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In Egypt, Pharaoh thought he was the most powerful person in the world. He didn’t know their was only one God, and He is all powerful. In this game you’ll need to see if you can figure out who’s in charge of your group. DIRECTIONS: • During this game, a “spy” will try to figure out who the “boss” is while the rest of the group imitates what the “boss” does. • Begin by choosing one person to be the spy. Ask that person to step out of the room or close his/her eyes. • Ask the rest of the group to form a circle and the group leader must choose the boss by lightly tapping that person on the top of the head. • The spy can then return to the room or open their eyes. • On a specific signal from the group leader, the boss should begin making motions such as clapping, tapping a foot, patting his/her head, etc. The rest of the group will imitate the boss and follow along each time the boss starts a new motion. • As this continues, the spy will get three guesses to figure out who the boss is. • For the next round, the boss gets to be the spy. • Can you guess who’s in charge? contact Becci Terrill Children’s Ministry Director (262) 367-1212 | [email protected]