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Hydraulic Lift

CASE STUDY: Jet Pump System Thrives in Sandy Well




An operator in Oklahoma had a

Apergy – Hydraulic Lift assessed

The Jet Pump system has been

well with a depth of 10,000 ft.

the well and determined to

operating successfully since

While the well was producing

install a 2-1/2” High Volume

September 2017.

3000 BPD, the well was also

Jet Pump with a 300HP Surface

producing a substantial amount of sand. After weeks of trying to address the high sand production, the

Pump System. The sand production continued to be prominent for weeks

The sand production decreased over time, and the Jet Pump System has been able to maintain oil production with zero downhole failures.

operator sought out possible

after the Jet Pump System

artificial lift solutions to combat

was installed, but the Jet Pump

the sand without losing oil

was able to handle it with

For more information on Jet Pump

production levels.

minimum downtime.

Systems, visit