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Post Falls Police Department Detective Division Captain Greg McLean – (208)773-3517

Credit Card Fraud Suspects // PC for Idaho Arrest Perez Cerezuela, Oriam, A. DOB 11/29/1979 111 Kismet Pkwy E Cape Coral FL 33909

Bulletin Date: 10/14/2015 // 15PF21673

Brito, Alexander P. DOB 12/27/1973 th

4210 SW 7 Ave Cape Coral FL 33909

On 10/14/2015 at approx 12:56 hrs, PFPD officers and detectives responded to the Wal-Mart on Mullan Ave in Post Falls for three male suspects (pictures above) using multiple credit cards in the self check-out line. Upon arrival, officers detained Alexander, who spoke little English and was found in possession of a large quantity of Visa gift cards. A second suspect, Oriam, was able to flee, but eventually approached officers in the vehicle featured above (it is a rental car, rented to Oriam and is rented from the Spokane Airport until 10/23/15). Oriam was questioned and was not cooperative, claiming he was in Post Falls from Florida for vacation. The car was searched and more gift cards were found. A bag of over $7,000.00 of gift cards (pictured above) was found abandoned in the Walmart parking lot as well, which had been dumped by Oriam when he fled. The third suspect (pictures in the red and grey hoodie) has not been identified. This incident remains under active investigation and the suspects were released at the scene due to lack of probable cause. It is suspected that they were using stolen credit cards to purchase these gift cards, but this is still being investigated. Detectives have established PROBABLE CAUSE for the arrest of the two identified males if contacted in Idaho. If you contact these males, contact Detective Neil Uhrig 24/7 at 208-449-6457 and he will respond to make the arrest. Warrants will be sought as soon as possible for nationwide arrest. Walmart AP has trespassed these suspects from all Walmart stores. Forward intel to [email protected]

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