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Rotary Club of Wanganui North

Vol. 56 Issue 29 15 February 2017


PO Box 7026, Wanganui Email: [email protected] Web site: www.rotarywanganuinorth.nz President: Peter Kamstra tel: 06 347 1599 Secretary: Garth Barlow tel: 06 345 6514 Editor: Malcolm Jansen tel: 06 345 8892 [email protected] DG Blog: http://rotary9940.org.nz


We Meet:

Every Wednesday 5.30pm At the RSA St Hill Street Wanganui

Other Wanganui Rotary Clubs meet: Club: Venue: Time: Club: Venue: Time: Club: Venue: Time:

Wanganui The Avenue Motor Inn Victoria Avenue Monday 12 noon

Daybreak (fortnightly) The Kingsgate Hotel 379 Victoria Avenue Monday 6:50am Wanganui South Gallipoli Restaurant 170 St Hill Street Tuesday 5.45pm

Please note:

Apologies or additional guests are to be phoned or emailed to [email protected], Phone 344-3056 and After 2pm Wednesday calls are to be made to the RSA Kitchen on 345-5750

The order of the evening was changed slightly to accommodate our guest speaker. Jackie Hazelhurst our Guest Speaker, was sponsored by this club to attend Summer Science School in January. She opened her presentation with one of her favourite quotes, from Stephen Hawking“We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star. But we can understand the Universe. That makes us something very special.” Following Jackie’s presentation came the sergeant’s session from a barely recognisable Craig Cleveland. a) because it’s been so long since we last saw him , and b) the haircut! Fines ranged from photographing butt-crack in McDonalds Mark K, lack of 3D printing John O, not enough convictions Judge M, Australians Ian C, plus moteliers, employers, the medical profession, accountants, insurers, fire fighters, farmers, plumbers, rose growers, and Silent Witnesses. The same disgruntled voice as last week was heard to comment, during the applause“don’t clap, you’ll only encourage him!” Letters of appreciation have been received from three people whom the club has assisted financially,  Kaylee Mooney who went on the “Spirit of Adventure”  Adam Boult who attended the Under 18 Trans-Tasman Rugby Tournament and has been invited to trial for the Rugby Touch Blacks  Vincent Collins, a recent guest speaker who won a scholarship to attend and perform at the Globe in London.



Nomination for Membership The Directors have received the following proposal for Membership Wilf Emmett with a classification of Civil Construction. Members wishing to object to Wilf becoming a Member must do so to the Secretary by 25th February 2017.

Guest Speaker The Summer Science School ran for 2 weeks from 14th to 28th January and Jackie was one of 168 attendees, 6 of whom were from Australia. A typical day began at 6.30am for early morning activity, breakfast at 7.00am and lectures etc from 8.00am.

Calendar Saturday 4th March Rotariannes Coffee Morning

Lectures covered such diverse topics as:


Ethics-values and morality and how they apply to science, especially Artificial Intelligence. “If artificial intelligence develops to the same level as human intelligence, will it qualify to be granted human rights?”

Element Café Wednesday 8th March Partners Night and Grand Auction

CAD-or 3-D printing. This can be used to create perfect metal implants for areas of total bone loss. It could also be used, theoretically, to produce replacement human organs, in the future. Should there be ethical constraints on what 3-D printing can produce?

Friday 17th March Club Pub Night Rutland Arms Inn 5pm

Biomedical Engineering- Aims to fuse engineering and biology for technical advances in medicine. E.g. an artificial heart-does it need to be a pump, or will any system that causes liquid to flow, be sufficient? It would be theoretically possible to connect an artificial heart to a Blue Tooth app. on a cell phone and slow it down when going to bed.

Sunday 26th March Rural Urban Night Kaitoke School 6pm

Above all, Jackie appreciated the atmosphere that 168 people with an absolute passion for science, can create. Rotary does two things-it helps those in need, and it promotes excellence. Jackie surely stands out as epitomising Rotary’s promotion of excellence. She would surely be an ideal member of a Group Study Exchange team sometime in the future

Rotariannes Coffee Morning Element Café 10am Saturday 4 March

Duties Meeting:

22 February 2017


Club Forum


1 March 2017

8 March 2017 PARTNER’S NIGHT Grand Auction

Committee Meetings










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Bulletin Editor:

Malcolm Jansen

Leith Power

Leith Power

From the meeting…. Then followed what must surely be the highlight of any Presidents year - the induction of a new member. Introduced by Cranleigh, Phil Walker is Principal of Westmere School with 222 students and 16 staff under his control.  Phil was born in London & came to NZ in the 70’s from a school with 1000 students and no grass to Patea, a school with not many pupils and lots of grass. The family moved to Wanganui in the 80’s and he went to Wanganui High School. After leaving High School he worked in a variety of jobs, played a lot of sport and travelled extensively. His last job before going to University to earn his degree in Primary Education was an 8 year stint at Tasman Tanning, in the Tod Street facility, as Finishing Manager. He lives on a 16acre lifestyle block at Okoia and he spends much time playing with chainsaws, riding on mowers, trimming hedges and chasing sheep. Truly a good kiwi bloke! Welcome to the club Phil. May the experience be long and enjoyable.

Phil’s contact details are: Home: 505 No 3 Line Okoia Wanganui Phone: (06) 345 6919 (work) Mobile: (027) 601 6148 Email: [email protected]

Other Announcements     

Maree Left over prizes from the Rowing Stakes will be auctioned at a partner’s night on 8th March. Rural Urban Night Sunday 26th March, at Kaitoke School, 6pm. Bushy Park More working bees are being arranged for the near future as there is still plenty to do! Art In Hospital The formal hand-over will be arranged in the near future. Club Forum Our next meeting, Wednesday, 22nd February, will be a Club Forum where the Directors will provide an overview of Committee projects and Members will have an opportunity to have their say. DISTRICT 9940 NEEDS YOUR HELP FOR BILLETING District 9940 are seeking homes to host 10 Rotarians from Uganda and Tanzania who will be in New Zealand for the District’s Conference in April. They are moving around the District and will be in Wanganui for 3 or 4 nights (about 17 – 20 April). If you can assist please contact Secretary Garth, phone 345 6514 or email [email protected] or be ready to add your name to the event sheet which will be circulated next week. The request covers dinner and bed and breakfast as they will be looked after by a team (still to be appointed) during the day.