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Fulton Montgomery Regional Chamber Presents

ChamberCon Business Showcase

Wednesday, May 15th, 2019 Alpin Haus RV - 1863 NY 5-S, Amsterdam

3 pm - 4 pm Chamber Member Social Hour 4 pm - 8 pm Public Showcase

For Booth Pricing, Contact James Hannahs at 518-725-0641

*Booths for Chamber Members Only, Showcase Open to Public*

What is ChamberCon?

Formerly known as the Annual Business Expo, ChamberCon is a social convention, similar to our Business After Hours, for Chamber members to display their products and services to the general public. This one-day exposition offers members a valuable opportunity to engage in business-to-business and consumer marketing, networking, and introductions.

What’s in it for me?

•Promote yourself and your business to hundreds of potential customers •Capitalize on a direct opportunity to showcase your products in a targeted environment •Strategically market “hot deals” •Harbor immediate feedback of your business and what you have to offer •Have face-to-face contact with business professionals and consumers •Utilize a public event with hundreds of guests to advertise your brand through sponsorship •Establish and acquire new customers – Trade shows are more cost effective than other forms of contact and advertising

What do I bring?

This part is entirely up to you, as long as it’s business appropriate. You’ll have space to bring displays, advertisements, promotional material, and the opportunity to sell your product, so you may want to bring enough inventory. Feel free to bring SWAG (stuff we all get) to give out to guests. We also recommend providing a prize giveaway; this will draw tons of traffic to your booth, thus giving you more opportunities to speak about your business.

How are the booths set up?

Every booth is an 8 ft. by 8 ft space, draped perfectly for ideal display presentation, a draped 6ft table, two chairs, wastebasket, and electricity will be provided if needed. If you do require electricity, we recommend you bring your own lead cords. Premier booths, found along more traveled areas in the show, are also available for a premium. Multiple booths are available for purchase as well.

Sign me up – I mean business!

Contact Name___________________________ Company Name__________________________ Mailing Address__________________________ City_________________State_____Zip_______ Phone_____________Electricity needed_______ Email___________________________________ Our prize giveaway is ______________________ (We want to include this in our marketing efforts)

Payment Options:

(No refunds after April 15th) Prior to April 15th (First Come, First Served)

________Advantage Booth - $165.00 ________Premier Booth - $185.00 After April 15th (First Come, First Served) ________Advantage Booth - $185.00 ________Premier Booth - $205.00

Number of exhibit spaces _________________ Check______ Ck. Number___________ Visa _____ MasterCard _____ AMEX____ Discover_______ Account Number________________________ CVV_________Exp._________ Account Address_________________________ City________________State______Zip_______ Name on Account________________________ Please return via fax or mail to James Hannahs at FMRCC. 2 N Main St, Gloversville, NY 12078 Fax: 518-725-0643 May 8th, 2019.

*Hi-lighted area denotes Premier Booth Locations Questions? Call my office, or send an email: James Hannahs Director of Membership and Member Services Fulton Montgomery Regional Chamber of Commerce 2 N. Main Street, Gloversville/ 1166 Riverfront Center, Amsterdam (518) 725-0641 | (518) 725-0643 – Fax | [email protected]