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Communications Guidelines The following guidelines are designed to help effectively communicate the mission, vision and values of The Harvest in logos, print, electronic and online media. The hope is that by adhering to these guidelines we allow sufficient time to produce a quality product, ensure time to proof & edit, and optimize the time of the church staff.

Communication Requests: •

ALL requests must be made using the on-line form on The Harvest website.

When completing the request form, please provide sufficient detail in the “Description of Event” section. In doing so this will help us in creating accurate and meaningful communication of the event.

Lead Times: •

Harvest Happenings and Bulletin o 3:00pm on Monday of the week it is to be published (artwork included)

Requests for Graphic design o 3:00pm 8 days prior to the date it is needed

Special Requests (i.e. bulletin insert, postcard, letter) o 3:00pm 10 days prior to the date it is needed

Events – Retreat, camp, etc. o All information in two weeks prior to the date you want to start publicity

Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, etc) o 3:00pm on Wednesday of the week prior to when you want publicized (All social media posts for the week are set on Mondays)

Café Table Top Displays o 3:00pm Wednesday one full week before it is to be placed

Reprint of Standard Print Materials for Use on Sunday Mornings (Welcome Folders, Membership Cards, etc.) o 3:00pm Monday of the week it needs to be placed

Review & Approval: • The Director of Communications will meet with a committee of staff members each

Tuesday afternoon to review communication requests. The Harvest staff reserves the right to edit all communications requests, with the understanding that requests will only be approved as time and space allows.

• Announcements will be reviewed by the Worship Planning Team and will be assessed based on priority and their relevance to the majority of the congregation.

• As a part of the review process, the communication committee will have the discretion as to how early to advertise an event.

The frequency in which communication items appear will be at the discretion of the church staff.

We limit the number of items that appear in the bulletin and Harvest Happenings. Selections will be based on church priority and their relevance to the majority of the congregation.

Church-wide events will receive priority.