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Chapter 6: A Closer Look at Muscles Explain how a muscle pull on bones to move them. Use the following words in your explanation: contract relax Contract means “shorten.” Before a body part is moved, the muscle that moves is relaxed. As the muscle contracts, it becomes shorter and thicker, pulling on and moving the bone to which it is attached. A muscle contracts when many cells within that muscle contract at the same time.

How do your muscle cells get energy? Muscle cells get energy from nutrients and oxygen in your blood. Nutrients come from food and oxygen comes from the air you breathe. Your heart pumps faster when you are using your muscles cells in physical activity because it’s trying to get more nutrients and oxygen to your muscles.

Explain each types of muscles: Skeletal Muscles: Muscles that pull your bones and make it possible to move; you control these muscles

Smooth Muscles:

Cardiac Muscles: Keep your heart pumping; you don’t control these musclesyou don’t have to think about it for these muscles to work

Found in your stomach and other organs; you don’t control these muscles

What is muscle fatigue? When your muscle cells use up nutrients and oxygen faster than they can be replaced and waste starts to build up in your cells, you experience muscle fatigue. This is when you feel tired and achy from overusing a particular muscle group.

How does training prevent muscle fatigue? Training builds endurance and helps train your muscles to work longer and harder. Muscles that are exercised regularly become stronger and more nutrients and oxygen can reach them.

Why are proteins important? Muscles are made up of mostly protein. You need protein to build your muscles up.

List proteins that you eat: Eggs, tofu, beans, meat, cheese

Why are fats important? Fats are stored energy. If your body runs out of carbs, it can pull energy stored in fat to keep you going.

List your favorite fat foods:

Why are carbohydrates important? Carbs give your cells energy.

List your favorite carbohydrates Breads, cereals

Why are minerals important? Keep your bones strong

List minerals that you eat:

Olive oil, nuts

Calcium in milk and dairy

Why are important? Vitamins helpvitamins make energy

List the vitamins you eat: Vitamin C in citrus Vitamin A in veggies