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The Smart Choice is Here

Our Partnership A Winning Team The CentraState Community Health Plan is a partnership that has formed between CentraState Medical Center, the Affiliated Physicians and Employers Health Plan and QualCare, Inc., in an effort to provide an improved health plan for the Central Jersey community of small to mid-size or larger businesses. This partnership allows the CentraState Community Health Plan to be offered to any eligible employer. The Affiliated Physicians and Employers Health Plan (APEHP) MEWA, a health plan administered by QualCare, Inc., has been successful in delivering a high quality plan whose costs have averaged below market rates, while providing exceptional personalized service to the employers and employees enrolled. A “MEWA” is the health plan vehicle that allows employers, who have joined together, to offer a self-insured health plan to the collective group. It provides coverage to more than 13,000 members through more than 800 employers throughout the state of New Jersey. The APEHP offers a wide variety of plan choices, including medical, prescription and dental options. QualCare, Inc. , the APEHP Plan Administrator, is New Jersey’s largest provider - sponsored Managed Care Organization offering self-funded PPO, HMO network, point of service (POS) network, and open access health plans; third party administration (TPA) services, provider network access, care management services, and a workers’ compensation product.

The Smart Choice is Here

To learn more about the CentraState Community Health Plan call 855-610-2366 or email [email protected] or contact your broker

Is your business health plan

The CentraState Community Health Plan is offered in partnership with the Affiliated Physicians and Employers Health Plan, a New Jersey self-insured MEWA.

CentraSMART ? ™

Is your business health plan

CentraSMART ? ™

Do you ever wish there was an affordable and comprehensive employer health plan designed especially for your business? Now there is!

Introducing the CentraState Community Health Plan Our plan is dedicated to meeting the needs of businesses and physician practices right here in Central Jersey. With this plan, you and your employees can make smart choices that lead to better health and lower costs. The CentraState Community Health Plan — the Smart Choice for your business. The Affordable Healthcare Alternative The CentraState Community Health Plan, a New Jersey self-insured MEWA designed in partnership with QualCare, Inc., New Jersey’s largest providersponsored Managed Care Organization, has a proven track record and offers affordable rates and potential for significant plan savings over time.

The CentraState Difference

Some Exciting Plan Benefits

The CentraState Community Health Plan design enables small and mid-size employers and physician practices to pool their combined enrollment and claims experience to realize the potential benefits of a self-funded plan, while reducing the overall risk to any one employer group. This gives your business the opportunity to obtain plan benefits and pricing advantages that are typically reserved only for larger employer groups.

The plan offers unique health care options and an alternative to traditional insurance programs:

How Can You Take Advantage of The Plan?

• Local service staff to answer your questions

The CentraState Community Health Plan is now available to members of the Greater Monmouth, Howell and Jackson Chambers of Commerce and physician practices with as few as two eligible employees working 24+ hours per week. For more information, contact an area representative today at 855-610-2366, or contact your broker.

• Specifically for businesses and practices with 2-50 employees or larger • Affordable and competitive pricing structure • Multiple plan designs for your employees to choose from • Large local and national provider list featuring CentraState’s Community-Based Network •A  vailable to husband & wife and partner-only businesses • Complimentary Flexible Spending Account and Health Reimbursement Arrangement administration • Numerous value added benefits available from our partners at PIER and CBIZ to help lower expenses and reduce administration costs

The Smart Choice is Here. To learn how you can participate in the CentraState Community Health Plan, speak to one of our area representatives at

855-610-2366 or email your questions to

[email protected]