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THE ONLY CARDlOlD MICROPHONES FEATURING PICKUP PATTERN SYMMETRICAL ABOUT AXIS AND UNIFORM AT ALL FREQUENCIES The world's finest moderately priced dynamic cardiojd microphone for public-address system use. The Unidyne I l l approaches the theoretical ideal of the cardioid pickup pattern. This means completely uniform pickup about the axis at all frequencies- in all planes. Remarkably faithful reproduction of the human voice makes the Unidyne I l l a superior choice for public-address applications. Low frequency characteristics of the Unidyne I l l eliminate boominess, and make i t a favorite for pickup of drums and bass instruments. Striking black and satin chrome finish in compact modern design makes the Unidyne I l l a stylish addition to any platform. Model 545 is suitable for handheld and/or stand use with Model A25 Swivel Adapter included. Model 5455 is mounted on lifetime swivel and includes on-off switch. Model 544 is furnished with cable attached and is designed for gooseneck mountings. 544-G6 includes 6" gooseneck; 544-GI2 includes 12" gooseneck; 544-GI8 includes 18" gooseneck. TYPE: Dynamic. FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 50-15,000 cps. POLAR PATTERN: Cardioid (Uniform with frequency, symmetrical about axis). MAGNETIC CIRCUIT: uses Alnico V magnet. CASE: Die cast zinc and "Armo-Dur". FINISH: Satin chrome and black. CABLE CONNECTOR: Equivalent to Amphenol MC4M plug. CABLE: 18 ft., 3 conductor shielded. STAND THREAD: 5/st' - 27 thread. DIMENSIONS: Length 5?(',5", Diam.ll?&". NET WEIGHT: 6 / 1 0 Ib., Shipping Weight 2% Ibs. FURNISHED ACCESORIES: A25 type swivel adapter. OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES: A86A cable type transformer, S33B desk stands. IMPEDANCE TABLE


L-50-250 ohms

-57 db (0 db = 1 milliwatt per 10 microbars) .I41 millivoltsJmicrobar


-55 db (0 db = 1 volt per microbar);

1.760 millivolts/microbar

BROADCAST UNIDYNE Ill MODEL 546. Ultra compact, unidirectional, distinctive design, weights only 1 Ib.! Recommended for critical broadcast and theater-stage sound system operation and highest quality public address and recording applications. Truly uniform cardioid pick-up pattern, symmetrical about axis. Special live-rubber vibration-isolating shock mount. Improved self-adjusting lifetime swivel permits tilting of head 180°. Cannon XL-3-11 connector. 20 ft. ?-conductor shielded broadcast type cable. Head only llxa"diam., 5j(," long. 50-15,000 cps frequency response.


50 Ohms

H - 150 Ohms

-55 db (0 db = 1 milliwatt per 10 microbars); .l76 millivoltsJmicrobar





-55 db (0 db = 1 milliwatt per 10 microbars); .079 millivoltsJmicrobar




U N I D Y N E I 1 SERIES Famed Throughout the World for Ruggedness a n d Reliability


The Unidynes are the largest selling microphones throughout the world used consistently by famed celebrities fop those important events where the faithfulness of sound reproduction is critical. A sturdy construction provides immunity of the moving-coil system to abnormal atmospheric conditions and severe mechanical shock. Model 55s i s highly recommended for fine quality public address, theaterstage sound systems, recording and remote broadcasting, and low-gain tope recording. I t is also the field-proved standard for fixed station use in the police, fire, transportation, forestry and commercial services. Smooth frequency response from 50 to 15,000 cps. Furnished with an 18-foot cable and plug assembly. Model 55SW is same as Model 55s except it has On-Off switch.

Model "555" Unidyne

Model 556s is specially constructed and tested to meet the requirements of the broadcast and television studio, and is held within close tolerances in frequency response and directivity. I t is a moving-coil type microphone with a frequency range of 40 to 15,000 cps, production uniformity guaranteed to plus or minus 2% db. As a further precaution against mechanical vibration pickup, the 556s is provided with an additional isolation unit, of live rubber construction in combination with the stand connector and a built-in high quality cable connector. Furnished with a 20-foot, high quality, shielded, 2-conductor cable with Cannon plug attached. Both the 5 5 s and the 5565 feature the patented "Uniphase" network system. A l l units include multi-impedance switch for High, Medium or Low Impedance.

L-35-50 Ohms Model "5565" Broadcast


-54 db (0 db = 1 milliwatt per 10 microbars); .063 millivoltsJmicrobar -55 db (0 db = 1 milliwatt per 10 microbars); .l25 millivolts/microbar -57 db (0 db = 1 volt per


$135.00 $ 83.00


A l l Shure Dynamic, Controlled Magnetic, a n d Ceramic Microphones are eligible for FCDA purchases. Available i n Gold finish for $10 additional (List Price)


$ 85.00



NEW 570s -ONLY PROFESSIONAL LAVALIER MICROPHONE WITH SWITCH -MODEL 570- WITHOUT SWITCH FINEST PERFORMING PROFESSIONAL QUALITY DYNAMIC LAVALIER MICROPHONE - REGARDLESS OF PRICE! Designed for lovalier use in television, for lectures, etc. Features special "shaped" response for superior lovalier performance. Reduces pickup of clothing and coble noise. Designed for inconspicuous use with "Flex-Grip" lovalier assembly - the most versatile available. "FlexGrip" design holds microphone firmly, yet permits eosy and quick removal. Lavalier clip opens right or left or con be removed. Lightweight, flexible 30 ft, microphone cable attached. Non-reflecting gray metal case with stoinless steel grille. SPECIFICATIONS - ELEMENT TYPE: Dynamic. FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 50-12,000 cps, shaped for optimum lovolier performance, with rising response to 6,000 cps. DIAPHRAGM: Shure Duracoustic. POLAR PATTERN: Omnidirectional. MAGNETIC CIRCUIT: Uses Alnico V Magnet. CASE FINISH. Non-reflecting gray. CABLE: 30' two-conductor shielded. DIMENSIONS: 3/4" diameter, 2%" overall length, NET WEIGHT: Model 570, 2 ounces (less coble). Model 570S, 3% ounces. FURNISHED ACCESSORIES: Model A571 "Flex-Grip" lovolier cord, and belt clip for cable. OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES: Model A95A Tran.sformer.



- 150 Ohms- to match all low impedance inputs; 50 to 250 Ohms. - 59 db (0db = 1 Milliwatt per 10 microbars); .094millivolts/microbar. MODEL 570 LlST PRlCE $95.00... MODEL 5705 LIST PRlCE $105.00. IMPEDANCE


NEW MODEL 571 - Miniature dynamic microphone for hand-held and stand use. Similar to Model 570 in size and oppeorance, but has smooth peok-free response from 50 to 10,000 cps for voice applications where o small, inconspicuous microphone should be used. Use in hand, on srand, hang over stage, conceal in studio and other broadcost, motion picture, theatrical and public address applicotions. Model A57R swivel odapter included. IMPEDANCE matches all low impedance inputs 50 OUTPUT: - 60.5 db (0 db


- 250 ohms.

millivolt per 10 microbars); .085 millivolts/microbars.

LlST PRICE: $95.00

MODEL 578 OMNIDYNE ULTRA SLIM PROBE No Change in Pickup Pattern or Sensitivity from 50-17,000cps An outstanding new public oddress microphone combining striking modern ultra-slim (3h" diameter) design with exceptional performance. proved in severe field testing. Inconspicuous because of slender shope. Smooth, natural response from 50 to 17,000 cps. Built-in wire mesh "pop" filter reduces breath noises. Extremely rugged construction makes the Omnidyne on excellent choice for quality P.A. use indoors and outdoors. Satin chrome steel case provides magnetic shielding as well as good looks. Model 578s is mounted on swivel-switch ossembly with attached Cannon XL3-11 coble connector. Model 578 has exceptional "feel" and "balance" making i t ideol for hand-held use. Dual impedance. Complete with "On-Off" switch and special slip-in swivel stand adapter. Locking switch plote is included to lock switch in "On" position. Available in Matched Poirs for Stereo Recording (Matched to plus or minus 1 d b in level and 1% d b in frequency response).

SPECIFICATIONS - TYPE: Dynamic. FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 50-17.000 cps. DIAPHRAGM: Shure Duracoustic. POLAR PATTERN: Omnidirectionol. MAGNETIC CIRCUIT: Uses Alnico V Magnet. CASE FINISH: Satin chrome. SWIVEL ADAPTER: Furnished with swivel adopter having %"-27 thread. CABLE: 18' - three-conductor shielded SWITCH. Supplied with "On-Off" switch and optional cover plote. DIMENSIONS: %" diameter. 73h" overall length. NET WEIGHT: 7 ounces (less cable). OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES: Model S33B Desk Stand, Model A86A Transformer, Model S39A Vibration-Isolation Stond, Model A45 Quick-Disconnect Isolation Unit. OUTPUT LEVEL


200 Ohms High

- 60 db (0 db -- 1

- 59 db

(0 db

Milliwatt per 10 microbars); .I00 millivolts/microbar


Milliwatt per microbar); 1.11 millivolts/microbar

MODEL 578t LlST PRlCE $82.50... MODEL 578St LlST PRlCE $90.00.

MODEL 576 STUDIO OMNIDIRECTIONAL DYNAMIC Super-smooth Response Avoids Feedback Common with other Omnidirectionals A new, superb, dynamic probe microphone designed for television and radio broadcasting and supercritical public oddress applicotions Proved superior for ruggedness and performance under typical broadcasting conditions in advance field tests. Strikingly modern in ultra-slim %-inch diometer that provides maximum view of performer for on-camera use. Features smooth, natural, widerange response for authentic pickup of voice or music. Dual impedonce, 50 and 150 ohms. The 576 is an ideol hand-held microphone because of its unique "feel" and "balance" in the hond. Rugged steel case provides effective magnetic shielding as well as good looks. Finished in non-reflecting gray with stainless steel grill. Avoiloble in matched pairs for streo, broadcasting and recording (Matched to plus or minus 1 d b in level and 1y2 d b in frequency response.) SPECIFICATIONS- ELEMENT TYPE: Dynamic. FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 40-20,000 cps. POLAR PATTERN: Omnidirectionol. DIAPHRAGM: Shure Duracoustic. CASE FINISH: Non-reflecting gray. SWIVEL ADAPTER: Furnished with Model A57S Swivel Adapter having 5/s"-27 thread. CABLE: 25' three-conductor shielded broadcast coble DIMENSIONS: sh'' diameter, 5%" overall length. NET WEIGHT: 7 ounces (less coble). OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES: Model S33B Desk Stand, Model A86A Transformer, Model S39A Vibration-Isolation Stond, Model A45 Quick Disconnect lsolotion Unit. IMPEDANCE


50 Ohms

-60 db (0 db = 1 Milliwatt per 10 microbars); .050 millivolts/microbar

150 Ohms

-60 db (0 db


Milliwatt per 10 microbars); ,095 millivolts/microbar

MODEL 576 LlST PRlCE $175.00.

t Available

in Gold finish for $10 additional (List Price)

578 Hand Held

RIBBON MICROPHONES The characteristically wide-range response o f t h e r i b b o n element has made it t h e most w i d e l y used t y p e o f microphone f o r broadcasting a n d professional recording. Shure engineers have designed remarkable ruggedness* i n t o Shure r i b b o n microphones, making t h e m an excellent choice f o r a n y indoor application w h e r e highest q u a l i t y response is required. "Shure r i b b o n microphones actually have been used "to p o u n d nails" a n d subiected t o severe d r o p tests -without affecting the performance characteristics.

STUDIO UNI-DIRECTIONAL RIBBON MICROPHONE This small, ultra-cardioid "333" is h i g h l y recommended f o r motion-picture studios, TV studios, r a d i o stations, professional recording, a n d all other uses w h e r e quality requirements are o f the highest. The "333" is ultra-cardioid, uni-directional - g r e a t l y reduces t h e p i c k u p o f r a n d o m noise energy t o solve feedback problems. F o l l o w i n g are t h e features that make t h e "333" Studio so outstanding i n p e r f o r m ance, so dependable i n operation: (1) patented, world-famous "Uniphase" system; (2) a true ultra-cardioid pickup pattern; (3) r i b b o n transducer provides extended smooth response, production u n i f o r m i t y guaranteed t o plus o r minus 21/2 db, 30-15,000 cps; (4) multi-impedance switch; (5) voice-music switch; (6) anti-"Pff" filter screen; (7)Shure self-adjusting "lifetime" swivel; (8) h i g h output; (9) sturdy, one-piece metal case; (10) vibration-isolation u n i t m o u n t e d i n live rubber; (11) Cannon XL connector. Head dimensions: Width, ll/sr'; height, 3X6''; depth, 13h".

Model "333" Studio Uni-Ron



L - 50 Ohms

-60 db (0 db = 1 Milliwatt per 10 microbars); ,049 millivolts/microbar -59 db (0 db = 1 Milliwatt per 10 microbars); .089 millivolts/microbar -59 d b (0 db = 1 Milliwatt per 10 microbar); .I11 millivolts/microbar


- 150 Ohms H - 250 Ohms







P.A. UNI-DIRECTIONAL RIBBON MICROPHONE Designed t o m e e t t h e exacting requirements o f professional tape recording a n d highest q u a l i t y indoor public-address systems w h e r e highest q u a l i t y is essential, yet cost is a factor. Supercardioid p i c k u p pattern. 3 0 t o 15,000 cps. The Professional "Uni-Ron" is e q u i p p e d w i t h multi-impedance (50, 150 a n d 2 5 0 ohms) switch, life-time swivel, vibration-isolation shock mount, Cannon XL-3-11 cable connector, 2 0 ft. 2-conductor shielded broadcast-type cable. Satin-chrome finish w i t h natural anodized aluminum grille.





L - 50 Ohms

-59 db (0 db = 1 Milliwatt per 10 microbars); .049 millivolts/microbar -57 d b (0 db = 1 Milliwatt per 10 microbars); .089 millivolts/ microbar -58 db (0 db = 1 Milliwatt per 10 microbars); .I11 millivolts/microbar




"Professional Uni-Ron"



- 150 Ohms - 250 Ohms


Model "300"

Rugged, high fidelity, multi-impedance microphone is widely used for television, radio broadcasting, professional recording and high-fidelity uses. The "300" reduces reverberation and the pickup of random noise by 66%. Combines the best features of conventional velocity microphones with advanced acoustic design- including an anti-"PFF" filter screen. Its bi-directional polar pattern is effective over a broad trequency range. Provides sound pickup at the front and rear of the microphone, but greatly reduces pickup at the sides. Can be p l a ~ e d at a much greater distance from the performer than is possible with omni-directional microphones! Non-reflecting "Baked Bronze" finish. Readily accessible Voice-Music switch, vibration-isolation unit mounted in live rubber, and a multi-impedance switch, providing low, medium and high impedance. Extended response, production uniformity guaranteed to plus or minus 21/2 db, 40-15,000 cps. Furnished with a 20-foot two-conductor. rubbercovered, shielded cable with Cannon XL-3-11 connector attached.


L - 30- 50 Ohms M

- 150-250 Ohms


- High


-60 db (0 db = 1 Milliwatt per 10 microbars); .044 millivolts/microbar lEVE -59 db (0 db = 1 Milliwatt per 10 microbars); .I00 millivolts/microbar -57 db (0 db = 1 volt per microbarl; 1.410 millivolts/microbar


P.A. BI-DIRECTIONAL GRADIENT MICROPHONE Features frequency response of 50 to 12,000 cps-will reproduce voice and music i n a clear, natural tonal quality i n auditoriums, night clubs, schools and churches. Provides unusual freedom of motion on the platform. Bi-directional "Fig. 8" pickup pattern extends over a broad frequency range- permits the sound system to be operated at a level almost 6 db higher than is possible with non-directional (omni-directional) microphones! Greatly reduces reverberation and the pickup of random noises to control feedback. It is "PFF"-proof -filters out the "PFF"-type noises often heard over conventional microphones. Dimensions: 6" x 1x4' wide x I%," deep. Furnished with 18-foot, high quality, two conductor, shielded cable with the equivalent of the Amphenol 91-MC3M plug. Model "3155" is same as model "315" but has On-OR switch.

Model "315"


L - 35- 50 Ohms

* U. S.


Patent D178,018 U. S. Patent D171,055

- 150-250 Ohms H - High



OUTPUT LEVEL -59.5 db (0 db

= 1 Milliwatt


per 10

microbars); .I00 millivolts/microbar -57 db (0 db = 1 volt per microbarl; 1.410 millivolts/microbar






, high quality i t y round reinforcement a p plications. Features smooth, wide-range response from 5 0 - 1 5 , 0 0 0 cps. Excellent f o r pickup o f voice a n d music. Performance and appearance characteristics make the "Probe-Dynamic" a wise choice f o r use i n meeting rooms, auditoriums, for tape recording o r wherever a q u a l i t y omnidirectional microphone is


M O D E L 5405. A compact, modernistic microphone w i t h high output dynamic e l e m e n t a t m o d e r a t e cost. T h e "Sonodyne I I " features adjustable frequency response w h i c h a l l o w s t h e user t o tailor the micro-

M O D E L 51. T h e "Sonodyne" i s i d e a l f o r a l l general purposes, including p u b l i c address, w i r e a n d t a p e recording, a n d s i m i l a r a p p l i cations. I d e a l high-quality, m o d erately- priced replacement for t h e conventional m i c r o p h o n e sup-

microphones on tne m a r ket! High output D y n a m i c element Omni-Directional

T h i s r u g g e d m i c r o p h o n e i s one of t h e p r e s s u r e type, w i t h conventional s e m i d i r e c t i o n a l characteristics, a n d it m a y b e

consideration. Dual impedance. Comes com-

plete with swivel and , 8 ft. 2~cond"ctor cable, Model 550s in chrome finish, Model 550S(Gold) in gold Available matched pairs for




stereo recording. (Matched to level and db List Price:

Model 550s $69.00 Model 550s (Gold) $79.00 Dynamic

Type: Frequency Response: Output:


50 to 15.000 cps 57.5 db 58.5 db (0 db = 1 volt/microbar); 1.18 millivolts/ microbar Dual: Choice of 50 to 250 ohms and High Shure Duracoustic Model 550s Satin finished chrome case, stainless steel mesh grille Model 550s (Gold) Gold finished case and grille

Impdance: Diaphragm: Case:

Dimensions: (not including miuel) Net Weight: (less cable)






-56.5 db (0 db = 1 Milliwatt per microbar); . l 4 1 millivolts/microbar -55 db (0 db = 1 v o l t p e r microbar); 1.76 m i l l i v o l t s / microbar





OUTPUT LEVEL -52.0 db (0 db = 1 Milliwatt per 1 0 microbars); ,089 millivolts/microbar -52.5 db (0 db = 1 Milliwatt per 1 0 microbars); ,238 millivolts/microbar -49.5 db (0 db = 1 v o l t p e r microbar); 2.510 m i l l i v o l t s / microbar

I%"diameter, 6%'' long 15 02.

MODEL 560 DYNAMIC LAVALIER M o d e l 560 D u a l I m p e d a n c e , D y n a m i c M i c r o p h o n e w i t h " t a i l o r e d " response specifically d e s i g n e d f o r l a v a l i e r use. A t r u l y e x c e l l e n t g e n e r a l p u r p o s e lavalier m i c r o p h o n e a t a v e r y practical price. C o m p a c t a n d l i g h t w e i g h t . M o d e r n b l a c k satin all-metal case w i t h stainless steel g r i l l e m e e t s v i r t u all\, o\ror\, la\,illior v c-. i.m .. rn 'l v, m n v- i 'n 'n2 -. -. l-.n n l i r i-l.t i n n , \r,ith nfmirk r h -.a n n ~f r n m H . i n h tn 1 nw .. i.m n e d a n. r e h- , I

. , .- . , . . .. . I




.- ..-.. ... .. .

- . - .. -. . . .


. . -. . . .. . . . - - -

... -


pin jacks. N e w d e s i g n c l i p - g r i p l a v a l i e r a s s e m b l y h o l d s m i c r o p h o n e s e c u r e l y t o w e a r e r .


w e i g h t 18 f o o t a t t a c h e d c a b l e p e r m i t s m a x i m u m f r e e d o m o f m o v e m e n t . S P E C I F I C A T I O N S - FREQUENCY RESPONSE: S p e c i a l l y a d a p t e d t o g i v e o p t i m u m p e r f o r m a n c e f o r l a v a l i e r use. D I A P H R A G M : S h u r e D u r a c o u s t i c . C A B L E : N o n - d e t a c h a b l e 18 ft., t w o - c o n d u c t o r s h i e l d e d . CASE: N o n - r e f l e c t i n g , b l a c k s a t i n f i n i s h e d a l l - m e t a l c a s e w i t h s t a i n l e s s s t e e l g r i l l e . D I M E N S I O N S : 3'%" l o n g b y 11/3" d i a m e t e r . NET W E I G H T : 5 o u n c e s ; p a c k a g e d w e i g h t : 1 3 o u n c e s . I M P E D A N C E TABLE


O U T P U T LEVEL d b (0 d b = 1 M i l l i w a t t p e r 10 m i c r o b a r s ) ; .I49 m i l l i v o l t / m i c r o b a r

-55.5 150-250 O h m s


-56.5 d b (O d b = 1 v o l t p e r m i c r o b a r ) ; 1.33 m i l l i v o l t / m i c r o b a r

5 6 0 Lavalier



Compact, high quality, tamper-proof dynamic microphone w i t h attc~ched cable and standard 5/nr'-27 thread for direct mounting on flexible gooseneck o r fixed pipe. Extremely rugged, d y namic cartridge (Model R5O) easily replaced i n field. Excellent voice response f o r language l a systems, paging applications, bare-station communt cations and talk-back a n d cuing from professional control-room installations. Low impedance. Matches SPECIFICATIONS-FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 4 0 to 1 choracterirtic to 4500 cpr. DIAPHRAGM: Shure Durocoustic. CABLE: Non-detachable 4 ft., two-conductor shielded. STAND THREAD: 5 / 8 " - 2 7 . CASE: Black a n d chrome satin finished all-metal care w i t h stainless steel grille. DIMENSIONS: 24x4'' long b y 11%'' diameter. NET WEIGHT: 5 ounces; packaged weight: 9 ounces.

The only Super-Cardioid Crystal Microphone made - f a r superior to conventional Crystal Microphonesl Excellent for high-quality public address, communications, recording, a n d r i m i l a r applicationc. Excellent solution for feedback problems! Moistureproof "Metal Seal" crystal for long operating life. Case pivots a t rear, can b e pointed toward desired round o r upwords f o r horizontal plane pickup. Has 15 ft. shielded cable. Rich r o t i n chrome finish. High impedance. MODEL



-53 db (0 db = 1 volt per microbar); 2.510 millivolts/ microbar






db ( 0 d b = 1 Milliwatt per 1 0 rnicrabarr) ; 1 .41 millivolts/rnicrobar





The Commando Series represents a significant achievement in providing quality performance at nominal cost - incorporating Shure's rugged, patented Controlled Magnetic cartridge in a dramaticlooking versatile series of microphones. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, these microphones feature high output, smooth response, extreme ruggedness and ability to withstand severe moisture and temperature conditions. Model 420 is specially designed for lavalier use and it, as well as the Model 430, features adjustment for high or low impedance by simple pin-jack changing method. Model 430 includes an "On-Off" switch as well as detachable cable. Both Models 415 and 430 are furnished with Shure Model A25 Swivel Stand Adapter for Stand-mout;ted use. Model 425 i s specially designed for gooseneck mounting but can also be utilized as stand-mounted units with A25B Swivel Adapter Models with gooseneck attached are numbered 425-6 plus number to indicate length of gooseneck in inches. SPECIFICATIONS FOR "COMMANDO"

MODELS 415, 420, 425 and 430

LIST PRICE: Model 415 - $27.50; Model 420 - $30.00; Model 425 - $30.00; Model 430 - $38.50; Model 425.66 - $33.00; Model 425-612 - $33.75: Model 425.618 - $35.00 TYPE: Controlled Magnetic FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 60 to 10,000 cps IMPEDANCE: Model 415- High. Model 420-425-430 - Equipped wlth readily changeable pin-jacks (no soldering required) furnishing a choice of two impedances: H-High and L-150 to 250 OUTPUT LEVEL: High - 52 db (0 db = 1 volt per microbar); 2.510 millivolts/microbar. Low -52 (0 db = 1 milliwatt per 10 microbars); .225 millivolts/microbar


POLAR PATTERN: Omnidirectional CASE: Model 415 - Impact-resistant polystyrene and die-case zinc. Model 420 - Impact-resistant polystyrene. Model 425 - Impact-resistant polystyrene and brass. Model 430 - Impact-resistant polystyrene and die-cast zinc. FINISH: Model 415- Non-reflecting gray and satin chrome. Model 420 - Non-reflecting gray. Model 425-430 - Non-reflecting gray and satin chrome. CABLE: Model 415 - 7 ft. non-detachable single-conductor shielded. Model 420 - 20 ft. non-detachable two-conductor shielded. Model 425-7 ft. non-detachable two-conductor shielded. Model 430- 15 ft. two-conductor shielded with Amphenol MC2M connector for attaching to microphone. SWITCH: Models 415-420-425

- None.

Model 430 - Press-to-talk switch

- normally



DIMENSIONS: Model 415- Length 61%,". Diameter of head 13/4". Diameter of handle Model 420 31x6". Diameter la/,". Model 425Length 31x6". Diameter 13/4". Model 430- Length -Length 637.& '', Diameter of head 13/4". Diameter of handle


NET WEIGHT: Model 415 - 1/z Ib. Models 420-425 - 1/4 Ib. Model 430 - 3/a Ib. (Less cable) PACKAGED WEIGHT: Model 415 - 1% Ibs. Models 420-425 - 3/4 Ib. Model 430 - Z1/s Ibs. FURNISHED ACCESSORIES: Model 415- Model A25B Swivel Adapter. Models 420- Lavalier Cord and clip assembly. Readily detachable for use of microphone as a hand-held type. Model 430 -Switch locking plate for keeping switch in "On" position, Model A25B Swivel Adapter. OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES: Model 415- Model 5388 or S33B Desk Stand. A34L Lavalier Assembly. Models 420-425- Model A86A Cable Type Transformer. Model 430 -Model A86A Cable Type Transformer and Model S38B or S33B Desk Stand. A34L Lavalier Assembly. U. S. Patent 2,454,425

THE "HERCULES" THE "REX" Models 710A and 7105 A natural for "Hams" and low-cost public address system. A rugged unit designed for high speech lntelllglbility. Broad "tip-proof" table top base, with floor stand adapter. Die cast case. Frequency response 60 to 9,000 cps. 5 ft. shielded cable. Burgundy-red metallic finish. Only 2%" wide, 31/41! high. ll/a" thick. High lmpedance. MODEL



-50 db (0 db = 1 volt per microbar); 3.150 millivolts/ microbar

-50 db (0 db 710s = 1 volt per (with microbar); 3.150 switch) millivolts/ microbar U. S. Patent 0156,774

M O D E L 707A Ideal for low-cost P.A. systems, amateur phone transmitters and similar applications. Good quality at low cost. Has typical semidirectional pickup. 7 ft. shielded cable High impedance. Pearl Gray case, satin chrome finish on front grille. Diam. 2%". (Use with Shure Model S34B or S36A Desk Stands.)






-50 db (0 db = 1 volt per millivolts/ microbar


The "Hercules" is a hand-held unit, ideal for general purpose use in tropical countries and In all coastal areas where heat and humidity are a problem. The "510" provides the ruggedness, clear reproduction and high output for public address, communications and recording where high speech M o d e l 510C lntellioibilitv is vital. I t is recommended for Announcing;-~obile Public Address Systems; Communications; Home Recording. and High Quality Intercommunication. The "Hercules" can be used either Indoors or Outdoors, fits snugly in the hand, sits firmly on a desk. High lmpedance. Frequency response 100 to 7000 cps. Furnished wlth 7 ft. shielded cable. Green metallic finish. Die cast case. Furnished with stand adapter. Dimensions: 2%" wide, 31A" high, 11/z" thick. Model 510 Series designed to be used with 5348 or S36A Desk Stands. MODEL





-52.5 db (0 db = 1 volt per ,icrobar); 2.38 millivolts/microbar



510s (with switch)

-52.5 db (0 db = 1 volt per microbar); 2.38 millivolts/microbar



U. S. Patents 2,454,425-13156,774

LOW COST MICROPHONES UNIPLEX UNIDIRECTIONAL CERAMIC M I C R O P H O N E Even a budget sound system can have a t r u e unidirectional microphone w i t h the Uniplex, incorporating the same "Uniphase" system found i n higher priced Shure Unidirectional microphones. Its wide useful pickup angle at the front and effective elimination of pickup at the r e a r provides the ideal solution t o feedback problems i n low cost public address systems. Good voice reproduction for home recording and paging applications. Reliable, rugged ceramic cartridge performs a t temperatures f r o m -40° t o 170°F. Available in four models, a l l w i t h metal, die-cast case. Lightweight and versatile, i t can be used as a hand-held or stand-mounted u n i t i n Models 245s (with switch) and 245 (without switch). Model 2456 is suDolied w i t h cable attached for oooseneck mountina. SPECIFICATIONS - T Y P E : ceramic. F R E Q U E N ~ RESPONSE: ~ 50 t o 7,000 cps. O U T P U T L E V E L : -59 db (0 d b = 1 volt per m i c r o b a r ) ; 1.100 millivolts/microbar. I M P E D A N C E : High. Recommended load impedance: 1 t o 5 megohms. POLAR P A T T E R N : Cardioid (unidirectional). CASE: Die-cast zinc. C A B L E A N D CONNECTORS: Models 245 and 2453 provided w i t h 15' (4.6 m l single-conductor shielded cable w i t h a ~ l u a(eouivalent of AmDhenol M C I F I for attachina cable t o microDhone. Models 2456 and 245GS: 7' (2.i single-conductor shielded cables attached t o microphone. SWITCHES: Models 245s and 245GS have built-in "On-Off" switch. STAND T H R E A D : Models 245 and 2455 provided w i t h Model A256 swivel adapter w i t h 5/8"-27 thread for use w i t h S38B Desk Stand, o r any convenient desk o r floor stand. Models 2456 and 245GS are especially designed for use w i t h flexible goosenecks having a 5/8"-27 thread or for customized installation where a concealed cable is desired. DIMENSIONS (Microphone o n l y ) : 42X," (119.9 m m ) high, 1%" (28.6 m m ) diameter. N E T W E I G H T : (microphone o n l y ) : 3/s Ib.. packaged weight 3/4 Ib. O P T I O N A L ACCESSORIES: Model S38B Microphone Stand.


Imagine SHURE Unidirectional Microphones a t t h e r e M o d e r a t e Prices!












With A256 swivel-stand adapter, removable cable Same as 245 w i t h on-off switch


Gooseneck version w i t h fixed cable, no adapter


Same as 2456 w i t h on-off switch





245 w i t h S38B s t a n d



Smooth response makes these units a "best-buy" for general public address, home recording and Callsystem use where both performance and economy a r e important. High-performance dynamic cartridge. i s unaffected b y temperature and h u m i d i t y variations. Choice of high or low impedance dynamtc o r hlgh impedance ceramic models each complete w i t h switch plus stand adapter and lavalier cord. Small size and light weight, this u n i t is equally adaptable to hand-held, stand-mounted or lavalier use. Model 575s and 275s feature high impedance and high output, for applications where only a moderate length of cable is required. The low impedance, Model 57558 is designed for use i n installations where long cable lengths a r e required, o r for use w i t h transistor amplifiers requiring a m e d i u m or low impedance microphone.

Surprising Q u a l i t y f o r t h e r e L o w Prices.






40 to 15,000 cps

40 to 12,000 CpS

-59 d b (0 db = 1 v o l t per microbar); 1.110 millivolts/microbar





M O D E L 275s 'YERSAPLEX" $15.00



-62 db (0 d b = 1 M i l l i w a t t -59.5 db (0 d b = 1 v o l t per 10 microbars); per microbar); .071 millivolts/microbar 1.050 millivolts/microbar



2755 5755





High: 1 t o 5 Megohms Recommended


High: loo.000 o h m s o r Higher


B l a c k high-impact plastic body w i t h satin anodized cap and stainless Steel g r i l l e

150-250 ohms

Patent Pendiny

43h" long x 11/4" diam.


M O D E L 777 "SLIM-X"

M o d e l 215 a n d 715

"STARLITE" Beautifully designed economy microphone. Excellent for voice reproduction. E x t r e m e l y low price and good quality m a k e t h e m a "natural" for home recordina. intercom systems and inexpensive P.A. systems. c a n - b e held in the hand, o r used on a desk w i t h built-in stand. Semidirectional, high impedance; impact resistant polystyrene cases. Model 215, a ceramic unit, has a response f r o m 50-8000 CPS; Model 715, a crystal unit, has a response range f r o m 50-10,000 c ~ s .Both SuDDlied w i t h 5 ft. fabric covered single conductor shielded cable.



OUTPUT -56.5

.II (0 ~ I= I 1 volt per microbar);

The "777" Slim-X Microphones are rugged little microphones weighing only 6 ounces. They use a "Metal Seal" crystal for long operating life under adverse conditions of heat and humidity. Designed for good-quality voice reproduction, their versatility and "hand-ability" m a k e t h e m ideal for use b y lecturers, announcers, instructors, and Hams; for audience participation shows; carnivals; and for use w i t h home recorders. When mounted on either cradle o r swivel the "777" can be removed in a flash. This makes i t a n ideal "walk-around" hand-held microphone. A l l models are furnished w i t h a lavalier cord. SPECIFICATIONS - T Y P E : Crystal - moisture-proof "Metal Seal". FREQUENCY RESPONSE: Smooth f r o m 60 to 10,000 cps. OUTPUT L E V E L : -62 d b (0 d b = 1 volt per microbar); ,790 millivolts/microbar. POLAR P A T T E R N : Omnidirectional. CASE: Die-cast zinc w i t h satin chrome finish. C A B L E CONNECTOR: Equipped w i t h Amphenol M C l F Plug. C A B L E : Detachable 7 ft. single-conductor shielded. STAND T H R E A D : Standard 5/8"- 27 thread. D I M E N SIONS (Microphone o n l y ) : 41/2" high, 1" diameter. N E T W E I G H T (Microphone o n l y ) : 3/8 Ib.; packaged weight 3/4 Ib. OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES: Model 5388 Desk Stand, A256 Type Swivel Adapter.






1-lncludes ~


1.480 millivolts/ microbar 715 Crystal


-50 db (0 db = 1 volt per microbar); 3.150 millivolts/microbar




TYPE 2 Lavalier 2 ~ cord and molded stand adapter Same as 777 w i t h on-off switch Same as 777 w i t h $38 Desk Stand


Same as 7773 w i t h Desk Stand




I 1 $27.00 $33.00




M o r e Shure M o b i l e a n d Fixed Station Microphones a r e used i n Professional Installations t h a n a l l other makes combined!



-50 db (Odb = 1 milliwatt Per 10 micro- 150-250 4048 bars); .293 Ohms millivolts/ microbar -50.5 db (0 db = 1 volt per 404C microbar); 2.930 High millivolts/ microbar 1 db loaded with Ohms 100-500 Ohms 100 microbars)

1 '"'1 I







512 /3 ft. Coiled cord, Copper, 4 conductor (2 shielded)


OPEN $33,00

--5l/z ft. Coiled

dC;,'(1e$;," shielded)


= * a -...--AA J 1L. ehLt.IIUBU 4 conductor stranded coiled cord


OPEN $33.00


I I I I -

OPEN 848.50

'Provision for simple change to normally open. ***Transistorized for direct renlacement of carbon microohones.

The Shure C o n t r o l l e d Magnetic "404" is recommended f o r those applications where a r u g g e d hand-held microp h o n e is needed. It is ideal f o r outdoor p u b l i c address (sports arenas, athletic fields, carnivals, etc.) a n d f o r m o b i l e communications. The "404" is desiqned f o r h i -s h speech intelli. gibility. Easy t o use, fits snugly i n t h e p a l m o f t h e hand. Leaf-type switches control t h e mic. circuit a n d an external relay o r switching circuit. Omni-directional. Freq. response 2 0 0 t o 8000 cps.Only 3'x6" high, 25/8" wide, l4X4" deep. Includes mountina bracket. U. S. Patent 2.454.425

a new breakthrough in microphone design


SHURE MODEL 488 NOISE-CANCELLING MICROPHONE! Outperforms a n d obsoletes a l l others . . . confirmed b y l a b o r a t o r y a n d f i e l d comparison tests! Provides h i g h l y intelligib-le speech communication i n m o b i l e a n d fixed-station use w h e r e h i g h volume background noise is found, such as airplanes, helicopters, motorcycles, trucks, fire engines, p o w e r boats, sporting events, d r o p forges, press-rooms, engine-rooms, factories. The 4 8 8 incorporates the patented Shure Controlled Reluctance cartridge i n t o a distance discriminate microphone that effectively cancels background noise t o p e r m i t transmission under conditions that w o u l d b e impossible w i t h any other microphone. Correct placement o f microphone f o r close-talk use is assured b y convenient r u b b e r lip-guard. Rugged, impact-resistant "Armo-Dur" case is lightweight, easier t o handle i n extremes o f temperature. Four versions o f t h e 488 are available: 488A - h i g h impedance; 4888 - l o w impedance; a n d 488C a n d 488T - transistorized f o r direct replacement o f carbon microphones (488T F A A Certified f o r Aircraft applications). A l l models e q u i p p e d w i t h coiled-cord a n d long-life heavy-duty push-to-talk switches. Field-testing these blade-type switches confirms their operating l i f e rating t o b e i n excess o f one m i l l i o n cycles. SPECIFICATIONS 488A High Impedance



List Price






488T Transistorized Aircraft

F a r Superior to Standard Communication Microphones

Frequency Response



Controlled Reluctance .I25 Volts (-18 db) I




.014 volts (-37 db)

0.45 volts (-7 db) using 6 volts and 500 ohm load




0.71 volts (-3 db) using 12 volts and 500 ohm load


High: Recommended Load 100.000 ohms or more

150-250 ohms

Recommended Load 500 ohms

Recommended AC Load 100 to 800 ohms

Three-Conductor (Oneconductor shielded) cadmium copper coiled cord l51/?' . - extended)

Four-Conductor (Two-conductor shielded) cadmium copper coiled cord (51/z' extended)

Four-c0nduct0r cadmium copper coiled cord (5IY2' extended)

Three-Conductor Tinsel coiled cord (51/2' extended) with PJ 068 plug attached


Normally openf* Normally open

Switch Mic. Circuit Relay Circuit

Normally closed* Normally open




Normally open Normally open


Normally open Normally open


31XJf high x 2S/er1 wide x 2%" deep


Y4 Ib.



Accessories 'Provision for simple change to normally open


for simple change to normally closed

U. S. Patent 2,454,425

MODEL 100 SERIES CARBON MICROPHONES Now featuring "Armo-Dur" high impact, corrosion-proof units. Used around the world for bus, track and commercial applications-more than all other makes combined! Adopted microphones for professional two-way radio communications equipment. The "100 Series" are provided with a bracket for permanent placement i n portable or mobile equipment. They and comfortably in the palm of the hand. They are light, compact and rugged units - w i t h for long-life performance under "rough and tumble" operating conditions.

police. taxi, as standard microphones fit naturally a reputation

SPECIFICATIONS - T Y P E : Carbon. FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 300 to 4.000 cps. (Tailored voice response). OUTPUT L E V E L : 5 db below 1 volt for 100 microbar speech signal. IMPEDANCE: Recommended load -50 to 100 ohms. POLAR PATTERN: Omnidirectional. CASE: High-Impact "Armo-Dur". FINISH: Gray. CABLE: Cadmium copper coiled cord with trimmed and tinned leads. SWITCH: Model 104A- DPST normally open switch to control microphone and relay. Model 1048 -SPST normally open high, 25/8" wide. la%4" deep. NET WEIGHT: relay switch (no microphone switch). DIMENSIONS: 3'%," Vn Ib. PACKAGED WEIGHT: 1 Ib. --




Noise Discrimination

Output Level (O db = 1 volt per 100 microbar field)


488C Transistorized





4888 Low Impedance


A l l Shure Dynamic, Controlled M a g n e t i c a n d Ceramic Microphones a r e e l i g i b l e f o r FCDA Purchases.





MODEL 440 SL Response characteristic tailored to meet the demands of radio communications; ideally suited for single-sideband. Rising response characteristic with sharp cutoff below 300 and above 300 cps eliminates the need for aud~ofilters. Rugged, timeproven controlled magnetic element, with high output equalling that of a crystal unit. Ideal for use with all types of amateur transmitters. Frequency response: 300 to 3000 cps. High impedance, output level -52.5 db (0 db = 1 volt per microbar); 2.38 millivolts/microbar 7 ft. 2conductor shielded cable with equivalent to Amphenoi MC3M plug, switch and desk stand.

M a d e of Rugged "ARMO-DUR"W o n ' t Crack-Peel-Rust-Dent. At last! A microphone specifically designed to meet the needs of the discriminating amateur radio enthusiast! Shure has built into an entirely new, modern microphone the unmatched performance characteristics of the famed Model 440SL. Special features include press-to-talk switch with optional locki n g feature, p r o v i d i n g ideal s w i t c h i n g functions for both press-to-talk and VOX operation, adjustable stand that raises or lowers microphone for most comfortable talking position.

Patent Pendinu






Basic microphone same as above but with 7 ft. single conductor shielded cable. Less switch, stand, connector. Use with 5348 or S36A stand. MODEL










SPECIFICATIONS - ELEMENT TYPE: Controlled Magnetic. FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 300 to 3,000 cps. OUTPUT: -52.5 db (0 db = 1 volt per microbar); 2.38 millivolts/microbar. IMPEDANCE: High. CASE: Gray "Armo-Dur". CABLE: 7 ft. two-conductor shielded. SWITCH: Push-to-talk switch button with optional locking feature to operate relay control and microphone muting circuits. Separate switch enables user to disable relay control circuit for VOX operation. DIMENhigh (adjustable). NET WEIGHT: SIONS: 4" wide, 51X6'' deep. 10%'; 1112 pounds. MODEL



Modifies 440 SL to obtain maximum flexibility between either VOX or push-to-talk operation. List: $3.25.


U. S. Patent 2,454.425

NEW CERAMIC NOISE-CANCELLING AND LOW COST PALM MICROPHONES FOR CB, AMATEUR, MOBILE New, M o d e l 2 0 2 effectively reduces Backg r o u n d Noise f o r use i n M o b i l e Ham a n d . CB rigs. A l l models a r e



SPECIFICATIONS Model 2021 Model 261

Loaded w i t h features - y e t priced unusually









response is patterned

mobile and SSB amateur

. assures




gibility. Professional design and construction. Long-life slide-switch, Virtually

guaranteed f u l l








U. S. Patent D194.749 (model 401A parallel





a n d 4010) elements.


line operation

Coiled-cord won't


bracket. Choice o f or




recommended f o r long



$22.00 -





200 to 4,000 cps free from undesirable peaks. -

-55.5 db (0 db = 1 volt per microbar); 1.680 miliivolh/ microbar

4 9 db (0 d


1 volt per microbar); 3.500 millivolts per microbar

y m b 1 milliwatt per 10 mlcrobars); .390 millivolts/ microbar

High-Recommended load impedance; 1 to 5 megohms

POLAR P A T T Special ~ ~ ~ Nome cancellin;



mended load impedance; 150-250 1 0 ~ O ~ ~ ~ m s ohms OMNIDIRECTIONAL

4" High x 2%" Wide x 1%'' Deep


* U.

are required.)

S. Patent 2.454.425

"VERSAPLEX" CB IMPROVEMENT MICROPHONE C e r a m ~ cu n i t Ideal for r e p l a c ~ n goriginal equipm e n t crystal or ceramic t y p e CB microphone. Complete w i t h wall o r panel bracket for handy hanging, a n d coiled-cord. "Momentary" pushto-talk switch activates relay circuit. Lightweight impact-resistant "Armo-Dur" case w i t h black finish and anodized satin-finish cap.

Patent Pendinu

SPECIFICATIONS - FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 4 0 t o 10,000 cps free f r o m u n d e s ~ r a b l epeaks. OUTPUT LEVEL: -59.5 d b (0 d b = 1 volt per m ~ c r o b a r ) ;IMPEDANCE: H ~ g h - recommended load lh t o 5 megohms. CABLE: Coiled Cord extends t o 5 feet. 3 Conductors, one shielded. FINISH: Black Armo-Dur body w i t h satin anodized c a p a n d grille. DIMENSION: 4 % " l o n g x 1 % " diam. MODEL 275SK LlST PRlCE $16.50.

Model 401B0




Model 401A0



plastic case; Shock-, shatter-, corrosion-, rust-, and



New Model 206 Ceramic Mobile Microphone d e s ~ g n e dt o provide excellent performance a t low cost. The switching circuitry is d e s ~ g n e dt o m a k e t h e Model 206 a universal replacement i n all communications equipment utilizing ceramic microphones. SPECIFICATIONS FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 200 t o 4.000 cps OUTPUT: -52 d b (0 d b = 1 volt per microbar) IMPEDANCE: High CABLE: Coiled c o r d extends t o 5 feet, 3-conductors, l ' s h i e l d e d CASE: Grav h i a h imDact olastic DIMENSIONS: 3-9/'16" ' h ~ g h x 2 % " wide x 1 I/, " deep MODEL 206 LlST PRlCE $15.00

A l l Shure Dynamic, Controlled Magnetic, a n d Ceramic Microphones are eligible f o r FCDA purchaser.



New modern design fits every decor for paging use. Integrated case design, made of gray "Armo-Dur", features telescoping height adjustment for m a x i m u m convenience. Rugged Controlled Magnetic element with impedance switch for low or high impedance. Push-to-talk switch bar with optional features provide every desired switching option. SPECIFICATIONS - E L E M E N T T Y P E : Controlled Magnetic. FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 100 to 9000 cps. CASE: Two-tone Gray "Armo-Dur". CABLE: 7 ft., four-conductor (two-conductor shielded). SWITCH: Pushto-talk switch button with optional locking feature to operate independent microphone and relay circuits. Relay portion of switch is normally open. Microphone portion of switch is normally open or normally closed high (adjustable). N E T WEIGHT: 1% Ibs. as required. DIMENSIONS: 4" wide, 51%," deep,







-54 db (0 db = 1 M i l l i w a t t per 10 microbars); 2.380 millivolts/microbar




db (0 db = 1 volt per microbar); .281 millivolts/microbar



Designed to provide quality music and speech reproduction a t moderate cost. Rugged! Practically immune to the effects of high temperatures and humidity. Features: high output, good response, high impedance without the need of a transformer. Modern metallic green finish with plated grille. Frequency response is 100 t o 7000 cps. Furnished with 7 ft. single-conductor shielded cable. High impedance. Use with Shure Model S34B or S36A Desk Stands.

-52.5 db (0 db = 1 volt per microbar); 2.38 millivolts/microbar

Model 520SL recommended for mobile and fixed station use, also for public address, recording call systems, radio telephone and amateur use.


Model 520SL equipped with grip-to-talk switch D P S T - n o r m a l l y c l o s e d - n o r m a l l y open, and 7 ft. 2-conductor shielded cable, equiva-




-51 db (0 db = 1 m i l l i w a t t .281 rnillivolts/microbar

SMALL CONTROLLED MAGNETIC MICROPHONES * The M C Series of small microphones are specially designed for use in vacuum-tube devices, such as small, compact hearing aids, amplifiers, transmitters, dictating equipment - wherever size and weight are important factors. They also are highly recommended for use i n small transistortype devices. The M C Series are metal cased for hum protection. They are rugg mechanical shock and to varying conditions of heat and humidity. The M C Series of microphones have also proven to be extremely Useful in concealed microphone applications. MCll-J (Circular) LIST PRICE: $12.50 MCZOA-J (Rectangular) LIST PRICE: $14.00 MC3O-J (Square) LIST PRICE: $20.00 SPECIFICATIONS FOR MODELS MCll-J, MC20A-J, and MC30-J -T Y P E : Controlled Magnetic. FREQUENCY RESPONSE: MC11-J 400 to 4.000 cps. MC2OA-J-400 to 4,500 cps, MC30-J-400 to 3,500 cps. OUTPUT LEVEL: ~ ~ 1 1- J-73 db (0 db = 1 volt per microbar), MC2OA-J - -73 db (0 db = 1 volt per microbar), MCJO-J --76 db (0 db = 1 volt per microbar). IMPEDANCE: M C l l - J - 1.000 ohms, MC2OA-J - 2,000 ohms, MC30-J - 1,850 ohms. CASE: B ~ FINISH: ~ ~ cadmium ~ , plated, TERMINALS: MCll-J Eyelet solder type, MC20A-J -ll/z" flexible lead type, MC3O-J -Eyelet solder terminals. DIMENSIONS: MC11-J (circular,), 1%" diameter. Z X . , ' ' thick, MC2OA-J (rectangular) 10/16" wide, 1% long, K/' thick, MC30-J (square) .5" wide, .5" long, ,265'' thick. N E T WEIGHT: MCl1-J - 12'/2 grams, MC20A-J - 9.6 grams, MC30-J 3.7 grams.

5 3 4 8 TAKE-APART STAND M O D E L 5348. Handy low-cost gray stand for desk or hand use. One twist of wood handle locks i t securel y i n base for use as a table stand, o r r e leases handle for use i n hand. Metal base. Suitable for use with Models 510, 520, 707A and 710. N E T WEIGHT: 5/8 Ib. Packaged weight, 7/s Ib. LlST PRICE $4.50 /-"

538 R O U N D STAND This stand is a heavy die-cast



iature ceramic microphone. The frequency response is equivalent to standard microphones of much greater size. The CA5A is ideal for hearing aids, small headpiece microphones, pocket walkie-talkies, dictating in-

~ ~ ~ ~ai,"$"$~~:"~p:'iC$~,"~~ o~',s. requiring a miniature microphone with high stability. The generating element is LeadZir,onate-Titanate enabling use Over wide temperature ranges. CA The ceramic structure is inherently more stable than electro-magnetic units of similar size. The low end response is easily controlled b y external load.

SPECIFICATIONS - LlST PRICE: $20.00. T Y P E : Ceramic element. FREQUENCY RANGE: 50 to 4500 cps. IMPEDANCE: Equivalent t o 400 pfd. OUTPUT L E V E L : -73

db (0 db = 1 volt per microbar).

T E M P E R A T U R E RANGE: -20° to ZOO0 Fahrenheit. H U M I D I T Y RANGE: Unaffected b y humidity. SIZE 1.000" x .250fr x .loo" (2.54 c m x ,635 c m x .254 cm). WEIGHT: 3/4 gram.

533 MODERN DESK STAND M O D E L 533. Baked bronze fiish. For use with Models 300, 333. 525, and 535. N E T 21/2 WEIGHT: Ibs., P a c k a g e d , w e i g h t . 3 Ibs. LlST PRICE: $15.00

(Bronze) for use with 245, 777 Series microphones. M O D E L 5388. M O D E L 5338. Same as S 33- in black (Black) for use with Models finish. For use with Models 330, 530, 544, 275s. 275SK. 415. 430. 575s. 575SB. 545, 546, 5565, 576, 578, 415, and 430. LlST PRICE: $15.00. L l S T PRICE $4.50.

S36A "TEARDROP" DESK STAND MODEL S36A. Streaml~nedgray desk mount fits all Shure connector-type microphones including 51, 51S, 55S, 55SW. 315, 315S, 540S, 5453, and 737A. Accommodates A25 type Swivel Adapter. NET WEIGHT: 1 Ib., packaged weight, 13/8 Ibs. LlST PRICE: $6.50.

MICROPHONE ACCESSORIES MODEL 539A VIBRATION-ISOLATION STAND Ideal for use on table, desk, in the footlight area of a stage, for remote broadcasting (particularly for sporting events, conference tables, panels, and for a l l applications where vibration is a problem. The S39A provides maximum isolation from extreme mechanical vibration by its capacity to absorb mechanical shock as a sponge absorbs water. The Model S39A Stand is designed for all Shure microphones and Swivel Adapter assemblies. An extension adapter is furnished to increase the height of certain microphones for cable connector clearance. Made of durable black crackle finish plastic with heavy duty foam rubber isolation. NET WEIGHT:


lbs., Packaged Weight, 2% Ibs.

MICROPHONE ISOLATION UNITS Designed for use with microphones normally mounted on desk or floor stands but which must be periodically A47 removed from stand for hand-held or carry-around use. In addition, because of a molded rubber insert, the adap. tors efiectively isolate the microphones vibration, shocks and from noises carried to the microphone through the desk or floor stand. Quick instant, easy, and silent. Made o f aluminum ond anodized for beauty and long wear despite frequent handling. Model A45 is designed for microphones incorporating an isolation assembly such as the Shure Models 556, 330 and 546. Model A47 is designed for microphones w i t h connectors such as Shure Models 55S, 51, 545S, 540S, 737A or nearly a l l microphones w i t h a standard %"-27 thread.

A45 L I S T PRICE $12.00 3%" high x DIMENSIONS 1x61' diam. assembled WEIGHT ADDED TO HAND H E L D MICROPHONE 2.3 oz. N E T WEIGHT 3.3 02.

A47 $12.00 5%" high x 1x61' diam. assembled 3.6 oz. 4.6 oz.

NEW CABLE TYPE TRANSFORMER Model A95A is a high-quality, cabletype transformer which makes i t possible to connect a low impedance microphone (35-50 ohm ond 150-250 ohm) to o high impedance amplifier. I t i s housed in a compact, sturdy and magneticolly-shielded case, 21/2" long x '/A'' diameter. Use of this transformer solves the problem of excessive high frequency loss and objectionable hum when long lengths of microphone cable ore necessary. Model A95A may olso be used in specialized opplications requiring high impedance to low impedance circuit connections. Attractive gray and block core furnished with Cannon XL-3-11 input and Amphenol MClF output plugs instolled. Frequency response: 20 to 20,000 cps, plus or minus I db. List Price: $17.50

Model RIO

stallation instructions.

Model 99A149 replacement cartridge for microphone models: C820, List Price $8.50 CB21, C850 15' 99A149 CRYSTAL CARTRIDGE - MODEL R7 Available as a replacement for the cartridges i n the Shure Crystal Microphones of the 707A and 708A Series, and other microphones of similar design. High output - 48 d b below 1 volt per microbar. Supplied w i t h rubber mounting rings and installation instructions. List Price $8.25 R7


DYNAMIC MODEL R50 Replacement cartridge for Shure Dynamic Microphones, Models: 540 (Series 1 1 1, 5405 (Series 1 1 ), 560, 561, 575s and 575SB. List Price $15.00 Model R5O SLIM-X MICROPHONE CARTRIDGE The Model 99A186 replacement cartridge assembly for the 777 Series Slim-X Microphones. Crystal element metal-sealed for long life under adverse conditions of heat and humidity. Requires only one solder connection. Model 99A186 List Price $10.00



MODEL RS CONTROLLED MAGNETIC CARTRIDGE Direct replacement for cartridges used in the following Shure microphone models: 510C, 510MD, 510s. 520, 520SL, 505C, 505K, 404C. 405C and 405K. Also ideal for replacement of crystal cartridges i n Shure cases of the Model 707A and 708A Series, where heat and humidity are a problem. Supplied .with rubber mounting ring. List Price $1 1.OO Model R5



MODEL R5B LOW IMPEDANCE CARTRIDGE Model R5B is the replacement cartridge for cartridges used i n microphone models 5058 505T 4046, 4058. 405T. SIOSLB, 520SLB. and 5208. Model R5B is bhysichlly identical to Model R5; but l o w impedance (150 to 250 ohms). Can be used i n any R5 auplications which requirb a low impedance cartridge. List Price $11.00 Model R5B


MODEL R4M FOR SHURE "COMMANDOS" The Model R4M controlled magnetic cartridge assembly is the direct replacement cartridge for use in the models 430, 425, 420 and 415 Shure "Commando" microphones. Model R4M List Price $15.00


MODEL R5T CONVERSION KIT Includes a controlled magnetic cartridge and transistor amplifier to convert carbon microphones into improved controlled magnetic transistorized microphones. Conversion takes only minutes.with a screwdriver, long-nose pliers, soldering iron. SPECIFICATIONS: Controlled magnetic w i t h transistor amplifier. 200 to 4,000 cps, semi-directional. Output Level: 1 d b loaded w i t h 500 ohms (0 d b - 1 milliwatt per 100 microbars). List Price: $25.00. NOTE: For complete Shure Microphone Cartridge replacement information, write for AL188, Microphone Cartridge Replacement Guide.



Heavy-Duty Switch withstands the most severe field requirements of paging ond dispatching systems. ldeol f o i Police. Toxi Cub. Roilroad, Airport. Bus, Truck, ond all emergency communications work. Con be used with Shure connector-type crystal, dynomic and carbon microphones of any impedance. Fits handily on Shure S36A Desk Stand. Rich satin chrome finish. Model: A88A List Price: $12.50


Modal A88A


Model A83B. Rotory.type "On-Off" switch. Quickly ottoched to any cableconnector type Shure microphone. Model: A830 List Price: $1 1.00 Model A 8 4 B . Momentory Press-to-Talk "On-Off" switch. Model: A848 List Price: $11.00 Model A 8 5 C Momentory Press-to-Talk Relay-Type Switch. Model: A85C List Price: $11.50

* U.

S. Patent 2,454,425



MODELS 3009-3012 SERIES 2 The most remarkable independent tone arm ever made - by any stondord. Brings out the very best from any high quality cortridge, mono o r stereo. Virtually frictionless bearings, both horizontal and vertical pivot friction a t stylus t i p measures less than ,020 gram! Knife edge bearings are absolutely protected against dust. Manu-


incredibly 'loseto'eronces Shure by British craftsmen. Unprecedented combination o f adjustments: height, overhang, length (up to I"!), tracking force (so accurote no pressure gauge is required, ever) even bias (to counteract tendency o f arm offset to pull toward center of record and "favor" one side of stereo groove over the other.) The result is on independen+ tone arm t h a t carries the cartridge over the record surface w i t h rocklike steadiness and precision - literally eliminates wear on the


record and stylus' Lever Operates arm



N o resonances within audible spectrum! Complete with shell, alignment protractor, sockets.

...................... $92.50 .....................$102.50 ................................. $ 5.50

MODEL 3 0 0 9 Series 2 (for 12" records)


MODEL 3 0 1 2 Series 2 (for 16" records)


MODEL A 3 8 A Extra p l u g i n shell Ultra-Lightweight Shell for Shure-SME Arms MODEL ~ ~ for Shure ~ SME 1 3 0 1 2~ Arm, 2 With counterweight


.................................................. $

MODEL 5 2 ~ 1 9f o r Shure SME 3009 Arm. With counterweight


8.75 n e t

$ 8.75


with MODEL S2 Separate extra shell (can onlybe companion balance w e i g h t ) ...................................... $ 6.00


Shure studio SERIES M222-M226 h i g h fidelity "integrated" tone a r m r n d cartridge

. . . FOR NOW! Improved Performance. The overwhelming first choice of perfectionists who appreciate the full importance of "integrated" tone-arm and cartridge to optimum stereo performance. Tmcks at incredibly light % t o 1.5 granzs-with zozparalleled fidelity . . . absolutely minimizes record wear, and CANNOT scratch records ! W e urge you to make listening tests of this unit before buying any stereo cartridge or arm-vou'll hear the difference. The Studio Stereo Dynetic has a special advantage for those music lovers who like to "index". The cartridge stylus is placed far in front, making it extremely easy for you to position the stylus on the exact spot of the record you want to play. Includes stereo cable.


SPECIFICATIONS Tracking Force Frequency Response Channel Separation Sensitivity: Output a t 1000 cps Recommended load impedance Compliance: (Vertical, *Lateral) Inductance D.C. Resistance Stylus


3/4 to 1.5 grams 20-20.000 cps-c 2% d b over 22.5 d b a t 1000 cps 6 mv per channel (On Westrex /4 Test Record) 47,000 ohms 22 x cms/dyne 600 millihenrys 750 ohms ,0005'' diomond

MONOPHONIC M16; M I 2 1-2 grams 20-20,ooor db


14 mv for 10 cms/sec 10,000 ohms cms/dyne 130 millihenrvs

* Applies to stereo units only Model M 2 2 6 S t u d i o Stereo Dynetic for records up to 16" including M22 cartridge w i t h ,0005'' Diamond Stylus Audiophile Net: $89.50 Model M222-Studio Stereo Dynetic for records up to 12" including M22 cartridge with ,0005'' Diomond Stylus Audiophile Net: $89.50 Model M22-Stc.dio Stereo Dynetic Cartridge with ,0005" Diomond Stylus. Audiophile Net: $49.50

U. S. Patents 3,055,988; 3,077,521; 3,077,522 and D183.366

SHURE REPLACEMENT STYLI The Dynetic stylus assembly used i n Shure cartridges is the most critical component. To m a i n t a i n the o r i g i n a l performance standards o f y o u r cartridge, b e certain t h a t a n y replacement stylus y o u b u y bears the f o l l o w i n g certification o n the package: "This Dynetic stylus is precision manufact u r e d b y Shure Brothers, Inc." A v o i d i n f e r i o r imitations. They w i l l seriously d e g r a d e the performonce o f y o u r cartridge. A l l genuine "Dynetic" styli are manufactured by Shure Brothers, Inc. Select the a p p r o p r i a t e replacement stylus f o r y o u r cartridge i n the chart below. I f y o u choose a stylus t h a t upgrades y o u r cortridge, check to b e certain y o u r tone a r m w i l l track a t the force r e q u i r e d b y the stylus.

Shure Replacement Stylus Model Number N1 N2 N3D N5D N6S N7D N21D N22D N33-1 N33-5 N33-7 N44-1 N44-3 N44-5 N44-7 N77 N78 N99 VN2E

For Use in Shure Dynetic Cartridge Model Number M1 M2 M3D; upgrades M7D. M8D M5D M6S M7D. M8D

Tracking Force 1-3 groms 1-3 grams 3-6 grams

Tip Description ,0007 diamond ,0027 diamond ,0007 diamond

2-6 grams 2-6 grams 4-7 grams

.001 diamond ,0027 sapphire .0007 diamond

M21; M7/N21D 1-21/1 grams M3/N21D; upgrades M3D. M7D M22; M7/N21D, % - I % grams M3/N21Dr M3D. M7D M33, M77 11/1-3 grams M33-5 11/2-3 grams 11/2-3 grams M33-7 M44-5/M44-7 1I/2-3 gromr M44-5/M44-7 1'/?-3 gromr M44-5 '/4-1 1/2 grams M44-7 11/2-3 gromr 3-6 grams M77 M77; M33-5, M33-7 4-6 gromr M99/A; M99/AT6, 11/2-3 grams M99/M10 V-15 %-I grams

.0007 diamond

Type Records Played Mono L.P.'s Mono 78 rpm Stereo and Mono L.P.'s Mono L.P.'r Mono 78 rpm Stereo and Mono L.P.'r Stereo and Mono L.P.'r

Net Price $21.00 21.00 9.95 16.50 5.00 7.95 12.50

,0005 diamond



.001 diamond ,0005 diamond ,0007 diamond ,001 diamond .0025 diamond .0005 diamond ,0007 diamond .0007 diamond .0027 diamond ,0007 diamond

Mono L.P.'r Stereo Stereo Mono L.P.'r Mono 78 rpm Stereo Stereo Stereo Mono 78 rpm Stereo and ~ o n oL.P.'s Stereo and Mono L.P.'r

19.50 19.50 19.50 9.75 9.00 11.35 9.75 10.50 8.55 12.95

Bi-Radial Elliptical Diamond


N E W M 5 5 E CARTRIDGE W l T H ELLIPTICAL STYLUS--15" TRACKING SPECIFICATIONS Frequency response. Ourput voltage: Channel separation:

A fine cartridge lor the latest automatlc turntablec dnd ilnesi manual tone armc capable of tracking at 1'12 grams or less D e i ~ g n r dto give prote5sional periormance wlth e l l i p t ~ c a ldlamontl stylus at new 15" tratklng angle t~ provide treedom irom distortion Scratchprclof S i m ~ l a rto the V-15 except that i t 1s made under standard quality control conditions W i l l actually improve the sound of your high ficielity system-unless y11u are using Shure's V-.IS--our finest cartridge. (see hack page i o r V-15 ddta) NOTE. Exlen\ivc resrarth with ~ l l i p t i c a lsl\'Il r r \ c a l \ that an eilipl~r,ll \tyiuh should not be played at tracking forces In excess ot 1'12 grami Serious record \\,ear can lbr expected at lorres in excesi ot 1'12 grams (Report~clin May issue clt Audio M a g a r ~ n r ,copiec avallahle upon requc.51 i Thc \ l i i E w ~ l lpl.1~nionaural I.P's a5 well as 5tereo discs n,ltliout changing s t v l ~ ,tracklnt: pcrlettlv at to 1'12 gram5 The N55E Stylus can alzo be usccl to upgrade the perttlrmdnce ot Shure M44 Serips Cartridge<

From 20 to 20,000 cps 6 millivolts/channel at 1,000 cps at 5 cni/,ec Nominally over 25 db at 1,000 cps, 20 dl, at 10,000 cps; 15 db at 20,000 cps Within 2 db of each other

Channel balance: Rerommended Load Impedance: Stylus:

Compl~ance ~


47,000 ohm per channel E l l i p t ~ r a l l yShaped Diamond Tip ,0007 inch (17.8 microns) frontal radius ,0002 inch (5 microns) side contact radii ~

1i 2 5~ 0 x~ 1 t0 cmldyne a l

Tracking force: 3/1 to 1'12 grams Inductance: 680 M ~ l l l h e n r l e s D. C. Resistance. 650 ohms Net Weight: 7 grams Stylus Replacement. N55E Model ,\.155E Cartridge $35 50 net Model N55E Elliptical Diamond Stylus, a replacement for M55E Cartridge, also to upgrade M44 Cartr~dge-$20.00 net

t h e cartridge featured in t h e N e w York World's Fair B e t t e r Living Center




From the very first prototype, the sound from the new Shure Series M44 Stereo 15' Dynetic Cartrldge was incredible. Even skeptical high fidelity crittcs have exprecsed unconcealed surprise at the audible Increase i n brilliance, clarity, transparency, presence, fullneis and smoothness of this amazing new Shure development. A close analysis o f its performance reveals startling differences i n this cartridge-although not extraordlnarlly improved in the "usual" areas of frequency response (still a virtually flat 20-20,000 cps) o r i n compliance (25 x 10-0 cm/dyne)-rather i t is in the distortion measurements where Shure engineers have achieved a htghly significant and dramatic reduction o f 7so/o to 9O0Io i n I M and harmonic distortion from even such admirably distortion-free cartridges as earlier versions of the Shure Stereo Dynetic. Further, cross-talk between channels has been effectively !legated In the critical l o w frequency and m i d ranges . . . ~ r o v i d ng superior channel separation throughout the audible spectrum.

SCRATCH-PROOF RETRACTILE STYLUS cartridge IncorpoAnd, as if that were not enough, the new rates a totally efficient retractile stylus that momentartly retracts whenever excessive iorces are applied to the tone arm. This feature protects your records and prevents annoying "clicks."

P E R F E C T I O N I S A MATTER OF DEGREE It has been known for come years that a difference between the angle used to cut stereo records and the angle of the stylus of the cartridge used to play them w o u l d result i n an increase i n I M and harmonic distortion audible o n certain records W i t h widely different cutting angles employed by the record companies, the effectlve angle of the playback cartridge stylus had o f necessity to be a compromise so as to provide the best possible results from records o f all makes. Recently, industry attention was focused o n this problem by a series o f technical articles ascribing the difference i n effective vertical angles between the cutter stylus and the playback cartridge stylus as a cause o f dlstortlon and urging the adoptlon o f a standard effective angle to which records would be cut. M a l o r record companies have n o w begun to use an effectlve cutttng angle o f Is0, which is the proposed standard o f the RlAA (Record Industry Association of America) and EIA (Electronic lndustr~esAssociation). W i t h the emergence o f the single standard effective vertical tracking angle for cutting records, Shure engineers immediately began what seemed o n the surface the seemingly simple but i n actuality the arduous and exacting task o f converting their formidable Stereo Dynetlc cartridge to the 15" effective tracking angle. It couldn't be done. So Shure designed this radically new movingmagnet cartridge that w i l l track at an effective a n ~ l eo f 15". Graphically, this is the kind o f cartridge geometry involved in the new Shure Series M44 and M55E1S0 Stereo Dynetic Cartridges.



I I \


I 1

THE U L T I M A T E TEST you m u s t hear this cartridge to appreciate the totality of the sound improvement. I t w i l l be instantly recognizable to the ear the necessity for elaborate test instruments o r A-B Iistening tests-although we assure yo^., tnstrurnents and A-B tests w i l l more than substantiate our claims. Model M44-5 tracks at 'Id to 1'11 grams and is recommended for use in quality tone arms and the newest automatlc turntables. M44-7 tracks at ''I2 to grams and is for use in good


~ ~ ~ ~ e i ~ ~ s p e c i designed f i c a l l y for use in record changers

tracking at 3 to 5 grams.

M44 SERIES SPEC1 F l C A T l O N S M44-5 Frequency Response:




20-20,000 cps


Output Voltage at lWO cps (Per channel, a t 6 millivolts millivolts millivolts cm/sec peak velocity): Channel Separation (at Ioo0 Greater than 25db Recommended Load 47,000 ohms Impedance: 20x10-8 7xl0-8 Compliance 25xIP cm/dyne cm/dyne cm/dyne Tracking Range: Vr to 1'12 1'12 to 3 3 to 5 ( i n Grams) 680 millihenries inductance (Per Channel): D. C. Reststance (Per Channel): 650 ohms .0007" dtamond Stylus: .0005" diamond

Cartridge Price, Net

Stylus Replacement: Replacement Stylus, Net.

$21.95 N44-5 $11.35

$19.95 N44-7 $9.75

Monophonic Styli: Model N44-1-For monophonic LP records, w i t h .001" diamond Model N44-3-For 78 rpm records, w i t h .0025" diamond

$17.95 N44-C

$9 75

$9.75 net $9.00 net

'Demonstrated i n the AR-Dyna-Shure Music Room


Attention music lovers and felinophiles: interesting to note that both cat and cartridge have retractile styli for gentleness and protection from scratching.


GREATER RECORD A N D NEEDLE PROTECTION FINER RECORD REPROOUCTION Now, owners of Garrard [email protected] Type "A" and AT-6 and Mlracord Model 10 and Model 10H Automatic Turntables can assure themselves unprecedented and unparalleled record and needle protectlon, and highest sound quality srmply by plugging In the Shure Stereo Dynet~cCARD-A-MATIC "floating" cartridge assembly. Nothing else to buy . . . no wiring, no soldering, just plug In. lngenlous CARD-A-MATIC cartrldge inside a speclal tone-arm shell ends scratching due to dropprng the tone arm or acc~dentallydragg~ngi t across the grooves . . . records stay new, sound new. Needles last longer-can't be damaged by pressing arm on record. Does away with tone arm "bounce" from floor vibrations, etc. Even plays warped records. And, the performance charatterlstirs are those o f the famed Shure Stereo Dynetic cartridges.

SPECIFICATIONS Frequency Responses: From 20 to 20,000 cps Output Voltage: 6 millivolts per channel Channel Separation: More than 22.5 db at 1000 cps Recommended Load Impedance 47,000 ohms Compliance: 20.0 x TO-" cm per dyne Tracking: 1.5 to 3.0 grams Inductance: 600 Millihenrlcs D C. Res~stance 750 ohms Stylus: 0007" diamond N99 Stylus Replacement:



MODEL MYY/A F~tsGarrard LahoratoryB model "A". Includes tone arm head, factory mounted cartridge, .0007" diamond, $24.75 Audiophile Net. MODEL M99/AT6. Fits Carrard AT-6. lncludes tone arm head, factory mounted cartrldge, .0007" diamond, $24.75 Audlophile Net. MODEL M99/M10. Fits M ~ r a c o r dModels 10 or lOH lncludes tone arm head, factory mounted cartrldge. ,0007" d~aniond, $24.75 A u d l o p h ~ l e Net MODEL N9Y Kepldcernent stylus assembly, 0007" dlamond, $12.95 Audlophile Net. Manufactured under on< or more of the following U.S. Patents: 3,055,988; 3,077,521; 3,077,522; D193,006; D193,934; Other patents pending.









high fidelity phono cartrldge

MODEL M 3 D T h e M3D S t e r e o - D y n e t i c is t h e f a m e d o r i g i n a l Shure stereo p h o n o cartridge. I t reflects q u a l ~ t y c o n t r o l o f a h i g h order, based o n c r i t i c a l f o r m a n c e characteristics.











A f a m e d c a r t r i d g e a c c l a i m e d b y c o n s u m e r p r o d u c t test labs a n d professional musicians f o r its w a r m , sweet t o n e . H l g h c o m p l i a n c e a n d e x t e n d e d response at m o d e s t p r i c e . For use I n finest q u a l i t y i n d e p e n d e n t t o n e arms o r r e c o r d changers capable o f t r a c k i n g at 2'12 grams o r less. W ~ l l n o t p e r f o r m satisfactorily at forces greater t h a n 2 ' 1 2 grams.


Model M3D Stereo Dynetic cartridge . . . including N3D Stylus assembly with ,0007" dlamond Audiophile Net Price ..................... .............$15.75

Model M7/N21D Stereo Dynetic cartridge . . . i n c l u d ~ n gShure N21D Tubular Stylus with .0007" diamond Audiophile Net Price . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...$17.95 .

Model N3D Stereo Stylus assembly for M3D, including ,0007" dramond ..... . .$ 9.95 Audiophile Net Price ..........................

Model N21D Stylus Tubular Stereo Stylus assembly for higher compliance and response with Shure M7D and M3D Cartridges, lncludes ,0007" dlamond. (See tracking force note above) A u d i o p h ~ l eNet Price .................................. .$12.50 SPECIFICATIONS Channel Separation Frequency Responae Output Voltage (per channel, at 1000 cps Recommendell Load Impedance (per channel) Compliance: Vertical and Lateral Tracking Force Inductance D.C. Resistance

Terminals Mounting Centers

M3D M7/N21 D Over 20 db Over 20 db 20 to 15,000 cps 20 to 20,000 cps

5 rnv 47,000 ohms 4.0 x I P c e n t . per dyne 3 to 6 grams

47,000 ohms 9.0 x lea cent. per dyne 2 gms. optimum (2'12 max.) 420 millihenrys 420 millihenrys 280 ohms 280 ohms 4 terminals. Furnished with 3-terminal adapter. Fits standard '12"





Patent 0189,144

for use with any quality cartridge, stereo or monophonic The Shure M232 (and M236) Professional Tone Arm is a premium-quality independent tone orm thot accepts procticolly all cortridges (Stereo and Monophonic) and permits their maximum potentiol performance characteristics to be utilized. Features precision boll bearings a t all pivot points, plug-in head with positive-alignment lock, variable height odiustment. Pays for itself in reduced record wear ond damage. Ingeniously simple and unprecedented combination of odjustmentr gives instant, positive, VISUAL control over balonce (without altering overall orm length), tracking force (0-8 grams), and overhang. Floots the needle over the record . smoothly - without "drag" - without "skip" - without unnecessary (and ruinous) force. Furnished with cable hoving plug on each end to simplify and speed up instollation (eliminates soldering).


SPECIFICATIONS: MODEL M232 - M236 PROFESSIONAL TONE ARMS NET PRICE: TONE ARM M232, for 12" records TONE ARM 2 3 6 for 6 records Model A23H extra Plug-In Head .

. . .

..... . . . .... .. . . .. . .. . . .... $29.95 . . . . . . . : .: . . : .. . . . ..



FURNISHED ACCESSORIES: Arm rest, mounting template, mounting hardware, 4 ft. cable assembly. DIMENSIONS: M232


12'X6" long, M236


14%" long

TRANSISTORIZED STEREO PREAMPLIFIER MODEL M61 Compact, rugged, transistorized unit with choice of AC line or bottery power supply. Slide-selector switch offers three equolization inputs. (1) "phano" for conversion of ceromic phono inputs for use with magnetic cartridges; (2) "tope" for equolirotion of tape playback directly from tape head through hi-fi control preamplifier; and (3) "microphone" for flat amplificotion wherever a boost i n microphone output is required.

STEREO LINE PRE-AMPLIFIER MODEL M60 High quality, low noise, stereo line pre-amplifier providing additional gain for use with magnetic stereo phono cartridges and microphones.

STEREO PROFESSIONAL MONOPHONIC For those who prefer monophonic cartridges with monophonic records, Shure offers the outstanding Model M5D Professional Dynetic. SPECIFICATIONS: Frequency Response: 20 to 20,000 C ~ S . Sensitivity: Output a t 1,000 cycles-21 millivolts for 10 cms/sec. Recommended Load Impedance: 27,000 ohms. Compliance: 3 x 10.' centimeters per dyne. Tracking Force: 2 to 6 grams. Inductance. 350 millihenrys D. C. Resistance: 440 ohms. Model M5D-has .001" diamond for use with micro-groove records. 33'/8. 45 r.P.m. Model M6S-has .0027" sapphire for use with standard records, 78 r.p.m. Model M5D Monophonic Professional Dynetic Phono Cartridge for LP records including N5D .001" diamond stylus. Audiophile Net: $27.50. M6S Dynetic


~ ~ ~ o ~ $ ! ! r ~ $ p ~ ~ ~ Audiophile Net: $15.00

' : ;2

hf;D , ~ ' : O ~ ~ , " ~ n & ~ Dynetic fssiOnal Audiophile Net: $16.50 Model N6S Monophonic Professional Dynetic stylus with ,0027'' sapphire tip. Audiophile Net: $5.00 U. S. Patelits 3.055.988 and 0185,168


SPECIFICATIONS: Net Price: Model M61-1 (for 105-125 v. AC line) $27.50 $26.50 Model M61-3 (30 v. Battery, included) Gain: Phono: 45 db (5 mv input produces .88 v. output) Tope: 40 db (2 mv input produces .20 v. output) Microphone: 63 db (2 mv input produces 2.8 v. output) Frequency Response: k 2 . 5 db of each function's nominal choracteristic from 25 cps to 15,000 cps. Equalizotion: Phono: RlAA equolirotion (with additional treble boost of approximately 3 db a t 10,000 cps to complement most mognetic cartridges). Tope: NARTB equalization. Microphone: Flat response. t 3 db 20 to 15,000 cps. Input Impedonce: Phono and tope: approx. 50,000 ohms a t 1,000 cps. Microphone: Approx. 20,000 ohms. Output Impedance: Low output impedance (less than 1,000 ohms a t 10 000 cps for phono and tope functions). ~ h a n n d lSeparotion: At least 50 db at 1,000 cps. Channel Bolonce: 2 db a t 1,000 cps (for phono and tape functions). Hum Noise: 50 d b below rated output. Overall Dimensions: Length 5"; Width 5%"; Height 2". Additional gain also con be provided from tape recorder outputs on standard pre-amplifier to improve quality of recordings. Provides flat autput response from 30 to 80,000 cps -C 112 db. Low output impedance permits use of longer cable lengths (up to 50 feet) without loss of gain or deterioration in response when used with magnetic phono cartridges, microphones, etc. SPECIFICATIONS: GAIN: 17 db or 7 to 1 (5 mv. input gives 35 mv. autput). Circuit change info;mation provided to give one-third and two-thirds output. IMPEDANCE: lnout-47.000 ohms-Outout-5.000 ohms. H U M B N O I S E :'64 db 'below &;ed&put. '--DIMENSIONS: 57/81* 2i/8~, 3%,1, NET WEIGHT: 2 1bs, NET PRICE: $19.95

STEREO CONVERSION PRE-AMPLIFIER MODEL M65 Provides equalization with omplification for conversion of ceromic inputs to magnetic inputs. Gives smoother, more notural sound. As an added feature, 60 db of amplification without equolization is also provided. Permits the use of a magnetic cortridge with "pockage" consoles supplied with a ceromic cartridae. Also ~ r o v i d e s re-omolification and eaualiration functions for other i n ~ u t slohono. tope, microphone). SPECIFICATIONS: GAIN: Phono: 44 db (5 mv input produces .76 v. output). Special: 45 db (5 mv input produces .88 v. autput). Tape: 40 db (5 mv input produces .50 v. autput). Microphone: 63 db (2 mv input produces 2.8 v. output) Frequency Response: 11.5 db of each function's nominal characteristic from 25 cpr to 15,000 cps. EQUALIZATION: Phono: RlAA equolization (with additional treble boost of approximately 3 db a t 10,000 cps to complement the high frequency characteristic of most magnetic cartridges). Speciol: A Shure-developed mognetic phono equalization circuit far use with high impedance amplifiers normolly used with ceramic phono cortridges. Tape: N A R T B equalization. Microphone: Flat response. 13 d b from 20 to 12,000 cps. INPUT IMPEDANCE: 47.000 ohms fall functions). OUTPUT IMPEDANCE: l o w output 'impedance (jess than 5000 ohms a t 10 000 cps for phano special and tope functions). CHANNEL SEPARATION: 40 db. CHANNEL BALANCE: tr'l db a t 1000 cps. 'HUM-NOISE: 50 db below rated output. OVERALL DIMENSIONS: Length 6%"; Width 3'%6; Height 31h". NET PRICE: $24.00


The sound from the new Shure V-15 Stereo Dynetic Cartridge is unique. The unit incorporates highly disciplined refinements in design and manufacture that were considered "beyond the state of the art" as recently as the late summer of 1963. The V-15 performance specifications and design considerattons are heady stuffeven among engineers. They probably cannot be assimilated by anyone who is not a knowledgeable audiophile, yet the sound is such that the critical listener, with or without technical knowledge, can appreciate the significant nature of the V-15 music re-creation superiority. It is to be made in limited quantities, and because of the incredibly close tolerances and singularly rigid inspection techniques involved, it is not inexpensive. Perfection never is. THE BI-RADIAL ELLIPTICAL STYLUS The outstanding characteristic is that the V-I5 Stylus has two different radii hence the designatton Bi-Radial. One is a broad frontal plane radius of 22.5 microns (.0009 inch); while the actual contact radit on each side of the stylus are an incredibly fine 5 microns (.0002 inch). It would be impossible to reduce the contact radius of a conventional spherical/ con~cal stylus to this micro-miniature dimension without subjecting the entire stylus to "bottoming" in the record grooves. The Shure Bi-Radial elliptical stylus, because of its larger frontal radius of 22.5 microns (.0009 inch), cannot bottom and as you know, bottoming reproduces the crackling noise of the grit and static dust that in practice cannot be eliminated from the canyons of record grooves.

The Shure Bi-Radial Stylus vastly reduces another problem in playback known as the "pinch effect." As experienced audiophiles know, the record grooves are wider wherever and whenever the flat, chiselfaced cutting stylus changes directions (which is 440 cycles per second at a pure middle "A" tone-up to 20,000 cycles per second in some of the high overtones). An ordinary spherical/conical stylus riding the upper portion of the groove walls tends to drop where the groove gets wider, and to rise as the groove narrows. Since stereo styli and cartridges have both vertical and horizontal functions, this unfortunate and unwanted up-and-down motion creates a second harmonic distortion. The new Shure Bi-Radial elliptical stylus, on the other hand, looks like this riding a record groove:



TRACING DISTORTION MINIMIZED The prime objective in faithful sound recreation is to have the playback stylus move in exactly the same way as the wedge-shaped cutting stylus moved when it produced the master record. This can't be accomplished with a spherical/conical stylus because the points of tangency (or points of contact between the record grooves and the stylus) are constantly changing. This effect mariifests itself as tracing distortion (sometimes called "inner groove distortion"). Note in the illustration below how the points of tangency (arrows) of the Bi-Radial elliptical stylus remain relat~velyconstant because of the very small 5 micron LO002 inch) side contact radii:



You'll note that even though it has a broad front face with a frontal plane radtus o f 22.5 mtcrons (.0009 inch), and it measures 30 microns (.0012 inch) across at the point of contact with the groove, the small side or contact radii are only 5 microns LO002 inch). This conforms to the configuration of the cutting stylus and hence is not as subject to the up-anddown vagaries of the so-called "pincheffect." SYMMETRY, TOLERANCES AND POSITIONING ARE ULTRA-CRITICAL Frankly, a Bi-Radial elliptical stylus, however desirable, is almost impossibly difficult to make CORRECTLY. Diamond, as . you know, is the hardest material w ~ t ha rating of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale. It's one thing to make a simple diamond cone, altogether another to make a perfectly symmetrical Bi-Radial stylus with sufficiently close tolerances, actually within one ten thousandth of an inch! Shure has developed unprecedented controls, inspections and manufacturing techniques to assure precise positioning, configuration, dimensions and tolerances of the diamond tip. It is a singular and exacting procedure ...unique in the high fidelity cartridge industry. And, unless these inspection techniques and safeguards are used, an imperfectly formed elliptic configuration can result and literally do more

. .

harm than good to both record and sound. THE V-15 IS A 15" CARTRIDGE The 15" effective tracking angle has recently been the subject of several Shure communications to the audiophile. It conforms to the effective record cutting angle of 15" proposed by the RlAA and EIA and now used by the major record producing companies and thereby minimizes tracking distortion. The major features, then, of the V-15 are the Shure Bi-Radial Elliptical Stylus, the singular quality control techniques and standards devised to produce perfection of stylus symmetry, and the 15" tracking angle. They combine to reduce I M and harmonic distortion to a dramatic new low. In fact, the distortion (at normal record playing velocities) is lower than the inherent noise level of the finest test records and laboratory measurement instruments! In extensive listening tests, the V-15 proved most impress~vei n its "trackability." It consistently proved capable of tracking the most difficult, heavily modulated passages at a minimum force of l/4 grams (in the Shure-SME tone arm). The entire V-15 is hand-crafted and subject to quality control and inspection measures that result in space-age reliability. Precision machined aluminum and a special ultra-stable plastic stylus grip. Exact alignment i s assured in every internal detailand in mounting. Mu-metal hum shield surrounds the sensitive coils. The V-15 is a patented moving-magnet device-a connoisseur's cartridge in every detail. SPECIFICATIONS The basic specifications are what you'd expect the premier Shure cartridge to reflect: 20 to 20,000 cps., 6 mv output. Over 25 db separation. 25 x 10-8 cm. per dyne compliance. 3 / 4 gram tracking. 47,000 ohms impedance, 680 millihenries inductance per channel. 650 ohms resistance. Bi-Radial diamond stylus: 22.5 microns (.0009 inch) frontal radius, 5 microns (.0002 inch) side contact radii, 30 microns (.0012 inch) wide between record contact points. But most important, it re-creates music with a transcendent purity that results in a deeply rewarding experience for the critical ear. Manufactured under U.S. Patents 3,055,988; 3,077,521 and 3,077,522. Other Patents Pending. V-15 Cartridge-$62.50 net Replacement stylus VN-2E-$25.00


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