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   Sunday October 21, 2018 Bulle n 

Welcome to Valley Forge where we love God & others, learn Christ-like discipleship, and live a spirit-filled abundant life

        THIS WEEK AT THE FORGE…    TODAY 21st  

9:45am    SUNDAY SCHOOL with the D6 family theme “Jus fied By Faith”. Dismiss at 10:15am. 10:15am  PASTOR APPRECIATION with presenta ons from each Sunday School Class.      ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐      MORNING WORSHIP with Childrens & Praise Choirs singing, a Bap sm, and Jim McComas preaching.   4:50pm    PRAISE CHOIR PRACTICE   6:00pm    EVENING  WORSHIP with               special singing, David Mar n Jr. preaching, and the Opera on Christmas Child Shoebox Kickoff.   ADORATION 2018, an area‐wide event seeking representa ves from 1,000 churches to come together with a vision to RESTORE APPALACHIA from opioid addic on, will be held at the ETSU Mini‐ Dome (6pm). If you are interested in represen ng VFFWB, see Pastor Randy. SERVING NEXT SUNDAY MORNING @ 10:45am Cradle Roll: Jackie Lawson, Chesnee Lawson       Toddlers: Kevin & Vanessa Harrison Floater: Aundria Bunten       Van: Brian Arrowood (423) 483‐5734 Shu le: Mark Guinn, John Moore  SERVING NEXT SUNDAY EVENING @ 6:00pm Cradle Roll: Anita Pa erson, Teresa Pitman       Toddler: Bethany Pa erson, Sarah Pippin Floater:  N/A       Van: Keith Hayes (828) 387‐6638 


MONDAY 22nd  

6:00pm    ATTIC 56 & MIDDLERS to Fender’s Farm. Parents sign up at FORGE CONNECT. 

 THIS WEEK AT THE FORGE…   WEDNESDAY 24th 6:30 pm  YOUTH CHOIR PRACTICE in YRC. We will learn new songs each week so make sure to a end all prac ces. All 3rd — 8th graders welcome! 

  7:00 pm   WOMEN’S BIBLE                    STUDY:  “Discerning The Voice Of God” by Priscilla Shirer in room 107. Lesson 7: “Speak, Lord”. CTS SANCTUARY CLASS with prayer, praise, singing, and Gary Pate speaking on “Communica ng With God.”  

  AWANA CLUBS for youth through 6th grades with ac vi es, singing, Bible memoriza on, prayer and more. Classes in lower level.

VAN: Kevin Pitman (423) 957‐1671

SATURDAY 27th 9:00am    SATURDAY MORNING PRAYER in Lobby. 11:00am  ACTIVE CHRISTIAN TEENS FALL ACTIVITY.   Meet at Fellowship Hall. Return at 5:00pm. 2:30pm    SENIOR ADULTS to the Celebra on Dinner Theater in Pigeon Forge. Show at 6:00pm.

SUNDAY 28th 9:45am    SUNDAY SCHOOL with the D6 family theme ”Freed From Sin”. 

 THIS WEEK AT THE FORGE  SUNDAY 28th 10:45am  MORNING WORSHIP with Childrens Choir & special singing, and Pastor Mark preaching. 4:50pm    NO PRAISE CHOIR PRACTICE  6:00pm    EVENING  WORSHIP with                  The Benton Family singing.  


OCTOBER 30  (Tuesday)  WEDNESDAY EVENING SERVICES MOVED with “Let Your Light Shine” Trunk or Treat and Awana Fall Quarter ending. For those interested in providing your car trunk, please sign up at FORGE CONNECT. NOVEMBER 2 & 3  (Friday & Saturday)    8:28 CLASS FALL MISSION TRIP to FWB Family Ministries where they will host a Foster Care Fall Fes val & Retreat. See David & Heather Odom for info. NOVEMBER 4  (Sunday)    OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD SHOEBOXES DUE           NOVEMBER 7—DECEMBER 11  (Wednesday’s)    CHILDREN’S & YOUTH CHOIRS CHRISTMAS PRACTICE each Wednesday at 7:00pm.   NOVEMBER 11—15  (Sunday—Thursday)


DECEMBER 6  (Thursday)    SAMARITAN’S PURSE DISTRIBUTION CENTER  in Boone, NC. for Opera on Christmas Child Shoeboxes from 10:00am—4:00pm. Limited to first 35 volunteers. Registra on info at FORGE CONNECT.

NEWS & OPPORTUNITIES    CONGRATULATIONS! JON BABB has accepted the Interim Youth Pastor posi on at Union Hill FWB Church in Stoney Creek. He will begin on October 28th. 20 NEW MEMBERS joined Wednesday night during the Fall Quarterly Business Session.

    Alicia Blevins

Amber Clawson

Jason Clawson

Bob Hamm

Sue Hamm

Greg Ha ield

Jackie Ha ield

Kennedy Ha ield

Jerry Hayes

Tracy Hayes

Chesnee Lawson

Melcar Russell

Princess Russell

Gayle Vest

Steve Vest

Phillip Waters

Savannah Waters

  Grayson Ha ield

  Sydney Hayes


Rusty Russell

CONTACT OF THE WEEK  JUDY HEATON  (Recovering from surgery) 608 Barker Street Elizabethton, TN 37643

MY WORSHIP & SERVING  SERVING NEXT SUNDAY MORNING @ 10:45am Cradle Roll: Kim McDonnell, Brenda Matheson       Toddlers: Eric & Kristen Cannon Floater: Tayla Sluss       Van: Mike White (423) 725‐4650 Shu le: Tucker Carter, Zach Carter  SERVING NEXT SUNDAY EVENING @ 6:00pm Cradle Roll: Jamie Simerly, Angie Waters       Toddler: Jesse & Amber White Floater: Kathy Harsh       Van: Mike White (423) 725‐4650   

PRAYER  Pray for the bereaved families of Jimmy Calloway (brother‐in‐law of Linda Perry), Kenneth Colbaugh (uncle of Tim Colbaugh), Faye Donahue (sister of Sue Shoemake), Rick Guinn (brother of Sandra Hoilman), Mary Holder (aunt of Mark Po er), James Roach (nephew of Lynn England), Lillian Royston (grandmother of Lisa Baker), & Glen Walsh (brother of JD Walsh).


Sunday School: 328 Morning: 505 Evening: 200  Wed. CTS: 234 Youth: 110     Offering: $14,570.28 Weekly Budget Target: $18,128.58


10/16    10/21    10/22    10/23    10/24    10/25    10/26    10/27   

Be y Odom  Danny Hilbert, Gail Lyons, Rusty Pippin  Jackson Clavier, Lorraine Hayes  Graeson Smotherman  Melissa Burchfield  Ainsley Hartley, Grayson Norris, Mary Walsh  Lynsey Burleson, David Odom Sr.  Angie Fletcher, Troy Graybeal, Angelia Smith

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY    10/22    Mark & Rhonda Weddle  10/26    Keith & Eloine Hayes  10/27    Rodney & Jean Payne