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Rotary Club of Wanganui North

Vol. 56 Issue 20 16 November 2016


PO Box 7026, Wanganui Email: [email protected] Web site: www.rotarywanganuinorth.nz President: Peter Kamstra tel: 06 347 1599 Secretary: Garth Barlow tel: 06 345 6514 Editor: Leith Power tel: 06 343 8166 [email protected] DG Blog: http://rotary9940.org.nz

We Meet:

Every Wednesday 5.30pm At the RSA St Hill Street Wanganui

Guests: Felicity Campbell, Carmen Prince Director’s Notes: Colin reminded us the Christmas Party is on 7th December $35 prepaid.

Other Wanganui Rotary Clubs meet: Club: Venue: Time: Club: Venue: Time: Club: Venue: Time:


Wanganui The Avenue Motor Inn Victoria Avenue Monday 12 noon

Daybreak (fortnightly) The Kingsgate Hotel 379 Victoria Avenue Monday 6:50am Wanganui South Gallipoli Restaurant 170 St Hill Street Tuesday 5.45pm

Cranleigh. Bryce spent Wednesday at Bushy Park with the Corrections Service Team resurfacing tracks. Signs have been erected. Hand-over is at 1.30 pm Monday at the stables including $700 from St John’s Hill’s school students. If you can, come. Eleanor Burgess trust grant of $34,000 will complete the year’s programme. Maree via Mike Raffle – 500 tickets to go. Hopefully we will be finished by 28th November.

Please note:

Apologies or additional guests are to be phoned or emailed to [email protected], Phone 344-3056 and After 2pm Wednesday calls are to be made to the RSA Kitchen on 345-5750

Brian Cluster Meeting Rotary Membership, Daybreak 18, South 15, Wanganui 68, North 42. Pub Night this Friday 18th. Mark Saturday 10th December. Round the Bridges run. We need for three Marshall’s at 6.30 am. Any takers? Leith Ewan Phillips (former member) is in hospital with pneumonia.



Shaun Rotary Stakes Friday 25th November, at Big School, Collegiate. He described how races would operate. Can anyone give time to be a bookie with Terry? Sergeant Craig Relieved us all of cash with an innovative session.

Guest Speaker Graeme Prince introduced Felicity Campbell, author of several books of local history, now researching history of Wanganui Boroughs. Her talk was called “Town Hall”. In 1902 the Town District Act gave any area of 50 houses a right to have a separate authority, if over 1000 the right to become a borough with a Mayor. Most immediately built a Town Hall. The district supported 3 boroughs. 1. Wanganui East: Big names in Wanganui East were Duncan, McGregor, Patterson, Nixon, Sedgebrook & Churton. Harry Churton interested in Maori education built a school, later Jubilee Hospital. He sold off land. By 1875 there was a subdivision into 100 acre blocks. In 1898 Sedgebrook sold off 800 acres to speculators. By 1900 they were much sort after. Meanwhile farmer Robert Nielson was trying to stop floods in W.East. He was frustrated by Charles Mackie, a manipulator who wanted Wanganui East joined to Wanganui. By 1909 Eastown was populated with small houses that are still there. Money went into roads, footpaths, gas lighting, but not flood protection. Once trams were introduced and a bridge to Wanganui East it made sense to amalgamate in 1912. 2. Gonville: Dominated by the Imlays whose land stretched to Kai Iwi. In 1899 the area was named Gonville (after Gonville College, Cambridge). The borough was separated from Wanganui by Carlton Avenue. Bignall was the dominant figure for 10 years as chairman of the Board. First they built the baths and a town hall. Big blocks were subdivided and roads built. Gonville had its own tramway Board that set rates and levies. Bignall’s syndicate bought up all the land on the tram route. Houses cost 600 pound, paid off over 40 years. ‘The original state houses.’ 1918 the freezing works opened bringing employment. When electricity came, as the Power Board was regional, Gonville needed to amalgamate. 3. Castlecliff, named after a cliff at Rangiora Street. It was the harbour for the town. It was subdivided for workers. Trams came to Castlecliff in 1913 to the beach Tea Rooms. But by 1915 there were still no services of water or sewerage. Promoted as a resort, 1918 saw an extensive drainage programme in Castlecliff.

Calendar 21st November 1.30pm Bushy Park 2015/16 Project Hand-over 25th November Project Tool Kit 3rd December Rotariannes Christmas Luncheon at Element Café 12 noon 7



Christmas Party 10th December Round the Bridges Run Marshalls 11th December Carols by Candlelight 8th February 2017 BBQ and Potato Judging

Please Note: Board meeting 24th November.

Keith Safey gave the vote of thanks.

Duties Meeting:

23 November 2016

30 November 2016

7 December 2016


Phillip Bedford


Christmas Party


NZ International Commercial Pilots Academy Terry Coxon

Sarah Williams and Kathy Cunningham Artists Open Studio Ian Cuthbertson

Social Club


Cranleigh Chainey

Vince Hart

Peter Kamstra


Brian Smith

Brian Smith

Social Committee

Tony Hodge

Bevan Chilcott


Craig Cleveland/Mike Green

Craig Cleveland/Mike Green

Bulletin Editor:

Leith Power

Leith Power

Marion Johnston

Any member unable to undertake their allocated duty is requested to find a replacement and advise the President accordingly.

Trailer Raffle Roster Date/Place

9am – 12 noon

12 noon – 3pm

Saturday 19 November Trafalgar Square

Marion Johnston(*) Matt McLay

Mike Green Lynn Larsen(#)


9am – 12 noon

12 noon – 3pm

Sunday 20 November Mitre 10 Mega

Brad Percy(*) Dugald Matheson

Terry Coxon Malcolm Jansen Either one to return trailer thanks

(*) Pick up Trailer (#) Return Trailer

River City Markets Roster Date

9am – 11am

11am – 1pm

Saturday 3 December

Terry Coxon Leith Power

Bruce Kennedy David Hood

Saturday 10 December

Terry Coxon Garth Barlow

Keith Safey Graeme Prince

Saturday 17 December

Graeme Foster Dugald Matheson

David Hood Marion Johnston

Saturday 24 December

Malcolm Jansen Mike Green

Bruce Kennedy Graeme Carey

Saturday 31 December

Karen Edlin Maree Langford

Graeme Prince Jane Hickey

Wanganui North Rotary Stakes Tickets to this event to be held on Friday 25 November are now on sale. Members are urged to buy their tickets NOW WE NEED THE SUPPORT OF ALL MEMBERS To purchase please contact Tony Hodge on 021 677 807 or bring the money to Wednesday’s meeting

Felicity’s book “Town Hall” about the history of Wanganui boroughs will be published in December.