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Vol. 57 - Issue 13 - 27 September 2017 Rotary Club of Wanganui North

PO Box 7026, Wanganui Email: [email protected] Web site: www.rotarywanganuinorth.nz President: Graeme Prince tel: 06 3452448 Secretary: Garth Barlow tel: 06 3456514 Editor: Bevan Chilcott tel: 06 3452950

[email protected] DG Blog: http://rotary9940.org.nz

We Meet:

Every Wednesday 5.30pm At the Cossie Club Off Rutland Street Wanganui

Other Wanganui Rotary Clubs meet: Club: Venue: Time: Club: Venue: Time:

Wanganui The Avenue Motor Inn Victoria Avenue Monday 12 noon Daybreak (fortnightly) The Kingsgate Hotel 379 Victoria Avenue Monday 6:50am

Please note: Apologies or additional guests are to be phoned or emailed to [email protected] or Phone 345-2448



Meeting President Graeme was in the chair and welcomed the following - Ken Hird formally South, John Tindle - looking at membership, Maurice Mildenhall and Mike Miller (with wife June), both transferring in tonight from South. He also welcomed Clive Rennie (and wife Ann) transferring from Oamaru and Gerry Hardie (with wife Judie) who will be formally introduced and inducted later tonight. Welcome also to Margaret Chainey and Alison Safey. Welcome back from overseas Sue, Brian and Lynn. Brian thanked those members who helped out while he was away but commented that it was a shame that the Almoner didn't visit him in Greece when he spent 8 days in hospital. Graeme reminded members that Tuesday 24th October will be Polio Plus Day and that Cluster have worked out a costing on the Waimarie which was as follows - boat hire reduced from $1500 to $1200, food was $20 per head, sailing at 5.30 pm lasting 2 hours and there would be a 3 piece band on board. The trip was going to be called "Paddle Steamer for Polio" and cost to members was $40 per head with 90 people needed for the above figures to balance out. Winner of the raffle, Evert, abetted Sgt Ameen, complete with red wine stained long sleeves of his formal dress shirt, in fining Lynn $24 and Brian $14 for absent dues, Deon's noisy table, Terry for being too quiet and Judge Judy for his table being neglected.

Formalisation of membership transfers Maurice Mildenhall - started in Taihape in 1977, transferred to Rotary South in the mid 80's and was President ‘92 to’ 93 he also explained his other positions in Rotary. Mike Miller - worked for the Wanganui hospital for 30 years in anaesthesia, joined Rotary South in 1989, was President twice and has hosted 2 students. Clive Rennie - was originally Rotary North in 1986 that due to work commitments and travel had been in 9 different Rotary organisations e.g. Foxton, Cook Islands, Timaru and Otago. His wife Ann thanked us for such a warm welcome.

Guest Speaker


Garth introduced DG Elect, Marion Johnston to the members and commented on her outstanding commitment to Rotary, that she joined in 2003 initially as editor of the bulletin, Secretary 2005 to ‘06 and was the first women President for Rotary North in 2009, has chaired the Social Committee since 2010, received a Paul Harris Fellow 2017, and will be only the second DG from our Club. Marion discussed The Rotary Foundation (TRF), considered the best performing international Charitable Trust, administered by Rotary International supported by all Rotary Clubs and also corporate, Friends of the Foundation, who want to do good in the world.  The Endowment Fund having over 1 billion invested to support programs.  World fund which at end of year divides its money into - Global and District Grants. District donations are returned and made available for grants on a 3 year cycle. The Global Grant has helped projects like roof over Tonga and Polio eradication (matched 2 for 1 by the Gates Foundation). Marion also talked about Club development Seminars to energise clubs and what needs to be done to bring in female and younger members. Referred to family work life commitments nowadays and the shared bringing up of children which affected these people joining Rotary. Suggested looking at the frequency of meetings, socialising, training and service.

Saturday 7th October Rotariannes Coffee Morning Element Café @ 10am

Wednesday 18th October DG Visit

Thursday 19th October Food Bank Drive

Friday 20th October Club Pub Night Cossie Club @ 5pm

Saturday 18th November Rotary Rowing Stakes

Sunday 10th December Carols by Candlelight

Induction Terry introduced Gerry Hardie (only his mother calls him Gerald) and wife Judie and explained that, born in Rotorua he joined Civil Aviation working in telecommunications, went to Australia for a few years then Bay of Plenty. He managed an Organic Kiwi Fruit packhouse for world marketing and had worked with Carter Holt in China for many years helping to develop suitable packaging. Retiring in 2013 he decided to set up home in Wanganui and has expressed the thought that he wants to connect with his new Community and contribute to Rotary. President Graeme then formally inducted Gerry into Rotary North.

Duties Meeting

4th October

Speaker Topic Host Thanks Reception Sergeant Bulletin Editor

11th October

18th October

Tim Metcalfe Committee Meetings

Brian Smith Maree Langford Mike Green Mark Kennedy

Helping Families Under Stress Allan Mailman John van Dalen Brian Smith Terry Coxon Mike Green Mark Kennedy

DG Mitchell Brown DG’s Address Graeme Prince Graeme Prince Brian Smith Graeme Foster Mike Green Mark Kennedy

If you are not able to attend please arrange a replacement

Reports Colin - The potatoes will be available next Wednesday. Sue - Friday 13th October was Pink Ribbon Day, needed 5 people outside Countdown - this was arranged. Also Polio Boxes for loose change were here to be collected. Mike - That he was trying to organise volunteers for Trailer Raffle sales 2 weeks in advance and had the numbers for next 2 weekends. Cranleigh - showed pictures of Bushy Park front fence area - clearing of the entrance, placing in the large post (these cost, with the turned capital areas on the top, over $2000 each) concrete footings and Bryce and Wilf praying to the East in front of the pickets. The end result is truly magnificent. Tony – Pak’nSave had donated large amount of produce. Rotary Stakes tickets now available for Rotary members at $25 per person. Graeme thanked members and had the parting thought - the way for a person or a club to be well thought of in its community is to do something for that community.

Rosters Trailer Raffle Roster 9:30am – 11:30am

11:30am – 1:30pm

1:30pm – 3:30pm

Saturday 30th September Trafalgar Sq Countdown Sunday 1st October Mitre 10 Mega Saturday 7th October

Mike Green Mike Green Mike Green Evert van Reenen Ian Cuthbertson Allan Mailman Cranleigh Chaney David Hood Graeme Foster Brad Percy Peter Kamstra Colin Slaughter Mike Green Bruce Kennedy Allan Mailman Evert van Reenen Brian Cadogan Jane Hickey th Sunday 8 October Garth Barlow Maurice Mildenhall Graeme Carter Lynn Larsen Rosemary Hovey David Hood Instructions: Will be provided to the first shift to pick up and the final shift to return.

River Market Parking Saturday 7th October 14th October 21st October 28th October

9:00am – 11:00am Pete Kamstra? Terry Coxon Margaret Chainey Marion Johnston Terry Coxon Barry Bailey Mike Green Evert van Reenen

11:00am – 1:00pm Maurice Mildenhall Jane Hickey Brian Cadogan Graeme Foster Bruce Kennedy David Hood Graeme Prince Tony Hodge

New Member Notification The Directors have accepted the following proposal for membership John Tindle with a classification of Painting Contractor. Any member wishing to object to John becoming a member must do so in writing, to the secretary, by Friday 6 October 2017.

Clive & Ann

Mike & June Gerry Maurice

Bushy Park New Entrance

Please note the following contacts in your Directory Clive Rennie (Ann) 19 Stark St 021 0250 8000 (Cell) Email - [email protected] Gerry Hardie (Judie) 147 Great North Road 345 7244 (Hm) 027 4269 188 (Cell) Email - [email protected]