates every day. This is the venue for breaking news and in-depth analysis. Radiating further out from the hub are WPR's roster of statewide talk shows -- "The Joy Cardin Show," "The Kathleen Dunn Show," "The Larry Meiller Show" and "Central Time." These programs have their own pages as a social media rallying point for the on-air audience, but the pages are also outlets for the content they create. The pages solicit comments/feedback, nudge followers to vote in surveys or expand further on conversations begun on the show. While these shows chiefly act on their own, we frequently highlight and/or share posts from them on other Facebook pages. This tactic exposes a splintered audience to new content/programs and generates greater awareness and audience growth.