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Citi World Privileges A campaign by Citi Regional Marketing - Affluent Cards, Rewards and Partnerships (Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East) Background Information Citi World Privileges (CWP) is Citi’s global privileges program which allows Citi Card members to enjoy privileges wherever they go ( We wanted to increase awareness of this program to encourage spend by Card members; and to highlight the benefits of being a Card member. Target Audience CWP is targeted at all Citi Card members, typically aged 21 and above. The regional team reaches out to 14 markets (Taiwan, India, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, Europe, Philippines, Russia, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam). Challenges CWP started off as a website that had 3000 offers across 45 markets. It was challenging to get incremental site visits from our 14 key markets, with 30,000 monthly visits in 2016. Objectives   

To increase CWP offers across as many markets globally To drive awareness and visits to the site To drive brand preference

Methods and Strategies

“Travel like a local, anywhere in the world” In 2017, we sought to increase the scale and visibility of Citi World Privileges; through increasing the offerings, and improving the go to market strategy. We introduced the Citi World Privileges integrated marketing plan in 2017 across 14 markets. This plan integrated communications and compelling offers with every touchpoint of the Card members’ travel journey; targeting them at the pre-travel and destination stages. The tagline, “Travel like a local, anywhere in the world” was communicated through 3 thematic campaigns for the year.

The approach

Increased scale of offerings: We partnered VISA with an Application Programming Interface (API); increasing the number of offers and compelled all Citi usage teams to actively upload offers. This drove an impressive 150% lift in website offerings; from 4000 to 10,000 offers. Improved Citi website navigation to Citi World Privileges: We worked with individual markets to improve the navigation experience of the Citibank website into the CWP website, driving more clicks to site. Tapped on Citi’s proprietary targeting platform: The regional team worked closely with markets to set up communication targeting rules across all markets for Electronic direct mailers (EDMs) and Short messaging service (SMS) messages to be sent to relevant Citi customers at both pre-travel and destination stages which are triggered by Card spends at either stage. Strategic media targeting strategy: This was split into pre-travel advertisements (while they are planning for their vacations); and destination advertisements (while they are on vacation). o Set up regional Facebook ad account: Working with approvals from markets, we ensured every Citi market with Facebook presence is linked up with our regional media to launch the regionally led amplification via social. o Digital and Social Media: Increased digital spend on Google Display Network (GDN), Facebook and Instagram. Served animated banners/carousel/videos to target audiences either in their home or destination countries; to drive them to CWP website. We targeted a mix of Citi card members using remarketing of Citi Log Out audiences and custom audiences on Facebook; and also Prospects through interest/topic targeting centered around travel and shopping; and competitor targeting. o OOH media: We put placements on popular flight routes on the Singapore Airlines in-flight billboard. Hence, reaching out to Card members on the start of their travel journey, to encourage spending in their destinations. Brand & Marketing Communications: We launched 3 thematic campaigns focusing on strategic merchant categories such as retail and family activities to make Card members aware of the various available offers. Communications included Digital Banners, Social Media Posts, Electronic Direct Mailers (EDMs), OOH media at the pre-travel and destination touchpoints. We utilized animated visuals as these have proved to garner the highest engagement and click-through rates. o Globe theme: To kick-start the campaign, the globe theme was an introduction into the world of offers available around the globe. Using refreshing animations, we wanted to encourage users to spend with their Citi Cards during their travel and enjoy exclusive offers. EDM Preview Link: 7/Pre_Travel/edm.htm Username: citi_2015 | Password: citi20!% o Shopping Theme: Just in time for the summer vacation and shopping season, we wanted to highlight our key shopping offers to encourage spend in both home and destination countries.

GDN Banner Preview Link: l_Retail_UAE_GDN_banner/index.htm Username: citi03 | citi2003 o

Family Theme: We secured a strategic merchant offering multiple family-related and adventure activities. This tied in with the peak year-end travel season, to go after the holiday season travelers. Facebook Banner Preview Link: /index.htm Username: citi_2015 | Password: citi20!%

Results Looking back at the objectives at the start of our campaign, we have managed to exceed each objective: 1) To increase CWP offers across as many markets globally Within the early months of 2017, we managed to drive an impressive 150% lift in website offerings; from 4000 to 10,000 offers, across 58 markets. 2) To drive awareness and visits to the site Since kicking off the campaign on 29 May 2017, we have seen astounding year-on-year growth of site visits, with the peak of 1525.4% in Oct. Total volume of site visits from Jan to Dec year-on-year versus 2016 increased 644%. The average monthly site visits in the last quarter of 2017 was 1.2 million, up from the original monthly site visits of 53,000 at the start of the year.

3) To drive brand preference Our ads helped to drive both engagement and click-through across all 14 markets which we invested in. Our digital ad Click-Through Rates (CTRs) far exceed the Banking Industry’s average of 0.02% as reflected by Display Benchmarking Tool by Google. For GDN Ads, our Cost-Per-Click in December was at a low of $0.04; with high Click-Through Rates of 1.48%. For Facebook, we had high Engagement Rates of 11.32% and high CTR of 0.95%. Our digital ads also proved to drive quality traffic to our website, which reported higher than average dwell time of 3.98 minutes for visits driven by Google ads and Facebook Posts/Ads. This showed that we were targeting interested audiences and that our site provided value to them.