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Vol. 57 - Issue 18 – 01 November 2017 Rotary Club of Wanganui North

PO Box 7026, Wanganui Email: [email protected] Web site: www.rotarywanganuinorth.nz President: Graeme Prince tel: 06 3452448 Secretary: Garth Barlow tel: 06 3456514 Editor: Malcolm Jansen tel: 06 3458892

[email protected] DG Blog: http://rotary9940.org.nz

We Meet:

As it was the first Wednesday of the month there was no guest speaker tonight, and all committees met following the meeting.

Every Wednesday 5.30pm At the Cossie Club Off Rutland Street Wanganui

It was with great sadness that the club received the news that one of the first women to join our club, Marie Munro, died recently in New Plymouth.

Other Wanganui Rotary Clubs meet: Club: Venue: Time: Club: Venue: Time:

Wanganui The Avenue Motor Inn Victoria Avenue Monday 12 noon Daybreak (fortnightly) The Kingsgate Hotel 379 Victoria Avenue Monday 6:50am

Please note: Apologies or additional guests are to be phoned or emailed to [email protected] or Phone 344-3056

LEAVE OF ABSENCE Vicki Flight-Foxley Des Wink Graeme Carey



Vince Hart has made the decision to resign from the club on grounds of health. He will remain a Rotarian because of his association with his home club in York. Vince will continue to receive the bulletin, courtesy of PK. Shaun Hogan gave us an update on the Rowing Stakes progress. We are truly fortunate to have use of the Collegiate facilities and attending members are asked to take particular care not to spill food or drink onto the new carpet in the hall we will be using. The project is also known about as far away as Jaffaland (Auckland). Shaun gave thanks to Tony Hodge for the long hours he has put into organising this event. Iain McLeod will be in Whanganui on Friday 17th - Pub Night. Just in time for the Rotary Stakes as well. Cranleigh’s update on Bushy Park – new track clearing progressing smoothly. Mike Green says the trailer raffle will be sold out by mid-November if ticket sales continue at their current rate. He made special mention of Mark Kennedy who has sold 71 books to his justice department colleagues and has taken another 5 for good measure. Well done Mark. An amazing achievement. Sergeant Mike proceeded to fine all and sundry for crimes real or imagined but

got confused between “corps” and “corpse”. Not helped by Craig Cleveland’s comments! Marion bought the box and noted that when doing parking duty it is OK to let people pay on the way out if it speeds up traffic going in. Also, those collecting the money should stand right up by the gates not between the footpath and the road as it causes potentially dangerous traffic congestion. NOTE: THE ROTARIANNES DINNER IS TO BE HELD ON THURSDAY 23 NOVEMBER, VENUE AND TIME TO BE ADVISED. ALL ROTARIANNES WILL BE RUNG.

Meeting Cont’d Garth Barlow gave the Financial Report which showed the club is in a good financial position, details do not need to be reproduced here but a couple of important points were made. $5000.00 given to the Velodrome Roofing Project will be refunded if the project fails to go ahead. Vince Collins who we helped sponsor to attend the Globe Theatre in London will come & speak to the club if invited. Fund raising projects where the funds raised are for a specific charity or cause need to be reworded slightly as some of the money raised needs to be retained for projects that are not supported by specific fund raisers. E.g. RYLA, RYPEN, Dictionaries, Books in Homes, Student Exchange. These are all ongoing commitments for which we need funds. The closing balance looks healthy but it is necessary as costs for the new rotary year arrive well before income from subs, fund raisers etc. arrive and the club needs this buffer. Car Parking The final Saturday for October resulted in $153 being collected giving a total of $777 collected in October.

Calendar Friday 17th November Club Pub Night Cossie Club, 5pm

Saturday 18th November Rotary Rowing Stakes Collegiate Great Hall, 4pm

Thursday 23rd November Rotariannes Dinner TBA

Wednesday 6th December Club Christmas Party Wanganui Golf Club Rooms

Sunday 10th December Carols by Candlelight

Presidents “Parting Thought” - “How do you sculpt an elephant?”

Wednesday 27th March ‘18

“Start with a very large block of marble and chip off all the bits that don’t look like an elephant.”

Rural - Urban Night Saturday 12th May ‘18 District Conference

Duties Meeting Speaker Topic

8th November

15th November

22nd November

Nigel Allan

Ludi Berclaz

Mavis Mullins

Life as a NZ Police Area Commander (Wanganui Ruapehu District)

Swiss Exchange Student.

Atihau – Whanganui Incorporation


Evert Van Reenan

Sue Gardner

Tony Hodge


Matt McLay

Rosemary Hovey

Maurice Mildenhall


Brian Smith

Sergeant Bulletin Editor

Mike Green Malcolm Jansen

Brian Smith Allan Mailman Mike Green Malcolm Jansen

Brian Smith Craig Cleveland Mike Green Malcolm Jansen

If you are not able to attend please arrange a replacement