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case study - x No.2 5m kits with Twisters for high bay reception hall lighting. 550 x No.2 ...

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Sir John Thursby College Project Information

Project Name and Location Sir John Thursby Community College, Burnley


Industry Sector Application Suspended elements Amount of Gripples used

Education Mechanical and Electrical All electrical containment and lighting Ducting, radiant panels and heaters 1600 x Trapeze kits for 3-tier main containment runs in corridors 850 x No.1 Y-Fit Toggle for 600 x 600 Whitecroft lighting 100 x No.2 5m kits with Twisters for high bay reception hall lighting 550 x No.2 3m kits for lighting trunking and basket containment 150 x No.2 Y-Fits for Sports Hall radiant panels and lighting 40 x No.2 kits for door heaters 500 x No.2 3m kits for Spiral ducting, mostly in open areas 250 x No.3 M8 Stud kits for cable ladder

Project Description and Feedback Sir John Thursby College was one of three sites of the second phase of Lancashire County Council’s £250 million Building Schools for the Future programme. The new “super school” was created from merging 3 schools, including Rigdewood School for students with learning difficulties, serving1,050 students when complete. The contractor was impressed with Gripple hangers, as they aided the adherence to stringent time frames and hand-over schedules.

Phil Lovelady, Project Manager had used Gripple many times before on lighting, but was impressed with his first use of Gripple hangers on containment “Gripple hangers are far easier to work with than rod. At first, the cable-pulling team were dubious, but soon found the installation to be stable and secure. The lads and I were all impressed with the benefits of fitting Gripple and the time savings made on such a large project.” M&E Consultants:

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