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Clinical Chemistry Merle A. Evenson Department of Medicine and Pathology, University of Wisconsin, 600 Highland Avenue, Madison, Wisconsin 53792

This listin of the literature selects articles from December 1978 througa November 1980. The business of clinical chemistry has become a very large industry in the United States, and the trends in the literature clearly reflect the 214 R


commercial interests in this field. In the past 2 years, instrument manufacturers and chemical reagent distributors have started to emphasize the use of the literature as an advertising medium to a much greater extent. The name

0 1981 American Chemical Society

CLINICAL CHEMISTRY A. Evis a RoIesMT in the Dspartments 01 Medicine and PamOlogy-Laboratory Medicine at the University 01 Wisconsin--MadiSon and is also lhe Dksctor 01 me mug and Trace Element Analysis LaboTatories st University Hospitsls. He r e ceived his RID. degee in analytical dwmitry in 1966 from the University of 3 Wisconsin-Madison where he also earned hvo M.S. degree9 in educalion. He has a B.S. degree wlh horns from the University 01 Wisconsin-Lacrosse and has 3 ywrs 01 high school teaching experience. Evenson was Director of lhe Clinical Chemlptv L a b ratwiei at lhe University 01 Wisconsln pria lo his POSlOn as vislling bcturet in B b ~ l C aChemistry l St %Nard Medical SChWl in 1969-1971. Simunaneously. while in Boslon. he was associated w R the Biophysics Research Labastay at lhe Peter B m l Brigham HospllaI. His research interests include the study of swucture-lunctian relationships 01 metalloproteins impwlant in heath and disease. the chemical characterization of uremic toxins. and the development of analytical methods lor drugs and trace elements. His service responsibiliir center around hwe 01 gas Chomatcgaphy. liqUi3 chromatography. and mass spectrometry iw me mntilicalion and quantilalion of drugs and other Substances. Trace metal analyses in his SBNiCe iaboratcq are usually conducted by flame and nonflame atomic absorption spectrometry. He is a former member of the Board 01 Ednas 01 ClinicalChemistry. Chemicsl Inshumentafbn. Selected Melhodr in Clinical Chemisrry. and [email protected] Toxkokgy. He has ~ e ~ ae 3-year d term on the advisory board 01 Analyticsl Chemisfry. He was an ediior 01 the series "Contempwary Topics in Analgicai and Clinical Chemistry". He served as chairman of the 1978 &don Research Conference on Anawical Chemistry. He is a Dipiomat in the American Board 01 Clinlcai Chemists. Inc.. and is currently VicepTesidBnt 01 that organization. He has SBN& on various S l d y sections 01 the National lnstltutes of Heah (NIH) and was chalrman of lhe Clinical Toxicology Senion 01 lhe Clinical Chemistry and &matology Medical htvice Panel at the F&rd Drug Administration (FDA). He has s e ~ e das an advisor to the Analytical mioh 01 me Oak REge National LabMstay. He has been actlve in devebping prcqams at Natbnal Meetings for the Analytical Division 01 the A m i c a n Chemical Smlety. He is a member 01 the American Chemical Scciety. the A m i c a n Association lor Clinical Chemistry. Sigma XI. AAAS. and Kappa Deb mi (Honwary E d m tbn Society).



change of the American Association of Clinical Chemists to the American Association for Clinical Chemistry has produced a major change of emphasis a t the annual meeting of the organization in the past 2 years. The growth and trends in clinical chemistry are likely to continue as long as financial resources are available to support these components of our health care delivery system. Changes in attitudes toward the industry, however, are becoming more ap arent and, in some cases, even a clearer picture for future Bevelopment is visible. Commerical competition in the clinical laboratory market has become fierce in recent years and research costs have even outstripped inflation. Hence, many companies are trying even harder to obtain the maximum financial yield from existing products and are being exceedingly careful about investments in research for the future. This listing of the clinical chemistry literature is intended to allow easy access to some of the root references for those interested in the application of analytical chemistry. Two years ago, the length of the literature listing caused excessive printing expenses to Analytical Chemistry. Thus, a requirement for this issue was to decrease by about one-third to one-half, the number of literature entries from 2 years ago in a field that continues to grow at a rate of 10-20% per year. No reasonable, logical, or feasible way to achieve this space limitation was apparent Hence, this review is caught in a tight bind because of the need for these cost control administrative changes. Articles from journals like Analytical Toxicology, Journal of Chromatographic Science, Journal of Chromatography, Analytical Biochemistr , and other anal ically oriented journals have been excluddfrom this review, ?&awe the contents are covered either by technical or technic reviews elsewhere in this applied review issue or in the fundamental review issue published in alternate years. With apologies to our foreign colleagues in clinical chemistry, this year's listing of literature is principally from Analytical Chemistry and Clinical Chemistry. The hope is that users of this issue will recognize the extreme space constraint and will use this only as a sparse root source of references for the subject for their own interests,

In addition to using only journals published in the United States for this listin several categories of subject matter reviously included %ave been dropped this year. Those Iterature references in the forms of books. reviews, and symposia, medical applications, pesticides and analysis of miscellaneous compounds, editorials, recommendation and opinions as categories have all been eliminated from this review.

INSTRUMENTATION FOR CLINICAL CHEMISTRY The amount of new signifcant instrumental approaches to

clinical analysis is substantidy decreased in this 2-year time period. Perhaps the increased cost of research, increased competition for research grants at universities, and the desire for the companies for cost control of their corporations, in addition to the public demand to contain medical costs, has hit hardest on the technological contribution to the clinical laboratories. Few substantially new ideas and new ap roaches have appeared for instrumentation in the clinical lagoratory during this last 2-year time period. There has been an enormous decrease in the amount of published work on the large high volume process control type of analyzers that have found substantial usage in clinical chemistry. Maybe all of the negative comments about cost effectiveness of screening programs and the threat of third party payers of health care not to pay for unrequested test results, regardless of how efficiently they are done, has led to this decrease in interest in high volume and screening clinical chemistry type instrumentation. The efficiency with which a clinical laboratory test can be performed has become less important to many health care administrators and has perhaps contributed to the decrease in large instrumentation for the clinical laboratories.

METHOD DEVELOPMENTS, SEPARATIONS Several articles in the past 2 years have directed our attention to the inaccuracies of immunochemical tests for clinical chemistry. Other separation methods, such as poly(ethylene glycol) induced rotein precipitation instead of charcoal or a second antih y separation technic has been increasing in the last few years. Further, method development to avoid the use of radiochemical tracers has caused a renewed interest in fluorescent detection. The usual nonideal, noncomplete separations in clinical chemistry coupled with the nonspecific effects of quenching an enhancement of the fluorescence continues to create analytical problems with these new approaches. Hence, a substantial amount has been written in the literature and is directed at these inaccuracies of these new methods. Method develooment for liauid chromatoeraohv (LC) has not developed at'the rate expected, as dic&&d by the LC instrumentation sales in the past few years. Ion- airing chromatography and reverse-phase column materiaE have been unusually slow to offer significantadvantages over other LC methods. In eneral, several practical plumbing type problems and a lac%of accurate methods have controlled the amount of literature in the LC method field.


NONAMINO NITROGEN COMPOUNDS, LIPIDS The major emphasis in this area in the past 2 years has been toward the development of standard reference methods of analysis rather than attempted improvement in existing field methods of analysis. Reference methods using liquid chromatography for creatinine, for uric acid. and for hloud urea nitrogen have a eared in the aqt 2 years. In the areas of)lpids, most eft% has been directed toward improved standardivltion of the methods. Inaccuracies of the methods for measuring high and low density lipids, including cholesterol. has heen pointed out by several authors. Again, the emphasis 9eems to he on refinement of technics rather than significant new ad\.ances or new approaches to mea. surements.

PROTEIN CHEMISTRY, IMMUNOCHEMISTRY, ENZYMES, AMINO ACIDS Most of the activity of this section centers on immunochemistry and minor modification of previously published ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY. VOL. 53.

NO. 5. APRIL 1981 215R


methods. A very large percentage of the papers have focused on the inaccuracies of the analytical method when immunochemistry is used and often times the lack of specific patient information obtained from the laboratory test data is pointed out. For example, the enzyme patterns of creatine kinase and the failure of the isoenzyme patterns to accurately indicate cardiac damage have caught the attention of many authors. The literature coverage of protein chemistry and amino acid chemistry focused to clinical chemistry have almost totally been eliminated this time due to space limitations. Most of that type of literature is in the biochemistry research literature and that area has not been included in this listing.

DRUG ANALYSES, TOXIC SUBSTANCE ANALYSIS The ma'or area of emphasis in this category in the past few years has been on therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM). The leader for most methods is perhaps the analysis of the antiepileptic drugs (AED) and theophylline. Analysis of psychotropic drugs including the tricyclics and their metabolites continue to be difficult analytical problems. Further, the clinical correlation of the laboratory results to their patients by the sychiatrists remains less accurate than had been hoped. !'here seems to be a trend away from high technology instrumentation like mass spectrometry and toward immunochemical methods for TDM. And, in similar manner, it seems that the use of high technology for obtaining identification of unknown substances has declined in the last 2 years and that clinical conservatism has reestablished itself as a predominant philosophy in patient poisoning cases.

TRACE ELEMENTS, BLOOD GASES, AND ANIONS Interest in trace elements seems to have moved from the area from health and disease into the area of normal values and nutrition during the past 2 year time period. Multielement analysis using the argon torch as a source for quantitative emission spectrometry, except for the easily done elements, seems to have lost some of its appeal in clinical chemistry. Blood gases and anion clinical chemistry seem to be directed toward improved standardization and to clinical interpretation, respectively, rather than to any substantial analytical advance.

HORMONES, STEROIDS, AND VITAMINS Analysis for hormones using electrochemical technics continues to lead the way in the number of papers. Many method papers were published to improve the accuracy of methods currently in use. The commerical interest in producing kits that require a minimum of expertise for the operators and a minimum amount of instrumentation was the common theme for these type of methods papers in the past 2 years. There seems to be a declining interest in steroids and vitamins in the field of clinical chemistry.

CARBOHYDRATES AND ORGANIC ACIDS A few papers were published on modified methods of sol-

vent extractions and derivative formation prior to gas chro!natog;raphy-mass spectrometry of organic acids usually found 111 urine. Some analytical efforts were directed at some sugars other than glucose in attempts to apply these analytical results to microbiological problems in humans and well as the mental health problems.

METHOD EVALUATIONS, QUALITY ASSESSMENT AND STATISTICAL STUDIES, SAMPLING The largest amount of activity in this category was in pointing out the inaccuracies, flaws, and needs for improvement of analytical methods. Frequently, two instrumental methods are compared and usually the most recent method was judged to be superior to the older method. There was a si nificant increase in interest in quality assessment and quayit control in this past 2 years. The statistical studies have gecome much more mathematically sophisticated. Perhaps, because of the increased interest in quality of results and the need for increased accuracy, the collection of proper samples has received more attention. More efforts on sampling can be expected in the near future. 216R


53, NO. 5, APRIL 1981

ANALYSES FOR SPECIFIC DISEASES, SAFETY, OTHER Continuing attempts to have the laboratory results be more accurate in disease detection, disease prognosis, and success of therapy continue to fall far short of hopes. The examples of creatine kinase, isoenzymes in cardiac incidents, the high-density cholesterol and enzyme profiles are all examples of clinical disappointment with laboratory results. The unavoidalbe observation is that laboratory information done and by itself is not as valuable as hoped but must be fitted into a cherent, consistent, and logical pattern that engulfs the whole patient and includes all influences on that patient. Much work in analytical chemistry directed toward clinical chemistry remains for us all. LITERATURE CITED 1NSTRUMENTATIONFOR CLINICAL CHEMISTRY

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53, NO. 5, APRIL 1981 217R

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221 R

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