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TOTAL SOLUTION PROVIDER ACE Winches is a global leader in the design, manufacture and hire of winches, marine deck machinery and the provision of associated hire personnel for the offshore oil and gas, marine and renewable energy industries. ACE Winches is the expert partner to manage the total project solution from concept design through to manufacture, testing, installation, commissioning, operation, training and ongoing client support. Operating in over 50 countries ACE Winches specialise in reliable, safe solutions that deliver. ACE Winches Norge AS offer bespoke winching solutions, hire fleet equipment, personnel, refurbishment services and training across the Scandinavian markets. The quayside base and office facilities at Karmsund, Haugesund complement Stavanger operations. Located in the straits of Karmsundet the facilities include 750m of deep water quayside. ACE Winches Norge AS specialise in hire assets designed for the installation and recovery of subsea, umbilicals, risers and flowline products.

ACE SERVICES ACE Services offer a range of maintenance contracts, upgrades and commissioning services for clients requiring the overhaul of existing winching equipment and deck machinery whether originally supplied by ACE Winches or any third party. ACE Winches is an original equipment manufacturer and global support is available 24/7 through their teams of qualified technicians. There are Master Service Agreements and Packages available to clients owning and operating ACE Winches’ equipment and/or third party equipment. The company is committed to supporting clients to maximise operational efficiency, utilisation and capability whilst reducing equipment stoppage and loss of operation. All equipment is subject to comprehensive testing prior to delivery. ACE Services also incorporates a product sourcing facility to supply third party products including wire ropes, hydraulic and electric components, and spare parts.

ACE Service offer the following: Global Service Contracts Master Service Agreements Offsite Commissioning Reverse Engineering Feasibility Studies FMECA and Engineering Surveys Product Support Product Upgrades Equipment Overhauls Survey Technical Support

CASE STUDY SEDCO 704 Semi-Submersible Drilling Rig PROJECT OVERVIEW ACE Winches was tasked with the refurbishment of eight Baylor-Hepburn 500 Anchor Winches positioned on the SEDCO 704. Project work took place while the drilling rig was in dry dock at the Nigg Shipyard during December 2012. The Anchor Winches were removed and mobilised for local inspection and rebuild at the company’s Towie Barclay Works Facilities.









CASE STUDY SEDCO 704 Semi-Submersible Drilling Rig SCOPE OF WORK: » Brake Band Linings removed and relined

» Removal and replacement of Clutches and Air Cylinders

» Removal of Main Shaft and Bull Gear for inspection and repair

» Disc Brakes manufactured and reinstalled

» Bull Gear and Drive Pinion Gear MPI and repair

» Complete overhaul of Load Cells including replacement diaphragms

» Total replacement of Gypsy Wheels

» All parts and components cleaned, blasted and painted

» Overhaul of Reduction Gearbox and Brake Transmission Gearbox

» All hoses, fittings and clamps replaced

» FAT tested to ABS specifications

The service team displayed an outstanding attitude throughout.They were hard working, diligent, professional and extremely proficient in their field of expertise. They actively participated in Transocean’s safety culture. In addition they displayed a real ‘can do’ attitude and never shied away from participating in work even when outside of their own work scope ... the lads were outstanding and are a credit to your organisation. It was a pleasure to work with them for the 704’s yard stay.

Iain Penny SEDCO 704,Transocean

At a time when we were under real pressure the ACE Winches Team shone through and helped immensely. Neil Murray Barge Marine Supervisor, SEDCO 704

CASE STUDY John Shaw Semi-Submersible Drilling Rig PROJECT OVERVIEW Rebuild of eight Skagit Anchor Winches from Transocean’s John Shaw drilling rig.

SCOPE OF WORK: » Brake Band Linings removed, inspected, shot blasted and relined » Manufacture and installation of new Bull Gears and Drive Pinions » Total replacement of Gypsy Wheels

» Overhaul of all hydraulic cylinders » All parts and components cleaned, blasted and painted » SAT tested to DNV Position Mooring Standard, during sea trials in the North Sea

» Overhaul of main Reduction Gearboxes



CASE STUDY Further Service Contracts

Success in the Anchor Winch Refurbishment Projects on board the SEDCO 704 and John Shaw drilling rigs has endorsed ACE Winches as a quality service provider focusing on schedule, budget and specification. Transocean has since awarded ACE Winches service contracts on both the SEDCO 714 and the Paul B Loyd drilling rigs.

PROJECT OVERVIEWS » SEDCO 714 - Refurbish eight Baylor-Hepburn 500 Anchor Winches » Paul B Loyd - Supply of components for eight Pusnes Anchor Winches

CASE STUDY Ensco 5004 Semi-Submersible Drilling Rig PROJECT OVERVIEW ACE Winches secured a contract for the refurbishment of eight Norwinch 2A-76-2 Anchor Winches situated on the Ensco 5004. Work commenced on a drilling rig situated at the quayside of Malta Shipbuilding yard in Valleta. While the majority of refurbishment work took

Valves were sent to ACE facilities in Scotland for complete disassembly and rebuild with OEM parts. Sheave assembly units used with the drilling derrick were also transported to ACE’s specialised workshop for machining realignment.

place onsite in Malta, the Hydraulic Motors and



CASE STUDY Electric Winch Overhaul PROJECT OVERVIEW Refurbishment of three 16.5te Electric Thruster Winches and Control System as per Maersk workscope.

SCOPE OF WORK: » Provision of replacement winch foundation » All parts and components cleaned, blasted and painted » FAT tested to ACE specifications » Configured load limit function



CASE STUDY Bleo-Holm FPSO Turret Mooring Winch PROJECT OVERVIEW To survey and re-commission a Bodewes 200te Turret Anchor Mooring Winch on the Talisman Bleo-Holm FPSO in the North Sea.

SCOPE OF WORK: » Supply of Zone 1 Open Loop Pressure Compensated 37.5kW Electric HPU to power the winch


» Hydraulic system flushed and re-commissioned » FAT tested to Bureau Veritas specifications and standards

CASE STUDY Balmoral Platform Derrick Compensator Winches PROJECT OVERVIEW To refurbish and reinstate two Derrick Compensators and two Air Winches on the Balmoral Platform.

SCOPE OF WORK: » Modification of existing base frames to accept new winches whilst utilising existing offshore hold down plates » FAT tested to ACE specifications » ACE Offshore Technicians supplied to assist with installation and commissioning of new winches and refurbished compensators



CASE STUDY Abandonment and Recovery Winch Upgrade PROJECT OVERVIEW Refurbishment and upgrade of an 80te SWL Pull-in Winch following comprehensive on-site winch survey.

SCOPE OF WORK: » Winch drum modifications to modernise design under DNV 2.22 rules and GAP analysis produced. » Upgrade of brake system to a true mechanical auto fail safe brake system


» Manufacture of guarding fitted around the drum and brake assemblies » FAT tested to client and DNV standards


CASE STUDY Coil Tubing Lift Frame Winch Safety Upgrade PROJECT OVERVIEW Safety upgrade of seven 12te Drum Winches previously manufactured and supplied by ACE Winches. Secondary brake system added to motor side of the drum giving the winches a double brake.

SCOPE OF WORK: » Removal of motor and fit additional brake » Motor reassembly and hydraulic pipework of units » FAT tested to DNV rules



CASE STUDY BOP Hoist Refurbishment PROJECT OVERVIEW Complete refurbishment of four 100te BOP Hoist Units.

SCOPE OF WORK: » Full strip down, shot blast and rebuild of hoists using OEM components » All parts shot blasted and repainted to original specification



» MPI and NDT of all critical lift points » FAT tested to OEM specifications

CASE STUDY ACE Hire Fleet Double Drum Mooring Winch Rebuild PROJECT OVERVIEW Complete rebuild of four Double Drum Mooring Winches.

SCOPE OF WORK: » Full strip down, shot blast and rebuild of winches » All parts shot blasted and repainted to original specification » Diesel engine and drive system overhaul » New control system designed and safety guards fitted » MPI of all critical lift points » FAT tested to ACE specifications



CASE STUDY ACE Hire Fleet Mooring Winch Rebuild PROJECT OVERVIEW Complete rebuild of four Heavy Mooring Winches.

SCOPE OF WORK: » Drive train and braking systems fully reverse engineered and rebuilt » Bespoke spooling gear manufactured to suit over spooling » FAT tested to ACE specifications



CASE STUDY ACE Hire Fleet 80te Mooring Winch Rebuild PROJECT OVERVIEW Complete rebuild of eight 80te Mooring Winches.

SCOPE OF WORK: » Conversion from electric gear drive to modern hydraulic drive train » Comprehensive base and structural rebuild » Brake band refurbishment » FAT tested to ACE specifications



OUR CORE VALUES The ACE Winches Core Values are firmly embedded within the company. ACE has a culture of continuous improvement, hard work, commitment to the growth and success of the company while increasing commercial awareness to improve performance.

Core Values Health and Safety Committed to a safe, healthy and incident-free workplace Excellence and Quality Delivering world-class solutions on time Investment Investing in our people, products and facilities globally Creativity Delivering creative and innovative engineering solutions Integrity Encouraging a culture of honesty, trust and respect Responsibility Committed to taking responsibility for our actions and decisions

SAFETY AND RESPONSIBILITY ACE Winches number one priority is Health, Safety, Environment and Quality. With robust management systems in place and a deep rooted culture of safety and responsibility, ACE Winches comply with the following safety standards.

Quality BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management Our comprehensive, co-ordinated quality management system demonstrates commitment to continual improvement.

Environmental Responsibility BS EN ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Management ACE Winches is compliant with environmental regulations and recognised industry standards, continually seeking to protect and enhance the natural environment. The company promotes environmental practices to assist in long term sustainability.

Health and Safety BS OHSAS 18001: 2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management Health and Safety processes are an integral part of our working practices - safeguarding the wellbeing of our team and clients.

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